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Physiological ecology of hydrocarbon seep tubeworms from the Gulf of Mexico
51 Dattagupta, Sharmishtha. THESIS
Mechanisms of flavor release and perception in sugar-free chewing gum
52 Potineni, Rajesh Venkata. THESIS
Factors affecting the magnitude of inbreeding depression in male and female function in Cucurbita pepo ssp. texana (Cucurbitaceae) /
53 Hayes, C. Nelson. THESIS
Religious regulation's impact on religious persecution the effects of de facto and de jure religious regulations /
54 Grim, Brian Jeffrey. THESIS
Basalt weathering on Earth and on Mars
55 Hausrath, Elisabeth M. THESIS
Optimization based redesign of microbial production systems
56 Pharkya, Priti. THESIS
In search of the ride cycling as improvisational behavior.
57 Hopsicker, Peter Matthew. THESIS
Elucidation of the bacteriochlorophyll c biosynthesis pathway in green sulfur bacterium Chlorobium tepidum
58 Chew, Aline Gomez THESIS
Analysis of transient phenomena in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
59 Wang, Yun. THESIS
Hormonal products in cockroach embryos host specificity of entomopathogenic nematodes and the effect of surface coat proteins from nematodes on insect immunity /
60 Li, Xinyi. THESIS
Mobile agent-based energy-efficient and secure global information systems
61 Jiao, Yu. THESIS
Perceptual patterns of involvement management and effectiveness in public higher education /
62 Bowling, Christopher A. THESIS
The flexed-tail (f) mutant mouse advancing the understanding of expansive erythropoiesis /
63 Lenox, L. E. THESIS
Equivariant non-commutative residue and equivariant Weyl's theorem
64 Dave, Shantanu. THESIS
Venular control of capillary perfusion in the presence of cardiovascular risk factors
65 Nellore, Kavitha. THESIS
Existence of monetary steady states in a matching model of money
66 Zhu, Tao. THESIS
Numerically efficient techniques for the analysis of MMIC structures
67 1967- Kwon, Soon Jae THESIS
Sulfide acquisition by deep-sea hydrothermal vent tubeworm hemoglobins
68 Flores, Jason Francisco. THESIS
Shape dependence of physical properties of polar semiconducting nanowires
69 Xiong, Qihua. THESIS
Data cleaning techniques by means of entity resolution
70 1972-. On, Byung-Won THESIS
Synthesis and characerization of catalysts and electrocatalysts using combinatorial methods
71 Ramanathan, Ramnarayanan. THESIS
Positional and directional repair of O?-alkylguanine lesions by human O?-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase
72 1975- Luu, Kieu X. THESIS
The evolution of leisure studies in North America and South Korea a study of cultural consensus.
73 1967- Shim, Jae-Myung THESIS
Prehension synergies static and dynamic examinations /
74 Gao, Fan. THESIS
Towards interdisciplinary perspective of electronic negotiation support systems
75 Park, Sungsoon. THESIS
Ecological genetics of the hydrothermal vent tubeworm, Ridgeia piscesae and the hydrocarbon seep mussel, Bathymodiolus childressi
76 Carney, Susan Lynne. THESIS
The role of phospholipase C in pollen tube growth
77 Dowd, Peter E. THESIS
Ambiguous presence (re)searching the negotiations of be(com)ing teacher /
78 1976-. MacKenzie, Sarah Kate THESIS
Effectiveness of the state federal vocational rehabilitation program for consumers with hearing impairments
79 Boutin, Daniel. THESIS
Sensor fusion models to integrate electronic nose and surface acoustic wave sensor for apple quality evaluation
80 1978- Li, Changying THESIS
Effects of dimensionality, sample topology, and disorder on superconductivity
81 1977- Wang, Haohua THESIS
Colostrum components and their impact on digestive function and growth of dairy calves
82 Kehoe, Sylvia I. THESIS
The use of process writing and Internet technology in a Taiwanese college English writing class
83 Huang, Mei-ching. THESIS
Cyanobacterial quinomics studies of quinones in cyanobacteria /
84 1973- Sakuragi, Yumiko THESIS
Polarization switching and fatigue anisotropy in relaxor-lead titanate ferroelectric single crystals
85 1973- Ozgul, Metin THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of ion containing polymers
86 1963- Dou, Shichen THESIS
Structural studies on sinorhizobium meliloti DctD related to ATP binding and activation
87 Park, Sungdae. THESIS
Scheduling and resource management for next generation clusters
88 Zhang, Yanyong. THESIS
Characterization and mapping of QTLS conferring resistance to late blight in potato
89 Costanzo, Stefano. THESIS
A cluster analysis of cross racial identity scale scores and their usefulness in predicting levels of acculturation and social distance in the lives of black college students
90 Korell, Shanon. THESIS
Musical interactions among infants/toddlers and early childhood teachers the role of intervention on early childhood teachers' scaffolding of young children's music learning /
91 Hsee, Yun-Fei. THESIS
Factors affecting the behavior of unburned carbon upon steam activation
92 1973- Lu, Zhe THESIS
Essays in auctions and collusion
93 Schulenberg, Steven. THESIS
Identification and validation of antimicrobial interventions for red meat carcasses processed in very small meat establishment
94 Flowers, Sally Lucile. THESIS
Policy innovation and public leadership the Clinton Administration's Counterproliferation Policy Initiative /
95 Cerami, Joseph R. THESIS
Cellular signals suppress HIV-1 transcription by interfering with chromatin remodeling and polymerase activation
96 Klatt, Alicia J. THESIS
Nutrition and immune function in healthy older women
97 Molls, Roshni Rajendra. THESIS
Synthesis and fabrication of polymeric composites, nanofilaments and nanofibers
98 Gu, Bin. THESIS
Myo-inositol oxygenase molecular enzymology and tissue specific expression /
99 Arner, Ryan. THESIS
The effects of scaffolding student's problem-solving process via question prompts on problem solving and intrinsic motivation in an online learning environment
100 Bixler, Brett A. THESIS

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