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An equivariant bivariant chern character
801 Raven, Jeffrey Adam. THESIS
Effect of different levels of cognition and interactivity of adjunct question on individualized web-based instruction
802 Kim, Yongshiktc. THESIS
Taxic and phylogenetic approaches to understanding the Late Ordovician mass extinction and Early Silurian recovery ?
803 Krug, Andrew Zachary. THESIS
Video object detection and matching
804 1973- Mariano, Vladimir Y. THESIS
Identity as a framework for metaphor use in cancer messages designed for rural, low-income, older adult women
805 Raup-Krieger, Janice. THESIS
Exploring the use of graphic novels in the classroom does exposure to non-traditional texts increase the reading comprehension skills and motivation of low-functioning adolescent readers? /
806 Lamanno, April Arthur. THESIS
The involvement of the sterol response element binding proteins in lipogenesis in the SEB-1 sebaceous model system
807 Smith, Terry Michael. THESIS
The Sims 2 reflective learning and identity construction.
808 Hsiao, Hui-Chun. THESIS
Ultrasonic guided wave mechanics for composite material structural health monitoring
809 Gao, Huidong. THESIS
The force of habit rhetoric, repetition, and identity from Darwin to drugs /
810 Nicotra, Jodie A. THESIS
Secretory protein folding and the quality control of misfolded glycoproteins
811 Sayeed, Ayaz. THESIS
Infant visual habituation modeled by non-linear regression
812 Dahlin, Michael P. THESIS
Using cognitively inspired agents and information supply chains to anticipate and share information for decision-making teams
813 Sun, Shuang. THESIS
Development of a new high specific power piezoelectric actuator
814 Loverich, Jacob Joseph. THESIS
The new cathedrals the sports stadium and mass media's role in facilitating new construction /
815 Trumpbour, Robert C. THESIS
Parallel algorithms and software for multi-scale modeling of chemically reacting flows and radiative heat transfer
816 Veljkovic, Ivana. THESIS
Computational and experimental assessment of total knee replacement motion /
817 Moran, Matthew Francis. THESIS
Deciphering the role of [beta]Heavy-spectrin and its interaction with annexin B9 during Drosophila melanogaster development
818 Williams, Janice Andrea. THESIS
Essays in International Trade and Industrial Organization
819 Chesnokova, Tatyana. THESIS
Full-day Kindergarten in Manheim Central School District exploring early literacy growth and proficiency /
820 1971- Stone, R. Thomas THESIS
Investigations into tangential finger force coordination
821 Pataky, Todd Colin. THESIS
Understanding influences on the environmental sustainability of two small urban areas
822 Lachman, Steven Frederic. THESIS
Algorithms for aligning and clustering genomic sequences that contain duplications
823 Hou, Minmei. THESIS
Bargaining and intrahousehold resource allocation an analysis of the impact of credit and land in Malawi /
824 Swaminathan, Hema. THESIS
Representative dissonance in heritage tourism in India
825 Bandyopadhyay, Ranjan. THESIS
Sharing multicultural poetry with elementary education students a teacher inquiry into developing critical consciousness /
826 Hopkins, Elisa. THESIS
The mechanical and optical properties of ordered and disordered materials
827 Holliday, Kito S. THESIS
Audience activity among users of the World Wide Web
828 Niekamp, Raymond A. THESIS
Preservice-teachers? beliefs about young children, their parents, and teaching in early childhood education
829 Aldemir, Jale. THESIS
Externally imposed thermo-elastic stress-states to control or delay fracture during unsupported cutting of alumina
830 Akarapu, Ravindra. THESIS
Systems theoretic approach to textured image and video processing
831 1977- Ding, Tao THESIS
Play as expression an analysis based on the philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty /
832 Torres, Cesar R. THESIS
The U.S. Department of Agriculture Cochran Fellowship Program's influence on attitudes of Polish participants about America
833 Carlson, Mary Louise. THESIS
Haloacetic acids removal by biologically active carbon
834 Tung, Hsin-Hsin. THESIS
Interplay between kinetics and apparent therodynamics in thin polymer blend films
835 Indrakanti, Ananth. THESIS
A meta-analytic assessment of the use of rehearsal strategies in the Program of Systematic Evaluation
836 Baker, Rose Marie. THESIS
Medium resolution transmission measurements of CO? and H?0 at high temperature and a multiscale malkmus model for treatment of inhomogeneous gas paths
837 1975- Bharadwaj, Sudarshan P. THESIS
Women?s post marital name retention and the communication of identity
838 Laskowski, Kara A. THESIS
Quantitative studies of suspended sediment in karst aquifers
839 Herman, Ellen K. THESIS
Level tracking in thermal-hydraulic simulations of nuclear reactors
840 Aktas, Birol. THESIS
Broadband dielectric study of miscible polymer blends with intermolecular hydrogen bonding
841 1975- Zhang, Shihai THESIS
Studies of thin silicon oxides and high-k materials for gate dielectrics in metal-insulator-semiconductor structures
842 Jiang, Jiayu. THESIS
Directives usage by ITAs an applied learner corpus analysis /
843 Reinhardt, Jonathon S. THESIS
Electrical properties of niobium based oxides-ceramics and single crystal fibers grown by the laser-heated pedestal growth (LHPG) technique /
844 1973- Manuspiya, Hathaikarn THESIS
The effects of socially relevant representations in content on members? identities of participation and willingness to contribute in distributed communities of practice
845 Kilner, Peter G. THESIS
Nanoengineering of Ruddlesden-Popper phases using molecular beam epitaxy
846 1975- Haeni, Jeffrey H. THESIS
Team creativity a process model /
847 Hanke, Ralph C. THESIS
The relationship between executive functioning and dissociation
848 Bruce, Amanda Schurle. THESIS
The effect of earthpulse on learning of declarative knowledge.
849 1975- McKinney, Heather E. THESIS
Assessing the impact of physical conditioning, dietary intake, body fat, and tobacco use on blood pressure parameters a two-method measurement design approach /
850 Olchowski, Allison Elizabeth. THESIS

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