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Attack attribution for distributed denial-of-service and worm attacks
751 Hamadeh, Ihab. THESIS
The semantic geospatial problem solving environment an enabling technology for geographical problem solving under open, heterogeneous environments /
752 Luo, Junyan. THESIS
The role of influence in the implementation of public policy Pennsylvania HealthChoices : a case study /
753 Ericson, Kristina L. THESIS
The incremental cash flow predictive ability of accrual models
754 Yoder, Timothy R. THESIS
Private higher education in Russia the quest for legitimacy /
755 Suspitsin, Dmitry A. THESIS
Development of second language pragmatic competence the data-driven teaching of German modal particles based on a learner corpus /
756 Vyatkina, Nina A. THESIS
On the nonlinearities in the noise radiated from high-speed model jets
757 1979- Petitjean, Benoit P. THESIS
Kinetics of ozone reaction with low-molecular weight antioxidants at physiologically relevant conditions
758 Kermani, Sanaz. THESIS
Information fusion of multiple genomic sensors for clustering and CIS-regulatory element identification
759 1974- Kasturi, Jyotsna THESIS
The role of governmental organizational form in economic growth
760 Grassmueck, Georg Gunter. THESIS
In vitro and in vivo analysis of aryl hydrocarbon receptor regulation by the hepatitis B virus X-associated protein 2
761 Hollingshead, Brett David. THESIS
The limit of life the ethics of discourse in Plato's Protagoras /
762 Drake, Ryan. THESIS
The effect of different levels of mindful abstraction activities on two types of transfer and the relation with knowledge about analogues in online situated learning
763 Ryu, Jiyeon. THESIS
Teaching social work students through culturally responsive education an action research study drawing on spirituality and culture /
764 Root, Vicki. THESIS
The relationship between positive and negative affect among family caregivers of relatives with dementia
765 Robertson, Suzanne M. THESIS
Two-phase transport and prediction of flooding in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
766 Pasaogullari, Ugur. THESIS
Effects of multiple role assumptions on the alcohol use of females in young adulthood /
767 Johnson, Carolyn H. THESIS
A population and quantitative genetic analysis of the Drosophilia melanogaster antibacterial immune response
768 Lazzaro, Brian Paul. THESIS
Motivations for older adults' participation in distance education a study at the National Open University of Taiwan /
769 Liang, Jr-Shiuan. THESIS
A structural analysis of the two-component receiver domain of DCTD from Sinorhizobium meliloti
770 Meyer, Matthew G. THESIS
History dependent modeling of counter-current flow in porous media
771 Li, Gaoming. THESIS
Identifying redox partners and a role in oxidative stress for iron-sulfur flavoprotein (ISF) from methanosarcina thermophila
772 Cruz, Francisco. THESIS
An ecological understanding of recreational physical activity among young adults
773 Sylvia, Sara Noel. THESIS
World Bank Rhetoric consuming the suffering of others /
774 Newcomb, Matthew James. THESIS
Professional development by scientists and teachers' understanding of the nature of science
775 1972- Schuster, Dwight A. THESIS
Assessing selected predictors of performance in developmental mathematics
776 Salyefu, R. Kavena. THESIS
Distance-based model-selection with application to the analysis of gene expression data
777 Ray, Surajit. 2003-06-24 DISSERTATION
Developing state-dependent routes for the vehicle rouing problem under uncertainty
778 Das, Surajit K. THESIS
Envelope protection systems for piloted and unmanned rotorcraft
779 Sahani, Nilesh A. THESIS
Pressure tuning of pnicogen chalcogenide thermoelectrics
780 1971- Scheidemantel, Thomas J. THESIS
Interaction and control in asynchronous computer-mediated communication in a distance educationcontext
781 (William George) Anderson, William G. THESIS
The relationship between multiple intelligences and attitude toward independent learning in a high transactional distance environment
782 Mulhollen, Christine. THESIS
Directionality of electron transfer in cyanobacterial Photosystem I
783 Cohen, Rahel O. THESIS
Antibody-mediated clearance of bordetella species
784 Kirimanjeswara, Girish Soorappa. THESIS
The lived experience of teachers at a lifelong learning institute a phenomenological study /
785 Choi, Ilseon. THESIS
How can a leader guide our search for the Holy Grail? the longitudinal relationship between satisfaction and performance and the impact of leader behaviors /
786 Sideman, Lori A. THESIS
Conceptions of between ratios and within ratios
787 Akar, Gulseren Karagoz. THESIS
Translational control of gene expression in rat liver in relation to mammlian target of Rapamycin signaling /
788 Reiter, Ali K. THESIS
China's telecommunications accomplishments, problems and the shape of the future to come /
789 Liu, Chun. THESIS
Soft errors modeling and interactions with power optimizations /
790 Degalahal, Vijay S. THESIS
Testing in multifactor heteroscedastic ANOVA and repeated measures designs with large number of levels
791 1973- Wang, Haiyan THESIS
Colliding sensibilities exhibition development and the pedagogy of period room interpretation /
792 Morales, Teresa I. THESIS
Efficiency enhancement in dye-sensitized solar cells through light manipulation
793 1978- Abrams, Neal M.. THESIS
Performance aspects of security-aware database systems
794 Ngamsuriyaroj, Sudsanguan. THESIS
A coupled atmosphere-ecosystem model of the early Archean biosphere
795 Kharecha, Pushker A. THESIS
Optical wave-mixing and photorefractivity in liquid crystals
796 1976- Ding, Jianwu THESIS
Development and evaluation of an instructional unit in integrated pest management : evaluation of student knowledge and attitudes as a result of instruction.
797 Richards, Kerry Hoffman. THESIS
How do schools and teachers mediate the influence of state testing policies on arts education? the case in Virginia /
798 Mishook, Jacob J. THESIS
Studies toward the synthesis of TMC-95A and development of an enantioselective Pummerer reaction for the synthesis of 3,3-spirocyclic oxindoles
799 Karatjas, Andrew George. THESIS
Mechanics of isolated extended bodies in classical field theories
800 1984- Harte, Abraham Isaiah. THESIS

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