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Prediction, validation and targeted interference of erythroid regulatory modules
1001 Wang, Hao. THESIS
Systems engineering based approaches for biological network inference, analysis and redesign
1002 1980- Dasika, Madhukar S. THESIS
Hormone-behavior correlates among male and female psychopathic participants relationship to Gray's model of behavioral inhibition and activation systems /
1003 Ghebrial, Marian Erian. THESIS
Inhibition of skeletal myogenesis by activated Raf-kinase
1004 Thomson, Season R. THESIS
Surface waves, earth structure, and seismic discrimination
1005 Maceira, Monica. THESIS
Neighborhood attachment in the multiethnic metropolis
1006 Greif, Meredith Jill. THESIS
Teacher training and curriculum reform in Chinese Agricultural Schools
1007 Shao, Xiaorong. THESIS
The impact of consumers' perceptions of and preferences for channel interactivity on channel preferences
1008 Florenthal, Bela. THESIS
Erotic ontologies enacting thinking with Plato and Heidegger /
1009 Rivera, Omar. THESIS
Violent non-state actors in world politicsh[electronic resource] : their formation, actions, and effects /
1010 Dutka, Diane L. THESIS
The effects of goal-oriented contexts and peer group composition on intrinsic motivation and problem solving
1011 Song, Hae-Deok. THESIS
The function of norms in doctor-patient communication
1012 Barnett, Jacqueline M. THESIS
Reexamining analog forecasting using NCEP/NCAR reanalyses
1013 Ross, Jeremy D. THESIS
Why bother?[electronic resource] : the nature of women's implicit theories about the malleability of men's attitudes
1014 Pearson, Nicholas B. THESIS
Interregional sharing of energy conservation targets in China efficiency and equity /
1015 Wei, Dan. THESIS
Selecting telecommunications technology for continuing professional engineering education (CPEE) program delivery a study of the elements in decision-making within 20 high-technology manufacturing companies /
1016 1931. Graybash, Peter J. THESIS
Amorphous silicon and organic thin film transistors for electronic applications
1017 Zhou, Lisong. THESIS
Maternal anxiety, parenting, and the emergence of child anxiety among young children with and without developmental delay
1018 Pellegrino, Marissa N. THESIS
Challenging public school resegregation the use of small-scale social movements to preserve the promise of Brown /
1019 Adair, Suzanne C. THESIS
Labor market transitions of involuntary part-time workers how hard is it to get back to full-time jobs? /
1020 Tunceli, Ozgur. THESIS
The role of conditional parental regard and excessively contingent self-esteem in children's peer relationships
1021 Kollat, Sarah H. THESIS
Topographically-based landscape-scale ecological mapping in Pennsylvania
1022 Kong, Ningning. THESIS
Spanish-English bilinguals? attitudes toward code-switching proficiency, grammaticality and familiarity /
1023 Anderson, Tyler Kimball. THESIS
A computable theory of dynamic games and its applications
1024 Mookherjee, Reetabrata. THESIS
Child labor and schooling in Ghana and Kenya the roles of poverty and education policy /
1025 Moyi, Peter L. THESIS
Essays on time inconsistency and industrial organization
1026 1979- Incekara Hafalir, Elif THESIS
Korean Americans' identity gaps in interethnic interaction and levels of depression /
1027 Jung, Eura. THESIS
Development of computational tools for the design and optimization of combinatorial protein libraries
1028 Saraf, Manish Chandra. THESIS
An empirical analysis of insider trade within Rule 10b5-1
1029 Jagolinzer, Alan D. THESIS
Effects of zinc deficiency on longitudinal bone growth in juvenile chickens and young growing rats
1030 1965- Wang, Xibin THESIS
Minna citron a socio-historical study of an artist's feminist social realism in the 1930s /
1031 Streb, Jennifer L. THESIS
Contribution of transposable elements to genomic novelty a computational approach /
1032 Gotea, Valer. THESIS
Understanding work with geospatial information in emergency management a cognitive systems engineering approach in giscience /
1033 Brewer, Isaac. THESIS
Passive, iterative, and repetitive control for flexible distributed parameter systems
1034 Zhao, Haiyu. THESIS
The labors of Karl Marx tekhne?, valorization, revolution /
1035 Roberts, William Clare. THESIS
Ergonomic assessment of a wheeled luggage pulling task
1036 Jung, Myung-Chul. THESIS
Teacher-to-teacher mentoring as professional development using authentic science as a medium /
1037 Petula, Jason. THESIS
Modeling and finite element analysis of welding distortions and residual stresses in large and complex structures
1038 Sun, Jun. THESIS
ITC and gender equity policy lessons of the Mali Telecentres /
1039 Dumas, Josephine Helen THESIS
Understanding the process of agricultural adaptation to climate change analysis of climate-induced innovation in rice based cropping system of Nepal /
1040 Chhetri, Netra Bahadur. THESIS
Language diversity as policy three lessons from three decades /
1041 Wible, Scott Andrew. THESIS
Fractal analysis of soil aggregate structures and associations with organic carbon
1042 1975- Gibson, Jody Russell THESIS
Contributing factors to chronic ankle instability
1043 Hubbard, Tricia Joan. THESIS
How much information do men really want: information search behavior and decision rationale in a medical decision making task for men /
1044 Talbot, Andrew P. THESIS
Causes and consequences of seasonal dynamics in the parasite community of red-spotted newts (Notophthalmus viridescens)
1045 Raffel, Thomas R. THESIS
Self-regulated help-seeking at the United States Military Academy a case study /
1046 Ohlson, Carl J. THESIS
Root dynamics in response to abiotic and biotic stressors in Vitis
1047 Bauerle, Taryn Lynette. THESIS
Iron sulfur cluster assembly in Photosystem I of cyanobacteria the role of SufR (SUF) and FDX (ISC) /
1048 Wang, Tao. THESIS
Molecular genetic analysis of cell death and defense signaling in Arabidopsis hr11 mutant
1049 Devadas, Sendil. THESIS
Dynamic time division duplex and time slot allocation strategy for multimedia traffic in wireless applications
1050 1971- Jeong, Wun-Cheol THESIS

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