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Human skin pigmentation variation a phenotypic, genotypic, and evolutionary perspective /
951 Norton, Heather Lynne. THESIS
Development and experimental analyses of meso and micro scale combustion systems
952 Wu, Ming-Hsun. THESIS
Power-aware and QOS-aware resource management in wireless networks
953 1974- Zhu, Hao THESIS
When more time hurts performance a temporal analysis of errors in event counting /
954 Cassenti, Daniel N. THESIS
Thermodynamics and structure of fluids physisorbed on nanotubes
955 Urban, Nathan Mark. THESIS
Understanding 911 dispatch teams across context implications for theory, information technology, and practice /
956 Terrell, Ivanna Samal. THESIS
Testing an innovative method to collect adverse events data a methodological study /
957 Kellogg, Victoria A. THESIS
Control of protein balance during immobilization-induced skeletal muscle atrophy
958 Krawiec, Brian James. THESIS
Preservice teachers to inservice teachers teaching for social justice /
959 Wilt, Brian J. THESIS
Broadband access and home networking through powerline networks
960 1979- Amirshahi-Shirazi, Pouyan THESIS
Child domestic workers in Dhaka a geographical study of discourses, work, and education /
961 Jensen, Kari Bolstad. THESIS
Toll like Receptor 4 mediated host defense during Bordetella infection
962 Mann, Paul B. THESIS
Novel approaches to modulate ornithine decarboxylase activity and to determine a role for ornithine decarboxylase in cell transformation
963 Ackermann, Joseph M. THESIS
Tomboys and sissies?
964 Schmalz, Dorothy L. THESIS
Occludin regulates permeability and cell division in retinal pigmented epithelium cells
965 Phillips, Brett E. THESIS
Community risks and resources in rural America what matters? /
966 Chilenski, Sarah Meyer. THESIS
Electrochemical modeling, estimation and control of lithium ion batteries
967 Smith, Kandler A. THESIS
Fatigue of cord-rubber composites for tires
968 1964- Song, Jaehoon THESIS
Nanoscopic analyses single molecule characterization in molecular electronics and surface science /
969 Mantooth, Brent Allen. THESIS
Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometric methodoligies for metabolomics
970 Hanley, John C. THESIS
Overcoming marginalization and insignificance a pragmatic critique and reconstruction of sport philosophy /
971 1972- Elcombe, Timothy Laird THESIS
Adult learner participation & outcome comparison study between the Community ABE/GED program and family literacy program in two countries : do different strategies yield different results? /
972 Koomson, William Kofi. THESIS
Household human and social capital and school enrollment in Chitwan, Nepal /
973 Dhital, Purandhar. THESIS
Nonlinear techniques for analysis of DC-DC power converter systems
974 Kriventsov, Stanislav G. THESIS
Relations among false-belief understanding, executive function, and social competence a longitudinal analysis /
975 Razza, Rachel A. THESIS
First year experiences of African American students at a predominately [sic] white institution considering influence of ethnicity and socioeconomic status through cultural capital theory /
976 Baber, Lorenzo DuBois. THESIS
Teacher ratings of intervention acceptability in the instructional support team process
977 Fleischer, Andrea H. THESIS
Individual variability in the relationship among stress, coping, and hemodynamics in African American adults
978 Brandon, Dwayne T. THESIS
Quantum Monte Carlo studies of strongly correlated two-dimensional electron systems
979 1977- Graham, Kenneth L. THESIS
Neighborhood attachment as a source of informal social control
980 Burchfield, Keri B. THESIS
Autonomous motion of catalytic nanoparticles
981 Paxton, Walter F. THESIS
3,5-bistrifluoromethyl pyrazole (BTP) compounds and regulation of store-operated calcium channels by the actin binding protein drebrin
982 Mercer, Jason C. THESIS
Non-composted and spent mushroom substrates for production of Agaricus bisporus
983 Mamiro, Delphina Peter. THESIS
The role of communication in cross-national adjustment and identity transitions among student sojourners y Margaret Jane Pitts.
984 Pitts, Margaret Jane. THESIS
Biochemical characterization of membrane proteins in Shewanella oneidensis involved in dissimilatory iron reduction
985 1973- Ruebush, Shane Stanton THESIS
Awareness of executive functioning deficits in multiple sclerosis self versus informant ratings of impairment in patients versus controls and their relationship with objective cognitive performance /
986 Smith, Megan M. THESIS
Issues in low-power and reliable wireless communication system
987 Kang, Byung-Tae. THESIS
Modeling and optimization in directed evolution protocols and protein engineering
988 Moore, Gregory L. THESIS
Characteristics of learning organizations and multi-dimensional organizational performance indicators a survey of large, publicly-owned companies /
989 Chajnacki, Gregory M. THESIS
Role of hemodynamic forces in smooth muscle cell contraction and transvascular filtration in vivo
990 Kim, Min-ho. THESIS
Crack propagation and fracture in engineered stress profile glass
991 Abrams, Matthew B. THESIS
Competitive interactions and associations of the invasive thistles Carduus nutans and Carduus acanthoides
992 Rauschert, Emily Sofia THESIS
Entry strategies for international construction markets
993 Chen, Chuan. THESIS
A pheromone-aided multipath QoS routing protocol and its applications in manets
994 1970- Jeon, Paul Barom THESIS
A macro- and micro-scale analysis of the molecular details of bacterial adhesion to hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces
995 Salerno, Michael Brian. THESIS
The narratives of contemporary Chinese Christianity
996 Faries, Nathan C. THESIS
Strategic self care Foucault's final work and the pursuit of practices of freedom /
997 Wimberly, Cory M. THESIS
The effects of gender and lower extremity alignment on the kinematics of three functional tasks.
998 Medina, Jennifer Michele. THESIS
Sprawl dynamics and the development of effective smart growth policies
999 Batisani, Nnyaladzi Jay. THESIS
Ergonomic design and evaluation using a multidisciplinary approach application to hand tools /
1000 1969- Lee, Cheol THESIS

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