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Manipulating and measuring the physical properties and local structure of biomembranes
1201 D'Onofrio, Terrence G. THESIS
Managing knowledge assets within organizations role of incentives and information systems /
1202 Zhang, Zuopeng. THESIS
Tricsy a system for coding parent-twin triadic Interactions /
1203 Saltsman, Brian Michael. THESIS
A longitudinal examination of the behavioral characteristics associated with the emergence of early adolescent conduct problems in girls and goys [sic]
1204 Bruschi, Carole Jean. THESIS
The view through the wind
1205 Gallagher, Sarah Connoran. THESIS
The influences of demographic and parenting variables on early adolescent moral decisions
1206 Hutchinson, Claudia Gay. THESIS
"They tell us who we are, they tell us who we aren't" gay identity on television and off /
1207 Freymiller, Lyn J. THESIS
The grass is always greener-- or is it? : the consequences of variability of information and relationship uncertainty in the relationship social comparison process /
1208 Smith LeBeau, Lavonia. THESIS
Molecular tubes as receptors for biological analytes
1209 Shorthill, Berkeley J. THESIS
The sinews of strife state infrastructure and interstate conflict, 1840-1993 /
1210 Housenick, Christopher Eric. THESIS
Transportation, urban development, and greenhouse gases patterns of consumption and justice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania /
1211 1970- Neff, Robert Jon THESIS
Thermodynamic properties of solid solutions from special quasirandom structures and CALPHAD modeling application to Al-Cu-Mg-Si and Hf-Si-O /
1212 1975- Shin, Dongwon THESIS
Within and between family associations in attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions in the parent-adult offspring relationship
1213 Cichy, Kelly E. THESIS
Incorporating glyphosate-resistant alfalfa into field crop integrated pest management programs of Pennsylvania
1214 Dillehay, Bryan L. THESIS
Individual and contextual influences on early adolescent girls' disordered eating
1215 Sinton, Meghan M. THESIS
Beliefs about the controllability of social characteristics and children's responses to outsiders' interference in friendship
1216 Lavallee, Kristen Lee. THESIS
Maternal borderline personality characteristics and family functioning
1217 Barends, Naomi Ruth. THESIS
Organizational culture and professionalism : an assessment of the professional culture of the U.S. Army Senior Level Officer Corps /
1218 Pierce, James G. THESIS
On their own terms African Americans and birth control in the rural south, 1900-1942 /
1219 Lawrence, Sarah Raphael. THESIS
Ethylene involvement in stress responses of horticultural crops
1220 Kim, Hye-Ji. THESIS
Low salivary cortisol levels are associated with externalizing but not internalizing behavior problems
1221 Shirtcliff, Elizabeth A. THESIS
Linking child social anxiety and peer maladjustment social-cognitive and social-behavioral factors /
1222 Erath, Stephen A. THESIS

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