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The exploitation of multi-look synthetic aperture radar and inverse synthetic aperture radar images for non-cooperative target recognition
851 Papson, Scott. THESIS
Design and analysis of wireless and mobile networks
852 Lim, Sunho. THESIS
In situ stress measurements during MOCVD growth of aluminum gallium nitride on silicon carbide
853 Acord, Jeremy D. THESIS
The expansion of nine-year compulsory education in Indonesia
854 Zhao, Heng. THESIS
Framing hedonic and utilitarian product attributes in advertisements the impact of regulatory fit on persuasion /
855 Lin, Hui-Fei. THESIS
The relationship between non-employment and respondent personal characteristics, college major, GPA and work experience among 1992-1993 college graduates
856 Conn, Robert E. THESIS
A longitudinal study on the interpersonal dynamics of leader-member exchange development
857 Sin, Hock-Peng. THESIS
The effects of learner-generated versus computer- generated representations on physics problem solving
858 Price, Gwyneth A. THESIS
Sequential effects in reaching around obstacles
859 Jax, Steven A. THESIS
The role of potential protective factors in the relationship between anger and aggression a cross-cultural investigation.
860 Dzus, Ellen E. THESIS
In situ evaluation of supersolidus liquid phase sintering phenomena of stainless steel 316L densification and distortion /
861 Bollina, Ravi. THESIS
Augmenting collaboration through situated representations of scientific knowledge
862 Pike, William A. THESIS
The relationship of perfectionism to academic achievement, self-esteem, depression, and racial identity in African American college students attending predominantly white universities
863 Elion, Audrey A. THESIS
The syntax of headed restrictive relative clauses with special reference to Spanish
864 Duncan, Jason D. THESIS
Essays on the microeconometrics of labor markets and criminal behavior
865 1968- Carvalho, Jose THESIS
Evaluation of strategic leader cognitive development through distance education
866 Myers, Susan R. THESIS
A role for stannin in cellular signaling
867 Reese, Brian. THESIS
The effects of friction on earthquake triggering and fault zone evolution
868 Savage, Heather M. THESIS
The slow percolation of forms Charles Peirce's writings on Plato /
869 O'Hara, David L. THESIS
Linguistic and social variables in Yucatan Spanish
870 Michnowicz, James Casimir. THESIS
X-ray and optical emission from Neutron Stars and Pulsar Wind nebulae
871 Kargaltsev, Oleg Y. THESIS
Passive acoustic monitoring of coarse bedload in mountain streams
872 Barton, Jonathan Shailer. THESIS
Deformation, lava dome evolution, and eruption cyclicity at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
Modified quinone acceptors in Photosystem I
874 Zybailov, Boris L. THESIS
Student perceptions of the use of a discussion-based tool to support learning
875 Toto, Roxanne. THESIS
The transcription factor Faxo1a is a critical regulator of proliferation in ovarian granulosa cells /
876 Cunningham, Melissa Anne. THESIS
Brian Boru King, High-King, and Emperor of the Irish /
877 Beougher, David B. THESIS
A new design methodology for modular broadband arrays based on fractal tilings
878 Kuhirun, Waroth. THESIS
Expanding the moral domain environmental moral reasoning in outdoor recreation contexts /
879 Persing, John R. THESIS
The effects of verbal and imaginal worry on physiological and subjective functioning during interoceptive exposure
880 Behar, Evelyn. THESIS
Experimental and modeling studies of the hybrid physical-chemical vapor deposition of superconducting magnesium diboride thin films
881 Lamborn, Daniel Ray. THESIS
Organic classrooms rhetorical education at the Highlander Folk School, 1932-1961 /
882 Schneider, Stephen. THESIS
Social mathematics in the curriculum of American Civics an analysis of selected national and state standards and of Magruder's American government /
883 Mauch, James W. THESIS
An adaptive framework for synchronization of distributed simulations
884 Altuntas, Bertan. THESIS
Targeting proteins to the nuclear membrane a genomic study in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using Trm1 as a reporter /
885 1976- Murthi, Athulaprabha THESIS
We don?t write just to write; we write to be free a rhetorical ethnography of spoken word in Los Angeles /
886 Johnson, Amber Lauren. THESIS
Protein adsorption to hydrophobic surfaces
887 1978- Krishnan, Anandi THESIS
Energy-aware hardware and software optimization for embedded systems /
888 1971- Kim, Hyun Suk THESIS
Synthesis of metal nanoparticles by microwave-assisted solvothermal technique
889 1975- Li, Dongsheng THESIS
A Hierarchical Bayesian Finite Mixture Multidimensional Scaling approach for accommodating structural and preference heterogeneity in three way preference data
890 Park, Joonwook. THESIS
Role of the mammalian target of rapamycin in the regulation of skeletal muscle protein synthesis and eIF2B[epsilon] mRNA translation following acute resistance exercise /
891 Kubica, Neil THESIS
Late Archean microbial ecology an integration of molecular, isotopic, and lithologic studies /
892 Eigenbrode, Jennifer L. THESIS
An empirical investigation of secondary principals' perspectives on "the best interests of the student" as a viable professional ethic for educational leadership
893 Frick, William Charles. THESIS
Communication-driven coscheduling in clusters
894 1971- Choi, Gyu Sang THESIS
Breast cancer cell chemoattractants derived from osteoblasts
895 1977- Campo, Dianalee A. THESIS
Mixture model learning with instance-level constraints
896 Zhao, Qi. THESIS
Dynamic motion and appearance modeling for robust visual tracking
897 1974- Lim, Hwasup THESIS
The relationship between physically active leisure activities and health for adults age fifty and older
898 Chow, Hsueh-wen. THESIS
The determinants of organizational innovativeness the adoption of GASB 34 in Pennsylvania local government /
899 Patrick, Patricia A. THESIS
Contextualizing pedagogical capacity the nexus between teaching and learning /
900 Easley, Jacob. THESIS

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