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Organizational culture and professionalism an assessment of the professional culture of the U.S. Army Senior Level Offices Corps /
601 Pierce, James G. THESIS
The effect of the availability of technology on teachers' use of technology and student acievement on standardized tests
602 Chung, Ji-Sook. THESIS
Self-oscillating power electronic stability analysis and design
603 1972- Manuspiya, Suwan THESIS
Advanced core design and fuel management for pebble-bed reactors
604 Gougar, Hans David. THESIS
Educating public opinion understanding U.S. dollar hegemony in the age of global news media /
605 Kim, Shung-Hae. THESIS
Exploring possibilities young children's notions of identity within an implemented community building unit /
606 D'Arcy, Genevieve Suzanne. THESIS
Describing firm's behavior from revenue and cost data
607 De Souza, Sergio. THESIS
Carbonate-associated sulfate assessment of and use as an isotopic proxy for global sulfur cycling during end-permian mass extinction /
608 Riccardi, Anthony L. THESIS
A probabilistic framework for fault detection in induction motors
609 Samsi, Rohan. THESIS
Prediction of odor pleasantness using electronic nose technology and artificial neural networks
610 Williams, Archie Lamar. THESIS
Microbial populations and processes in subseafloor marine environments
611 Biddle, Jennifer F. THESIS
Applying the competing values framework to study organizational subcultures and system-wide planning efforts in a military university
612 Paparone, Christopher R. THESIS
Strategic bundling of good and bad news the case of voluntary patent disclosures and negative earnings surprises /
613 Lansford, Benjamin N. THESIS
Applicant reactions to selection systems stereotype threat in online and paper-pencil administration /
614 Klein, Stephanie Rachel. THESIS
Localization algorithms for wireless sensor network systems
615 Ji, Xiang. THESIS
Sharing decisions, teaching in teams, and multi-aging individually guided education, 1965-1981 /
616 Kim, Pyeong-gook. THESIS
Representing geo-pragmatics
617 Brodaric, Boyan M. THESIS
Categorical versus dimensional diagnosis of generalized aniety disorder how well do they predict response to treatment? /
618 Ruscio, Ayelet Meron. THESIS
Voices, values, views a narrative ethnography of a volunteer literacy program student involvement group /
619 Smith, Juliet A. THESIS
Imagining a different world transforming and re-visioning in children's fantasy novels /
620 Tsai, Hsin-Chun Jamie. THESIS
The relationship among counseling program accreditation, completion status in counseling programs, and the racial attitudes of counselors-in-training
621 Garraway, Garbette A. THESIS
A novel role for [beta](heavy)-Spectrin in early endosome recycling in the Drosophila melanogaster larval midgut
622 Phillips, Matthew D. THESIS
Characterization of phytase activity from cultivated edible mushrooms and mushroom substrates
623 Collopy, Patrick D. THESIS
Micromachined switches and cantilever actuators based on piezoelectric lead irconate titanate (PZT)
624 1971- Gross, Steven Joseph THESIS
The interaction of touch and gravity in plant roots
625 Massa, Gioia D. THESIS
Two topics, a Jackknife maximum likelihood approach to statistical model selection and a Convex hull peeling depth approach to nonparametric massive multivariate data analysis with applications /
626 1975- Lee, HyunSook THESIS
Privacy and communications technologies in U.S. historyh[electronic resource] : concepts of privacy in relation to changing communications technologies /
627 Kim, Young Chun. THESIS
Advancing ToF-SIMS with a buckminsterfullerene ion source
628 Szakal, Christopher Wayne. THESIS
Robust and accurate algorithms for solving anisotropic singularities
629 1974- Chen, Long THESIS
Gelation and micelle structure changes of aqueous polymer solutions
630 1962- Guo, Liang THESIS
Geomorphology of laterally advected fault blocks in convergent orogens
631 Miller, Scott Ruthardt. THESIS
Design of shallow and thermally stable contacts on antimonide-based semiconductors
632 Wang, Hsiao-an. THESIS
Intelligent design and educational policy the case in Kansas /
633 Jones, John Yoshito. THESIS
The economic, financial accounting and governance determinants of synthetic lease financing
634 Altamuro, Jennifer L. THESIS
Being at home a phenomenological analsyis of the experience of space /
635 Jacobson, Kirsten E. THESIS
Structural changes in nonstationary time series econometrics time varying cointegration and modeling catastrophic events /
636 1973- Martins, Luis Filipe THESIS
Global regulation of gene expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae via TATA binding protein regulatory factors
637 Huisinga, Kathryn L. THESIS
Message framing and persuasion the role of consumers' motivations in processing framed messages /
638 Yi, Sunghwan. THESIS
Perceived parental expectations among Chinese American college students the role of perceived discrepancy and culture in psychological distress /
639 Kobayashi, Eriko. THESIS
A latent class growth model of rural adolescent drinking an examination of the antecedents to and young adult consequences of adolescent alochol use trajectories /
640 Henry, Kimberly Lynn. THESIS
Implications of future technologies on the design of FPGAs
641 1979- Gayasen, Aman THESIS
The impact of interpersonal rejection on self-esteem and mood in vulnerable narcissistic personalities, grandiose narcissistic personalities, and avoidant personalities experimental validation of vulnerable narcissism and the vulnerable narcissism scale /
642 Pimentel, Claudia A. THESIS
Natural hybridization and speciation in Rhagoletis (Diptera :Tephritidae)
643 Schwarz, Dietmar. THESIS
The design of high flux nanoporous carbon membranes and their application in small gas molecule separations
644 Merritt, Anna Roberta. THESIS
Factors affecting classroom involvement of women engineering students
645 1971- Persaud, Anita THESIS
A micromachined thermal sensor for biochemical sensing and polymer characterization
646 1973- Zhang, Yuyan THESIS
The Included middle logos in Aristotle's philosophy /
647 Aygun, Omer Orhan. THESIS
Systematics and plastid genome evolution in the parasitic plant genus Cuscuta (dodder)
648 McNeal, Joel R. THESIS
Doubly-smoothed maximum likelihood estimation
649 1975- Seo, Byungtae THESIS
Adaptive splines and genetic algorithms for optimal statistical modeling.
650 Pittman, Jennifer L. THESIS

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