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Digital material library Thai indigenous materials and cultural perspectives in Thailand's design education /
651 1972- Sindhuphak, Apisak THESIS
Software and hardware optimizations for NoC-based Chip multiprocessors
652 Li, Feihui. THESIS
A substantive-level theory of highly regarded secondary biology teachers' science teaching orientations
653 Friedrichsen, Patricia Jean. THESIS
Divergent properties of mouse and human aryl hydrocarbon receptors
654 Ramadoss, Preeti. THESIS
Psychosocial effects of studying abroad
655 1965- Wortman, Thomas I. THESIS
The victim-offender overlap specifying the role of peer groups /
656 Shaffer, Jennifer N. THESIS
A microsimulation model of activity patterns and within household interactions
657 Pribyl, Ondrej. THESIS
The historical developmental perspective of Thomas S. Kuhn a search for first principles in the development of scientific knowledge over time /
658 Wayland, Rebecca Elizabeth. THESIS
Anatomically based investigations of total ankle arthroplasty
659 1977- Fauth, Andrew R. THESIS
Below replacement fertility in Eastern Europe a case study /
660 Bradatan, Cristina. THESIS
Thermodynamical formalism for maps with inducing schemes
661 1981- Zhang, Ke. THESIS
New product development in early-stage firms
662 Marion, Tucker J. THESIS
Meaning representation within and across languages
663 Tokowicz, Natasha. THESIS
A comparative socio-historical content analysis of treaties and current American Indian education legislation with implications for the State of Michigan
664 Reinhardt, Martin J. THESIS
Soft errors in logic circuits analysis and modeling /
665 Ramanarayanan, Rajaraman. THESIS
Production and location choices of firms in the Taiwanese electronics sector
666 1978- Lee, Yi THESIS
An integrated approach for microstructure simulation application to Ni-Al-Mo alloys /
667 1972- Wang, Tao THESIS
A Bayesian approach to false discovery rate for large scale simultaneous inference
668 Han, Bing. THESIS
Study on the application of advanced oxidation processing in green sand foundries
669 Wang, Yujue. THESIS
Regular and chaotic dynamics of outer billiards
670 Genin, Daniel I. THESIS
Scalable hybrid sparse linear solvers
671 1974- Teranishi, Keita THESIS
The relationship between curricular perspectives and curricular development relative to the doctor of physical therapy degree
672 Brudvig, Tracy Jan. THESIS
Imparting passivity to vapor deposited magnesium alloys
673 1978- Wolfe, Ryan Curtis THESIS
Imperative sense and libidinal event
674 Lueck, Bryan. THESIS
Modeling and quantifying industry dynamics under aggregate uncertainty
675 Utar, Ha?le. THESIS
Thermodynamic formalism for nonuniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems
676 1975- Mummert, Anna THESIS
Resource allocation techniques for improved performance of multiuser systems
677 Oh, Changyoon. THESIS
Contesting common sense discourse language, politics and democracy /
678 Gounari, Panagiota. THESIS
Delegitimization and women's perceived emotionality "don't be so emotional!" /
679 Warner, Leah R. THESIS
Understanding the performance learning identity and domestic violence /
680 Nash, Heather M. THESIS
Time-frequency signal processing techniques for radar remote sensing
681 Wen, Chun-Hsien. THESIS
Healing from dry bones creative expression and adult learning in diabetes care /
682 Stuckey, Heather L. THESIS
Microstructure evolution of nanocrystalline metallic thin-films under ion-beam irradiation
683 1977- Kaoumi, Djamel THESIS
Nonlinear propagation of high-frequency energy from blast waves as it pertains to bat hearing /
684 1976- Loubeau, Alexandra THESIS
Effects of implementing performance assessments on student learning meta-analysis using HLM /
685 Kim, Sung-Eun. THESIS
Phase-field modelling of microstructural evolution and properties
686 Zhu, Jingzhi. THESIS
Essays on auctions and efficiency
687 9172- Izmalkov, Serguei THESIS
Study of a methanol reforming polymer electrolyte fuel cell system
688 Bhatia, Krishan Kumar. THESIS
Structural and mechanochemical microtubule-associated proteins in plant cell function
689 Marcus, Adam I. THESIS
The power of discourse silencing dissent through debate about-- dissent /
690 Pelton, Julie. THESIS
Regulation of receptor activity and specificity lessons learned from the evolutionary divergence of human and mouse Ron receptor tyrosine kinases /
691 Wei, Xin. THESIS
Perspectives on learning, learning to teach and teaching elementary science
692 Avraamidou, Lucy. THESIS
Genetic and molecular analysis of Arabidopsis Copine I gene in plant defense responses
693 Jambunathan, Niranjani. THESIS
A study of the elongation rate and air shower properties of ultra high energy cosmic rays from the Southern Pierre Auger Observatory
694 Atulugama, Buddhika Sanjeevi THESIS
Study of the iron sulfur cluster and polypeptide composition of the photosynthetic reaction center from Heliobacterium modesticaldum
695 Heinnickel, Mark L. THESIS
Characterization of the early interactions on the folding pathway of the ileal lipid-binding protein by ยน?F-NMR
696 Basehore, Heather Kenney. THESIS
High-frequency forecasting models of national account variables in transition economies (Russia, Armenia, and the Czech Republic)
697 Roudoi, Andrei. THESIS
The alignment of sustainability and constructability a Continuous Value Enhancement Process /
698 Pulaski, Michael H. THESIS
Impact of heating rate on starch granule structure and functionality
699 Patel, Bhavesh K. THESIS
Eliciting, analyzing, and comparing mental models of complex audio recording systems between professional and novice recording engineers
700 Hill, Barry R. THESIS

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