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Children's lexical expertise
1151 Arkenberg, Marnie Elaine. THESIS
Gay men at midlife and adult learning an uneasy truce with heteronormativity /
1152 Bettinger, Thomas Vincent. THESIS
Educational stratification in early elementary school the causal [sic] effect of ability grouping on reading achievement /
1153 Nomi, Takako. THESIS
A cross cultural examination of individual values, worry and mental health status
1154 1969- Nicolas, Mario G. THESIS
The relationship between self-actualization and caring behavior in nurse educators
1155 Starcher, Pamela Lee. THESIS
Sow and piglet responses to endotoxin-induced mastiti
1156 Kauf, Adam C.W. THESIS
The role of the Akt Substrate of 160 kDa (AS160) on skeletal muscle glucose uptake
1157 Kramer, Henning Fritz. THESIS
On the role of the enzyme peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase in the response of Arabidopsis plants to oxidative stress
1158 Romero-Angulo, Herna?n Mauricio. THESIS
Sources of individual differences in cognitive functioning
1159 Roth, Amy E. THESIS
High mobility solution processed organic thin film transistors
1160 1971- Park, Sung Kyu THESIS
The costs and benefits of being a social butterfly : interpersonal and intrapersonal correlates of individuals with friends across multiple cliques /
1161 Ebrahimi, Nassim. THESIS
Lexical parsing strategies in two languages constraints on language selection in word recognition /
1162 Sumutka, Bianca M. THESIS
Profiling parent-adolescent relationships a pattern-analytic approach to relationship quality /
1163 Head, Melissa R. THESIS
Latino students' math learning trajectories in the early school years
1164 Galindo, Claudia Lucia. THESIS
Post-earnings announcement drift and market participants' information processing biases
1165 Liang, Lihong. THESIS
Why are African American parents choosing charter schools? new evidence from North Carolina /cby Foy Matthews Crary.
1166 Crary, Foy Matthews. THESIS
Spatial network services in location-aware sensor networks
1167 Xu, Yingqi. THESIS
Substance abuse counseling exploring the pathways of therapeutic process /
1168 Wolff, Michael C. THESIS
Security and privacy aspects in wireless and mobile networks
1169 Choi, Heesook. THESIS
Requirement and appropriation of activating signals by HIV-1 in infected CD4+ T cells
1170 1976- Yang, Polung THESIS
Questions and feedback effects of direct manipulation and animation in facilitating student achievement on tests measuring different educational objectives /
1171 Zhu, Li. THESIS
Microbial ecology of biofilms in swine wastewater treatment systems for odor abatement
1172 Castillo Gonzlez, Hugo Aaron. THESIS
Minimal representations of U-duality groups
1173 Pavlyk, Oleksandr. THESIS
Ultra-low temperature processing of barium tellurate dielectrics
1174 1974- Kwon, Do-Kyun THESIS
The family contexts of romantic relationships in adolescence and adulthood
1175 Kan, Marni L. THESIS
Analysis of T and NKT cell activation and function in response to SEB in vivo
1176 Ragin, Melanie Jean. THESIS
Language structure knowledge of preservice teachers connecting speech to print /
1177 Gormley, Shannon E. THESIS
Application of computer technology in public school classrooms usage dimensions and influencing factors /
1178 Zhu, Jingfen. THESIS
Preschool teachers' emotional experience traits, awareness of their own emotions, and their emotional socialization practices
1179 Ersay, Ebru. THESIS
Roles for an epo-receptorPY343-STAT-5 signaling axis in stress erythropoiesis
1180 Menon, Madhu Parameswar. THESIS
Refinement and application of unobtrusive methods for assessing behavioral blocking of filter vents on low tar cigarettes
1181 O'Connor, Richard J. THESIS
Disparate modes of evolution in chloroplast and nuclear genomes
1182 Cui, Liying. THESIS
Individual differences in inhibitory control relations across domains and predictions to theory of mind /
1183 Jahromi, Laudan B. THESIS
Coparenting across early childhood influences on the development of internalizing symptoms /
1184 Smith-Simon, Kristen E. THESIS
Bone-metastatic breast cancer cells inhibit osteoblast function
1185 1978- Mercer, Robyn R. THESIS
Effects of urban habitat types and landscape patterns on ecological variables at the aboveground-belowground interface
1186 Byrne, Loren Benton. THESIS
Employee perceptions of leader-member exchange and usage of family-leave policies
1187 Cordeiro, Bryanne L. THESIS
Antecedents associated with mentor functions received and career outcomes reported by proteges and non-mentored employees
1188 1956- Bouquillon, Edward Allen THESIS
Task and individual characteristics as predictors of performance in a job-relevant multi-tasking environment
1189 Kinney, Theodore B. THESIS
Fine root production and lifespan in eleven temperate tree species growing in a common garden in Poland
1190 1972- Withington, Jennifer Marie THESIS
Psychotherapy with troubled spirits : a consentual qualitative investigation of spiritual problems in therpay
1191 Johnson, Chad Vernon. THESIS
Exploring barriers to Peruvian mothers' labor force participation a multi-disciplinary multi-method approach /
1192 Aritomi, Paola Tami. THESIS
From engineer to engineer manager a qualitative study of experiences, challenges, and individual transitions for engineering managers in aerospace companies /
1193 Howard, Chris Allen. THESIS
Factors impacting allergen-containing particle resuspension
1194 Gomes, Carlos Andre?s THESIS
Panel data analysis of sources of productivity growth in Korean manufacturing plants
1195 Song, Backhoon. THESIS
Rational equlibrium [sic] control in multi-digit prehension
1196 Shim, Jae Kun. THESIS
Two approaches to measures for algebraic independence
1197 1978- Lloyd, Kimberly J. THESIS
Managing inventory systems with technology innovations
1198 Li, Zhaolin. THESIS
Testing binary black hole codes in strong field regimes y David Garrison.
1199 1975- Garrison, David THESIS
Dimensions of perfectionism in dual-role women
1200 Murphy, Anne T. THESIS

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