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Preparing future secondary agriculture teachers to work with students with learning disabilities
901 Faulkner, Paula E. THESIS
Moisture migration through fat-based multiphase systems
902 Yuan, Qingbin. THESIS
Investigation of late transition metal based catalytic systems for polymerication of polar vinyl monomers
903 Kang, Myeongsoon. THESIS
Patterns of cognitive change in inductive reasoning ability in the Seattle Longitudinal Study covariates and clinically meaningful outcomes /
904 Boron, Julie Blaskewicz. THESIS
Secure wireless sensor networks building blocks and applications /
905 Song, Hui. THESIS
Leisure lifestyles in urban China a case study in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Shenzhen /
906 Dong, Erwei. THESIS
Nurses' voice the meaning of voice to experienced registered nurses employed in a magnet hospital workplace /
907 Beck, Julie A. THESIS
From lifetime employment to self-employment learning and job instability in Korea /
908 Kim, Jae Yeol. THESIS
Molecular genetic analysis of Drosophila eye development investigation of Leucine-rich repeat protein's role in cell-cell communication /
909 Fetchko, Michael John. THESIS
An investigation of the domains of the gamma two subunit of GABA[Alpha] receptors, gephyrin and collybistin required for synaptic localization
910 Alldred, Melissa J. THESIS
Teachers' and principals' perceptions on the contributions of teaming to their Pennsylvania "Blue Ribbon" Middle School status
911 1953- Andrejack, Stephen A. THESIS
Exploring the beliefs and attitudes of exemplary technology-using teachers
912 Bigatel, Paula Mae. THESIS
Geometry dependent pattern allowance prediction for castings
913 Kochar, Vishal. THESIS
Secure communications in sensor networks
914 Pirretti, Matthew G. THESIS
Early alliance and dropout
915 Maramba, Gloria Juliana THESIS
An investigation using capsaicin to examine age-specific skin blood flow responses to local heating
916 Munce, Thayne A. THESIS
Calvinism and public life a case study of western Pennsylvania 1900-1955 /
917 Flynn, Tyler B. THESIS
An investigation into the major factors that influence the selection of a custom executive education provider
918 Spearly, Jeffrey L. THESIS
Continuing education and cooperative extension a comparative assessment of organizational culture /
919 Martin, Michael James. THESIS
Investigation in Mg-Al-Ca-Sr-Zn System by computational thermodynamics approach coupled with first-principles energetics and experiments
920 1975- Zhong, Yu THESIS
Participation in job training over working life and employment outcomes among mid-career women in the United States
921 Chen, Ying-Ni. THESIS
Reconstructing contiguous regions of an ancestral genome
922 Ma, Jian. THESIS
Disaggregating delinquency trends in arrests and self-reported illegal behavior
923 Williams, Ryan K. THESIS
Bayesian statistical process adjustment for unknown parameter systems
924 Lian, Zilong. THESIS
Mechanistic studies of sphingosine kinase 1 localization and activation
925 Francy, Jacquelyn M. THESIS
A four element phased array antenna system monolitically implemented on silicon
926 Ji, Taeksoo. THESIS
The development of grammatical competence through synchronous computer mediated communication
927 Fiori-Agoren, Melissa L. THESIS
Characterization of two distinct dGcn5-containing HAT complexes in DROSOPHILA
928 Guelman, Sebastia?n A. THESIS
A model of perceived value for leisure travel products
929 Duman, Teoman. THESIS
Teacher responses to children's verbal bullying and social exclusion
930 Shur, Kimberely Anne. THESIS
Assessing student expectations and preferences for the distance learning environment are congruent expectations and preferences a predictor of high satisfaction? /
931 Pollack, Karen I. THESIS
An exploration of methods used by select companies to plan for the replacement of highly skilled employees in nonexecutive positions
932 Krueger, Jennifer Heinzen. THESIS
Taxation and the household
933 1977- Kaygusuz, Remzi THESIS
Modeling thermospheric neutral density
934 Qian, Liying. THESIS
Molecular-scale properties of functional materials and molecules
935 Monnell, Jason D. THESIS
Root distribution of creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass on golf course putting greens
936 Lyons, Eric M. THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of mixed-substituent poly(organophosphazenes)
937 1976- Maher, Andrew Elessar THESIS
Incremental validity of kindergarten teachers? ratings in predicting children?s subsequent academic skills using the early childhood longitudinal study-kindergarten
938 McNulty, Catherine Ann. THESIS
The privatization of political influence professional grassroots lobbying in the United States /
939 Walker, Edward T. THESIS
Conflict communication and the use of quality management practices in academic departments
940 Dodd, Ann H. THESIS
Role of osteopontin in bovine sperm capacitation and fertilization /
941 Erikson, David William. THESIS
Cooperative magnetic relaxation in geometrically frustrated rare-earth pyrochlores
942 Ueland, Benjamin George. THESIS
Partially hyperbolic phenomena in dynamical systems with discrete and continuous time
943 1972- Talitskaya, Anna THESIS
Essays on equity issuance
944 Qian, Hong. THESIS
A class of Shaped Deficit Round-Robin (SDRR) schedulers
945 Jiwasurat, Soranun. THESIS
An examination of the dynamics of organizational culture and values-based leader identities and behaviors
946 MacTavish, Murray Donald. THESIS
Distance delivery of pre-service teacher education lessons for good practice from twenty-one international programs /
947 Simpson, Mary G. THESIS
Structure-property-performance relationships of new high temperature relaxors for capacitor applications
948 1978- Stringer, Craig J. THESIS
Efficient power-aware data access in mobile environments
949 Yin, Liangzhong. THESIS
Role integration of adult women online learners
950 Hunter, Lynn. THESIS

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