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Synthesis and colloidal properties of anisotropic hydrothermal barium titanate
501 1976- Yosenick, Timothy James THESIS
A study of experts' understanding of arithmetic mean
502 MacCullough, Deborah L. THESIS
An evolution of compact thermoacoustic refrigerator design
503 Poese, Matthew E. THESIS
Creating a syntactic document ontology
504 Han, Hui. THESIS
The development and evaluation of a self-study process for critical friends groups
505 Ballock, Ellen E. THESIS
Exploring the academic self-concept of high-achieving African American college students at a predominantly white institution
506 Scales, Tara C. THESIS
Is watching others self-disclose enjoyable? an examination of the effects of depth and mode of information delivery in entertainment media /
507 Tsay, Mina. THESIS
After progress defining American political and cultural maturity in the 1940s and 1950s /
508 Faber, Robert S. THESIS
The discovery of mathematical probability theory a case study in the logic of mathematical inquiry /
509 1972- Campos, Daniel Gerardo THESIS
Multi-agent and market based dynamic optimization and its extensions to distributed supply chain procurement planning problems
510 Tang, Kaizhi. THESIS
Interactions of the invasive thistle Carduus nutans and its biocontrol agent Rhinocyllus conicus in heterogeneous environments
511 Zezen, Zeynep. THESIS
Hybrid supervisory control of complex dynamical systems
512 1980- Yasar, Murat THESIS
Five-dimensional Yang-Mills-Einstein supergravity on orbifold spacetimes: from phenomenology to M-theory
513 McReynolds, Sean. THESIS
Cosolvent effects in polymer-solvent systems
514 Jones, Adam Terrell. THESIS
High order joint source channel decoding and conditional entropy encoding novel bridging techniques between performance and complexity /
515 1974- Wang Yu-Wei, null THESIS
Charge transport in nitro substituted oligo(phenylene-ethynylene) molecules
516 Cabassi, Marco Alberto. THESIS
Evaluating the determinants of a successful organ donor process in a multi-hospital system
517 Josiah, M. Robina. THESIS
Development of particle image velocimetry (PIV) for wall shear stress estimation within a 50cc Penn State artificial heart ventricular chamber
518 1972- Hochareon, Pramote THESIS
Some results in hyperbolic dynamics
519 Fisher, Travis W. THESIS
Humor and retention of lecture material by student-athletes in a mentor information session
520 Williams, F. Christopher. THESIS
Aligning fragmented sequences
521 1971- Veeramachaneni, Vamshi THESIS
Obstacles and opportunities for water conservation in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
522 Clark, William A. THESIS
ADHD rating scales' susceptibility to faking in a college student sample
523 Fisher, April Bryington. THESIS
Optimal inter-temporal management of a renewable resource a policy analysis /
524 Ward, Kelly John. THESIS
Media and claimsmaker framing of controversial environmental issues a frame mapping analysis of mountaintop removal mining /
525 Seamon, Marc. THESIS
Structural regulation, concentration, and democratization a political economic analysis of the National Television Station Ownership rule /
526 Proffitt, Jennifer M. THESIS
Heritability estimates for functional capacity measures in an elderly Swedish twin sample
527 Mack, Holly A. THESIS
Social policy, family structure, and children's educational achievement a comparative study /
528 Hampden-Thompson, Gillian. THESIS
Unsteady flow simulations around complex geometries using stationary or rotating unstructured grids
529 1976- Sezer-Uzol, Nilay THESIS
Coping with uncertainty in water quality management through choices of policy instruments and information investments
530 Borisova, Tatiana A. THESIS
Observational consequences of gravitational wave emission from spinning compact sources
531 1979- Whitbeck, David M. THESIS
Nonparametric imputation and (mid- ) rank tests for mixed effects models with missing data
532 1978- Antoniou, Efi S. THESIS
Designing energy-efficient and reliable caches and interconnects
533 Li, Lin. THESIS
Broadband dielectric study of the relaxation dyamics of amorphous and semi-crystalline polymer blends
534 Jin, Xing. THESIS
Intelligent coaching agents for enhancing helping behavior in human teamwork
535 Chen, Cong. THESIS
Methanol, water and heat transport in direct methanol fuel cells for portable power
536 1974- Liu, Wenpeng. THESIS
Multi-agent systems for data-rich, information-poor environments
537 Avasarala, Viswanath. THESIS
Behavioral pattern identification for structural health monitoring in complex systems
538 1978- Gupta, Shalabh THESIS
They are women, hear them roar female sportswriters of the Roaring Twenties /
539 Kaszuba, David. THESIS
A platform-based methodology for the redesign of low volume highly customized products
540 Farrell, Ronald Scott. THESIS
An investigation of the importance of screening effects in polymer solutions and blends
541 1965- Berg, Lennart P. THESIS
Computer technology integration in Cyprus Elementary Schools
542 Eteokleous, Nikleia P. THESIS
Real-time anomaly detection in complex dynamical systems
543 1970- Chin, Shin Choong THESIS
Fabrication of 2D and 3D photonic crystals and template
544 Divliansky, Ivan Borissov. THESIS
Quantitative control of probabilistic discrete event systems a measure-theoretic approach /
545 1978- Chattopadhyay, Ishanu THESIS
Characterizing blast and impact resistance of long carbon fiber reinforced concrete
546 Musselman, Eric S. THESIS
Content addressable data management
547 Nath, Partho. THESIS
How the No Child Left Behind Act impacted bilingual education in a rural school with Navajo children
548 Haskan, Melanie Lee. THESIS
Interaction and the structures of coal
549 1975- Opaprakasit, Pakorn THESIS
Clinical judgments for clients of varying religious orientations an experimental study with clinicians-in-training /
550 Henry, Michele L. THESIS

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