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Tailoring and regeneration of granular activated carbon for perchlorate removal
1101 Chen, Weifang. THESIS
Racial disparities in children's use of special education and mental health services
1102 Ochai, Sule. THESIS
Design and evaluation of corn silage-making system with shredding
1103 Zhang, Min. THESIS
El Paso Polychrome in the casas grandes region, Chihuahua, Mexico ceramic exchange between Paquime? and the Jornada Mogollon /
1104 Burgett, Jessica Prue. THESIS
Bridging traditional boundaries of knowing revaluing mind/body connections through experiences of embodiment /
1105 Freiler, Tammy Jo. THESIS
Individual novice teacher needs and professional development: an evaluation of a well-respected induction program /
1106 Hankin, Deborah S. THESIS
Development and validation of an achievement test in introductory quantum mechanics the quantum mechanics visualization instrument (QMVI) /
1107 1968- Cataloglu, Erdat THESIS
Java virtual machine for resource constrained environments
1108 Chen, Guangyu.?UNAUTHORIZED. THESIS
The relationship of lower extremity malalignments in college students with a history of ACL injury
1109 Kramer, Lauren Caryl. THESIS
The effect of semantic maps and different adjunct processing strategies on student achievement of different types of learning outcomes
1110 Yamashiro, Kelly Ann THESIS
Factors and mechanisms underlying sugar maple sensitivity to edaphic stresses on Pennsylvania's Allegheny Plateau /
1111 St. Clair, Samuel Breck. THESIS
Fabrication, characterization and applications of magnetic nanowire arrays
1112 Sharma, Gaurav. THESIS
Maximum entropy and improved iterative scaling for classification on mixed spaces, ensemble classification and extensions
1113 Pal, Siddharth. THESIS
Teachers? perceptions of their teaching style development in one-to-one learning environments
1114 Sockman, Beth Rajan. THESIS
Intercellular and intracellular signaling during leukocyte-mediated melanoma cell transendothelial migration
1115 Peng, Hsin-Hsin. THESIS
An investigation of the molecular and cellular substrates of anxiety and depression-like disorders
1116 Earnheart, John Clinton. THESIS
Body image development in emerging adulthood
1117 Gillen, Meghan M. THESIS
Experiential professional development promoting communicative language teaching with expeditionary learning outward bound design /
1118 Burke, Brigid M. THESIS
Problem-oriented investigation of the pKa of active-site cytosine 75 in the hepatitus delta virus (HDV) ribozyme
1119 Brown, Trevor S. THESIS
Academic and transitional experiences of high school at-risk youth
1120 Okou, Jane E. THESIS
Characteristic predictors of parental stress in special needs children adopted out of the U.S. foster care system
1121 Ehrmann, Lois A. THESIS
Perceived gains in critical thinking of online learners effects of motivation and learning strategies /
1122 Zhang, Tao. THESIS
Religious contexts and adolescents' risky behaviors
1123 Adamczyk, Amy. THESIS
The study of silicon nanowires produced by solid phase crystallization
1124 1979- Hao, Yuan THESIS
Effects of site response on earthquake hazard in the eastern Marmara region of Turkey
1125 1965- Cakir, Recep THESIS
Transcriptional regulation of the 17alpha-hydroxylase gene in normal and polysyctic ovary syndrome ovarian theca cells /
1126 1973- Wickenheisser, Jessica K. THESIS
Studies in molecular phylogenetics of Fusarium species
1127 Nalim, F. Ameena. THESIS
Immunogenicity and cellular protein associations of the papillomavirus minor capsid protein
1128 Embers, Monica E. THESIS
CO? emissions in Yellowstone, USA, and Solfatara Volcano, Italy use of eddy covariance and mass flux modeling /
1129 1970- Werner, Cynthia Anne THESIS
Maltreated children with mental health needs does coordination between child welfare agencies and mental health providers improve their outcomes? /
1130 Bai, Yu. THESIS
The experience and meaning of postmenopausal women's sexual desire a grounded theory study /
1131 Wood, Jill M. THESIS
Do you have the time? changes in and implications of spouses' time together /
1132 Dew, Jeffrey Phillip. THESIS
Invisible adult educators public online discussion group moderators' perception of their roles tasks and responsibilities /
1133 Collins, Marie Patricia. THESIS
Gender socialization in the family
1134 Shearer, Cindy Lou. THESIS
Redundancy and parallelism tradeoffs for reliable, high-performance architectures
1135 Parashar, Angshuman. THESIS
Relationships among business strategies, human resource management systems, and employee relations strategies and their effect on firm performance
1136 McClendon, Wesley Payne. THESIS
Thermally stable coal-based jet fuel chemical composition, thermal stability, physical properties and their relationships /
1137 1974- Butnark, Suchada THESIS
Optical, electrical and elastic properties of ferroelectric domain walls in LiNbO? and LiTaO?
1138 1972- Kim, Sungwon THESIS
Ecology of common raccoon (Procyon lotor) in western Pennsylvania as related to an oral rabies vaccination program
1139 Compton, Justin A. THESIS
Identification of partial characterization of touch-induced genes from an ethylene-sensitive arabidopsis mutant
1140 Chotikacharoensuk, Thitinun. THESIS
Involvement in school sponsored extracurricular activities a closer look at Hispanic American adolescents /
1141 Chhin, Christina Sovanna. THESIS
Student teachers' conceptions of proof and facilitation of argumentation in secondary mathematics classrooms
1142 Conner, Annamarie. THESIS
The response of black cherry and hybrid poplar to ozone under varying environmental conditions
1143 1964- Orendovici, Teodora THESIS
Soil carbon dioxide flow associated with the San Andreas and Calaveras Faults, California /
1144 1971. Lewicki, Jennifer L. THESIS
Excess foundry sand characterization and experimental investigation in controlled low-strength material
1145 Deng, An. THESIS
How a university civically engages college students a comparative ethnography of Cuban Americans and non-Hispanic Whites /
1146 Gonzalez, Roger Geertz. THESIS
Investigation of thrombosis at the biomaterial surface in left ventricular assist systems
1147 Yamanaka, Hanako. THESIS
The role of local change agents? beliefs in the implementation of the no Child Left Behind Act
1148 Cummings, Eric William. THESIS
Long-term stability of membership in WISC-III subtest and factor score core profile taxonomies
1149 Borsuk, Ellen R. THESIS
Developmental trajectory of health behaviors across the adult lifespan
1150 Zanjani, Faika A.K. THESIS

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