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System level power and reliability modeling
551 Lin, Ing-Chao. THESIS
Exploring the screenplay writing process implications for instructional design and cultural-historical activity theory /
552 Samouilova, Marina. THESIS
Oil, power, and universities political struggle and academic advancement at the University of Texas and Texas A&M, 1876-1965 /
553 Richardson, Susan R. THESIS
Essays in game theory and political economy
554 Krishna, R. Vijay. THESIS
Prenatal nicotine exposure alters gene expression in a sexually dimorphic manner
555 Foreman, Jennifer. THESIS
The relationship of social skills and learning behaviors to academic achievement in a low-income urban elementary school population
556 Pearson, Jeremy L. THESIS
Phase-field models of microstructure evolution in a system with elastic inhomogeneity and defects
557 1963- Hu, Shenyang THESIS
Thin film hydrogen sensors a materials processing approach /
558 Jayaraman, RaviPrakash. THESIS
Living arrangements of the elderly in Bangkok,Thailand impacts of low fertility, life-courses, and non-marriage /
559 Durand, Yoshie Moriki. THESIS
Development of a differential item functioning (DIF) procedure using the dierarchical generalized liner model a comparison study with logistic regression procedure /
560 Kim, Wonsuk. THESIS
Economic models of information systems internet auctions and information gatekeepers /
561 Feng, Juan. THESIS
A case study of Pennsylvania State Administrators' autonomy and involvement in policy communities in all stages of the policy cycle
562 Garraty, Robert G. THESIS
Fractional quantum Hall effect in higher Landau levels and in graphene
563 1974- To?ke, Csaba THESIS
Geographical techniques to quantify spatial patterns of precipitation in U.S. landfalling tropical cyclones
564 Matyas, Corene J. THESIS
Modeling of microscale gas flows using the direct simulation Monte Carlo method
565 Alexeenko, Alina A. THESIS
The instructional effects of prior knowledge and three concept mapping strategies in facilitation achievement of different educational objectives
566 Wang, Xiaoxue. THESIS
Phase field models and simulations of vesicle bio-membranes
567 1974- Wang, Xiaoqiang THESIS
Rotor noise in maneuvering flight
568 1973-. Chen, Hsuan-Nien THESIS
Three essays in finance
569 Glidewell, Edward. THESIS
Optimal structural design of a morphing aircraft wing
570 Bharti, Smita. THESIS
Formal methods for genomic data integration
571 Shah, Nigam. THESIS
The effect of an analytic trait, task-specific rubric with or without explanation on self-efficacy and academic achievement
572 McGriff, Steven J. THESIS
Development and evaluation of a shortwave full-spectrum correlated K-distribution radiative transfer algorithm for numerical weather prediciton
573 1966- Pawlak, Daniel T. THESIS
Nano-structured PECVD silicon films and their device applications
574 Li, Handong. THESIS
The role of "concerted cultivation" in childhood academic achievement growth processes class and race differences from kindergarten through third grade /
575 Cheadle, Jacob E. THESIS
Molecular assembly at bare semiconductor surfaces
576 McGuiness, Christine L. THESIS
Network queue management and congestion control in internet and wireless networks
577 Deng, Xidong. THESIS
Cultivating reflective thinking the effects of a reflective thinking tool on learners' learning performance and metacognitive awareness in the context of on-line learning /
578 Kim, Younghoon. THESIS
Characterization of readthrough activation in the adenovirus genome, transiently transfected templates and integrated templates
579 Shen, Li. THESIS
The role of habitat heterogeneity in population dynamics from individual behavior to metapopulation structure /
580 Schwarz, Carrie Anne. THESIS
Theory and applications of molecular and collective nonlinear optical behavior of nematic liquid crystals
581 1969- Diaz, Andres THESIS
The use of arrayed nano-dimensional template structures for controlled growth
582 1974- Peng, Chih-Yi THESIS
Power management of enterprise storage systems
583 Gurumurthi, Sudhanva. THESIS
Semi-active control of helicopter vibration using comtrollable stiffness and damping devices
584 Anusonti-Inthra, Phuriwat. THESIS
Effect of architecture and doping on the photoelectrochemical properties of titania nanotubes
585 Shankar, Karthik. THESIS
Photochemical processes in laser ablation of organic solids, molecular dynamics study
586 Yingling, Yaroslava G. THESIS
Radiative impact of continental stratus at the Southern Great Plains a climatogical perspective /
587 Sengupta, Manajit. THESIS
How idealized American English norms are created and reinforced in English lessons on television a discourse analysis of two popular English language TV shows in Korea /
588 Eun, Jong Oh. THESIS
Strange bedfellows organizational obstacles in prison--non-profit partnerships in the provision of Inmate Treatment Programs /
589 Craig, Susan Clark. THESIS
Zero tolerance development of an instrument to measure how zero tolerance is defined and implimented in schools /
590 1977- Ackerman, Christine Marie THESIS
Simplified ceiling radiant cooling panel and enthalpy wheel models for dedicated outdoor air system design
591 1972- Jeong, Jae-Weon THESIS
Large-eddy simulation studies of sea spray in the hurricane atmospheric boundary layer
592 1971- Kelly, Mark THESIS
Fatherhood and father involvement across the life course differing effects on the quality of men's lives /
593 Hawkins, Daniel N. THESIS
Synthesis and application of functional polymeric nanofibers
594 1977- Nair, Sujith THESIS
Anisotropic h-adaptive (ah-adaptive) finite element scheme for three-dimensional multi-scale analyses
595 Tsau, Shih-Horng. THESIS
Active control of structural vibration and acoustic radiation via left and right eigenvector assignment
596 Wu, Tian-Yau. THESIS
Causal inference by semiparametric imputation
597 Kang, Doh Yung. THESIS
An examination of long-lived asset impairments
598 Riedl, Edward J. THESIS
Modalities for the optimization of ultrasound transmission through the human skull
599 White, Phillip Jason. THESIS
Studies on the proteins involved in the Vid vesicle to vacuole trafficking event
600 Liu, Jingjing. THESIS

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