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Formation and modification of enduracididine, a nonproteinogenic amino acid /
1 Tan, Ying. THESIS
Substrate noise coupling analysis in 0.18um silicon germanium (SiGe) and silicon on insulator (SOI) processes
2 Pham, Hui En 2004-08-24 THESIS
Physical layer design of a robust low-power low-complexity optical wireless sensor system with angular diversity for metal-enclosed environments
3 Trullinger, Von 2004-07-22 THESIS
Advanced studies on cyclic amino acids in neurological signaling and peptide antibiotics
4 Blanchard, David 2008-03-18 THESIS
Understanding and improving error-correcting output coding
5 Kong, Eun Bae 1995-02-20 THESIS
Critical pedagogy abroad : a case study of the Center for Global Education in Mexico
6 Burns, Heather L. 2000-06-21 THESIS
Disease resistance and spring phenological characteristics of Ribes L. germplasm
7 Dalton, Daniel T. 2009-04-07 THESIS
Some effects of life stage, temperature, pH and alkalinity on the acute toxicity of inorganic chloramines to young Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)
8 Lamperti, Larry Phillip 1975-07-28 THESIS
The impact of nutria (Myocastor coypus) on marsh vegetation in the Willamette Valley, Oregon
9 Wentz, William Alan 1971-05-06 THESIS
Shell and archaeology : an analysis of shellfish procurement and utilization on the central Oregon coast
10 Barner, Debra Carol 1981-12-11 THESIS
Forestry extension & low power radio : an evaluation of the Santiam broadcast site
11 Lamb, Melany Isabel 1994-08-02 THESIS
Turbulent flow of liquid-liquid dispersions : drop size, friction losses, and velocity distributions
12 Ward, John Philip 1964-04-23 THESIS
Exploring the move to include non-need in community college institutional financial aid policies
13 Suchanek, Julie M. 2009-04-14 THESIS
Responses and relationships among Fusarium species, sweet corn, and western spotted cucumber beetles /
14 Miller, Nathan L. THESIS
Motivation and engagement in school among immigrant Latino middle school students
15 Knudson-Martin, John 2009-03-18 THESIS
Early Oligocene intrusions in the central Coast Range of Oregon : petrography, geochemistry, geochronology and implications for the Tertiary magmatic evolution of the Cascadia forearc /
16 Oxford, Jeremiah. THESIS
Design and analysis of planar and multilevel inductors
17 Phillips, Michael D. 2005-05-26 THESIS
Survival and persistence of Bacteroidales human and ruminant specific fecal markers and occurrence with fecal pathogens /
18 Walters, Sarah P. THESIS
Investigating new design alternatives for a radix-2 modular multiplier kernal and I/O subsystem
19 Chaitheerayanon, Akekalak 2003-12-16 THESIS
The relationship of protein composition to end-product functionality of hard white wheat
20 Gehlhar, Sarah Bronwen 2006-06-19 THESIS
An intrinsic codimension two cellular decomposition of the Hilbert cube /
21 Ghimire, Kailash C. THESIS
Renewal risk processes with stochastic returns on investments : a unified approach and analysis of the ruin probabilities /
22 Constantinescu, Corina D. THESIS
The role of a Filipino American student association at a predominantly white institution : a critical ethnography
23 Oliveros, Claire 2009-04-16 THESIS
Development and enhancement of AE32000 : an embedded microprocessor core
24 Yerubandi, Siva Sai 2004-04-07 THESIS
Adaptive digital transceiver for rayleigh fading channels
25 Hughes, Jeffery R. 2003-12-09 THESIS
Simulation of a membrane reactor for ammonia decomposition
26 Kraisuwansarn, Nichakorn 1991-06-06 THESIS
Development, validation and the application of a congener specific photodegradation model for PBDEs /
27 Zeng, Xia. THESIS
Modeling and control of a biologically inspired compliant structure
28 Ray, Cody W. 2009-04-06 THESIS
Novel power conditioning circuits for piezoelectric micro power generators
29 Han, Jifeng 2003-10-31 THESIS
Mechanical characterization of a simple gel in a prototype device that models a degenerative intervertebral disc /
30 Cenar, Yannick. THESIS
Field and laboratory strength analysis of a forest road in NW Oregon and its association with the formation of ruts /
31 Bord, Andrea J. THESIS
Coupled circuit and device simulations for design of RF MEMS VCOs
32 Behera, Manas 2004-05-18 THESIS
OP-AMP free SC biquad LPF and delta-sigma ADC
33 Yoo, Kiseok 2003-12-03 THESIS
Effect of soil compaction and organic residues on spring-summer soil moisture and temperature regimes in the Sierra National Forest, California
34 Troncoso, Guillermo E. 1997-01-13 THESIS
Process segmentation and modelling applied to time series featuring the response of biological materials to toxic agents
35 Teng, Angela 2004-07-16 THESIS
Algorithms for string matching with applications in molecular biology
36 Holloway, James Lee 2009-05-07 THESIS
The role of the paraeducator in the general physical education environment
37 Bryan, Rebecca R. 2009-04-17 THESIS
Geoarchaeology at Tseriadun (35CU7), Curry County, Oregon
38 Anderson, Frederick C. 2006-12-08 THESIS
Salt and polyelectrolyte affect on food colloid function : polygalacturonic acid and egg albumen case studies /
39 Chen, Chi-Shen. THESIS
High-speed CMOS dual-modulus presalers for frequency synthesis
40 Desikachari, Ranganathan 2003-10-01 THESIS
Atmospheric boundary layer coupling to midlatitude mesoscale sea surface temperature anomalies /
41 Thum, Nicolai. THESIS
Intramolecular bifunctional catalysis of the racemization of phenyl benzenethiosulfinate
42 Moguin, Alan Lathrop 1969-01-13 THESIS
Examining bias in estimating the response variable and assessing the effect of using alternative plot designs to measure predictor variables in diameter growth modeling
43 Zumrawi, Abdel Azim 1990-03-01 THESIS
Scaled modeling and simulation of ocean wave linear generator buoy systems /
44 Gore, Ganesh P. THESIS
Language differences between women and men and the attribution of leadership /
45 Dunsworth, Sabrina J. THESIS
Dynamic issues in applied microeconomics : market performance, market structure and advertising competition /
46 Iwasaki, Natsuko. THESIS
The beginnings of a Russian natural history : the life and work of Stepan Petrovich Krasheninnikov (1711 - 1755) /
47 Koroloff, Rachel. THESIS
Economic modeling of tropical deforestation in Antioquia (Colombia), 1980-2000 : an analysis at a semi-fine scale with spatially explicit data
48 Orrego, Sergio A. 2009-05-12 THESIS
Symmetric encryption with multiple keys : techniques and applications
49 Barlow, Lelia C. 2005-05-19 THESIS
Performance of a binary pulse position modulated ultra-wideband system with direct sequence spreading for multiple access
50 Venkatesan, Vinod 2004-01-12 THESIS

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