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Through wall surveillance using ultrawideband random noise radar
1051 Lai, Chieh-Ping. THESIS
Detailing changes in state prisons, 1974-2000, and explaining social unrest as a function of social structure, institutional characteristics, and political context
1052 Richards, Nicole. THESIS
Three studies of the disablement process in the oldest old predicting disability level, onset, and differential patterns of change over time /
1053 Braungart, Elizabeth Ruth. THESIS
Does money really matter? the effects of organizational finances on quality of health care /
1054 Beauvais, Bradley Michael. THESIS
Assessing the links between emotional and behavioral school engagement and academic outcomes among high school students
1055 Venilla, Frank Regis. THESIS
Resource allocation in wireless networks
1056 Shin, JaeSheung. THESIS
There goes the neighborhood hot spots and the diffusion of international conflict /
1057 Braitwaite, Alex. THESIS
Does the bad outweigh the good? an examination of the effects of team member citizenship behavior and deviance on team performance /
1058 Hohenstein, Jesse B. THESIS
Enhanced structured stocastic global optimization algorithms for IIR and nonlinear adaptive filtering
1059 Krusienski, Dean Joseph. THESIS
Modern broadband networking issues, quality-of-service, resource allocation, and service disciplines
1060 Taha, Samer Marwan. THESIS
Teachers and technology unpacking illusions of a one-to-one computer initiative /
1061 Clark, Shanetia P. THESIS
The next generation of binary blak hole head-on ollisions and their aftermath
1062 1973- Kelly, Bernard J. THESIS
Strategic message design within the context of oral sex integrating guilt appeals and prospect theory /
1063 Weiner, Judith L. THESIS
Evaluating the effects of forest liming in Appalachian watersheds chemistry and multi-isotope approaches /
1064 Kim, Hyeon Jeong. THESIS
Structural and functional modulation of inhibitory synapses by GODZ-mediated palmitoylation of GABAA receptors
1065 Fang, Cheng. THESIS
From bacterial adhesion to biofilm formation impact of humic acid and quorum sensing /
1066 Parent, Mary Elizabeth. THESIS
Membrane asymmetry in apoptotic cells, signals associated with phagocytosis and their impact on HIV transcription
1067 Gekonge, Bethsebah Nyankomba. THESIS
Endogenous stress a study of the normal cellular response to oxidative damage /
1068 Maneval, Mandy Louise. THESIS
Urban mosaics multiracial diversity and segregation in the American metropolis /
1069 Farrell, Chad R. THESIS
Exit, sunk costs and geographic diversification in selected U.S. manufacturing industries
1070 1971- Klimek, Shawn D. THESIS
A comfortable evil female serial murderers in American culture /
1071 Wilkins, Melinda Page. THESIS
The comparison of knowledge management practices between public and private organizations an exploratory study /
1072 Park, Sung Chul. THESIS
Women and pesticide management in the Philippines an assessment of roles and knowledge /
1073 Tanzo, Irene R. THESIS
A pattern allowance advisor tool for steel castings
1074 Deo, Mandar. THESIS
Diagnosis, incidence, and duration of otitis media in daycare-attending infants and toddlers
1075 Davie, Jackie M. THESIS
Combined airflow and energy simulation program for building mechanical system design
1076 Novoselac, Atila. THESIS
The DNA repair protein yKu80 regulates the recombination enhancer during yeast mating type switching
1077 Ruan, Chun. THESIS
Growth of amorphous and epitaxial alternative gate dielectrics on silicon by molecular-beam epitaxy and their characterization
1078 Edge, Lisa Friedman. THESIS
Korean mothers' beliefs and practices on early English education in ESL and EFL context
1079 Song, Seung-Min. THESIS
Systematics, biogeography and control of artillery fungi (Sphaerobolus spp.)
1080 Geml, Jo?zsef. THESIS
A laboratory investigation of vapor-grown ice crystals at low atmospheric temperatures
1081 Magee, Nathan B. THESIS
Limb position drift & its implications for movement & position control
1082 Brown, Liana Elizabeth. THESIS
When her whole equals her parts seeing women as objects rather than persons /
1083 Gervais, Sarah J. THESIS
The Bailey transform and conjugate Bailey pairs
1084 1981- Rowell, Michael J. THESIS
An examination of leadership beliefs and leadership self-identity constructs, correlates, and outcomes /
1085 Hiller, Nathan J. THESIS
High performance small-molecule organic thin film transistors
1086 1971- Kuo, Chung-Chen THESIS
PP-wave superalgebras of supergravity theories in ten and eleven dimensions and their spectra
1087 Fernando, Sudarshan. THESIS
Protein structure and gene interactions
1088 Lezon, Timothy R. THESIS
Glycation as a post-translational modification of myosin structure and function; role of glutathione; glycation and aging
1089 Ramamurthy, Bhagavathi. THESIS
Adaptive resource allocation for D-TDD systems in wireless multimedia networks
1090 1973- Yun, Jungnam THESIS
Political transitions and national security strategies for defense and political survival in new states, new democracies, and new autocracies /
1091 Victor, Jonah. THESIS
Concordance between self-reported and physiological measures of emotion during fear imagery in anxiety disorders
1092 Yamasaki, Alissa S. THESIS
Relationships between non-native English speaking EFL pre-service teahcers' English langauge learning strategies and beliefs toward teaching methodologies
1093 Chen, Chih-Sheng. THESIS
The effects of phonological-awareness instruction on phonological awareness and reading skills
1094 Bjarnado?ttir, Gudru?n. THESIS
Do social movements matter in organizations? An institutional theory perspective on corporate responses to the contemporary environmental movement /
1095 Bergh, Julianne. THESIS
An empirical study investigating math preparedness for university students with engineering career goals "savage inequalities" thirteen years later /
1096 Russell, Tammy A. THESIS
Multi-level acceptance and commitment to technology change in governmental agencies
1097 Rizzuto, Tracey E. THESIS
Altered stimulatory and inhibitory feedback signals in the CCK-1 receptor deficient OLETF rat
1098 De Jonghe, Bart-Gerard C. THESIS
A study of selected security issues in wireless networks
1099 Gu, Qijun. THESIS
Tailoring and regeneration of granular activated carbon for perchlorate removal
1100 Chen, Weifang. THESIS

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