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Quantitative measure of regular languages for supervisory control of engineering applications
451 Wang, Xi. THESIS
Parametric error modeling and software error compensation for rapid prototyping
452 Tong, Kun. THESIS
Evolution of natural killer cell receptor genes
453 1975- Hao, Li THESIS
Optimal adaptive signal control for diamond interchanges using dynamic programming
454 Fang, Fang. THESIS
Development of seismic infill wall isolator subframe (SIWIS) system
455 Aliaari, Mohammad. THESIS
Intelligent group interfaces envisioned designs for exploring team cognition in emergency crisis management /
456 Connors, Erik Shaw. THESIS
An analysis of the relationship between zero tolerance attitude and pupil control ideology
457 Heineman, Dale Lewis. THESIS
Testing expression effects of language and inhibition within a series of false belief tasks
458 Craven, Patrick L. THESIS
Market-based model predictive control for survivable distributed information systems resource allocation and algorithm selection /
459 1969- Lee, Seokcheon THESIS
Forecasting a competency model for innovation leaders using a Modified Delphi Technique
460 Gliddon, David Gregory. THESIS
The effects of SFAS 133 on the corporate use of derivatives, volatility, and earnings management
461 Singh, Amrik. THESIS
The probabilistic asynchronous pi-calculus
462 1975- Herescu, Oltea Mihaela THESIS
Solute attributes and molecular interactions contributing to retention on a fluorinated high-performance liquid chromatography stationary phase
463 1964- Bell, David S. THESIS
Development of a practical fuel management system for PSBR based on advanced three-dimensional Monte Carlo coupled depletion methodology
464 1978- Tippayakul, Chanatip THESIS
Modeling timber and non-timber trade-offs in spatially-explicit forest planning
465 1971- To?th, Sa?ndor F THESIS
Image restoration and reconstruction beyond least squares /
466 1972- Fu, Haoying THESIS
The development and initial assessment of an instrument for human capital planning
467 Zula, Kenneth J. THESIS
Characterization of P742 and the intermediate phase of the HPV31 life cycle
468 Bodily, Jason M. THESIS
Acoustic minor losses in high amplitude resonators with single-sided junctions
469 Doller, Andrew J. THESIS
Health information on the internet influence of online sources on credibility and behavioral intentions /
470 Hu, Yifeng. THESIS
Electrostatic modeling of dielectric elastomer membrane actuators
471 Goulbourne, Nakhiah C.S. THESIS
Middle miocene climate evolution in the specific realm
472 1972- Ennyu, Atsuhito THESIS
Access to language learning during study abroad the roles of identity and subject positioning /
473 Whitworth, Kathleen Farrell. THESIS
Transportation, urban development, and greenhouse gases [microform] : patterns of consumption and justice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania /
474 Neff, Robert Jon THESIS
Three essays on R & D choice with compatibility externality
475 Lee, Jaehee. THESIS
The impact of the recent financial market downturn on private liberal arts colleges /
476 Feerrar, Phillip W. THESIS
Physical habitat recovery in a former dam impoundment
477 1951- Slawson, Deborah THESIS
The relationship between the implementation of the iso 9000 quality management system and educational outcomes of schools
478 Bae, Sang Hoon. THESIS
The political economy of the digital divide in Taiwan
479 1971- Hung, Chen-Ling THESIS
Prediction of nonlinear jet noise propagation
480 Gee, Kent L. THESIS
Statistical process adjustment problems in short-run manufacturing
481 1976- Vanli, Omer Arda THESIS
Development of a rollover-warning device for road vehicles
482 1971- Goldman, Robert W. THESIS
Orienting visual attention in space is capture of attention purely stimulus-driven or contingent upon goal-driven settings? /
483 Chen, Peggy. THESIS
Essays in financial transmission rights pricing
484 1964- Posner, Barry THESIS
Acoustic intensity methods and their applications to vector sensor use and design
485 Naluai, Nathan Kahikina. THESIS
Coupled field damage structural dynamics
486 Li, Qiang. THESIS
Return distributions of private real estate investments.
487 Brown, Roger Jelks. THESIS
Late Ordovician Ocean-Climate System and paleobiogeography
488 Herrmann, Achim D. THESIS
Phase-field simulations of coherent precipitate morphologies and coarsening kinetics
489 1973- Vaithyanathan, Venugopalan THESIS
Nature, geopolitics, intertextuality a discourse analysis of environmental security /
490 Schlosser, Kolson. THESIS
Essays on time-inconsistency and bargaining
491 Akin, Zafer THESIS
Stereoselective synthesis of (Z)-2-acyl-2-enals via retrocycloadditions of 5-acyl-4-alkyl-4H-1,3-dioxins applications in natural product synthesis /
492 1974- Aungst, Ronald A. THESIS
The effectiveness of using cooperative learning to promote reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency achievement scores of male fourth- and fifth-grade students in a Saudi Arabian School
493 Alhaidari, Mohammed S. THESIS
Active energy harvesting
494 Liu, Yiming. THESIS
The disability in the physically active scale the psychometrics of an outcome scale for musculoskeletal injuries /
495 Vela, Luzita Isabel. THESIS
Hunting and subsistence among the Mayangna and Miskito of Nicaragua's Bosawas Biosphere Reserve
496 Koster, Jeremy M. THESIS
Gro?ebner bases in multidimensional systems and signal processing.
497 1972- Charoenlarpnopparut, Chalie THESIS
Essays in economic theory
498 Kvasov, Dmitriy V. THESIS
Methods for incorporating cost information into platform-based product development
499 Park, Jaeil. THESIS
Argonne National Laboratory and the emergence of computer and computational science, 1946-1992
500 Yood, Charles Nelson. THESIS

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