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Learning classification rules by randomized iterative local search
151 Chisholm, Michael (Michael 1999-11-22 THESIS
Mechanical linkage design for haptic rehabilitation and development of fine motor skills
152 Streng, Bradley Taylor 2008-12-11 THESIS
Risk-based design for multidisciplinary complex systems
153 Farhangmehr, Farzaneh 2009-04-27 THESIS
Women and workplace competition : a study of horizontal hostility /
154 Stone, Erin A. THESIS
Management implications of displacement and product shift : longitudinal research on the Rogue River
155 Shindler, Bruce A. 1993-09-07 THESIS
Defining intensity of skeletal loading in children [electronic resource] /
156 Bauer, Jeremy. THESIS
Image feature detection and matching for biological object recognition /
157 Deng, Hongli. THESIS
The function of zinc in the maintenance of DNA integrity in vivo
158 Song, Yang 2009-05-07 THESIS
"A dissonant element" : the difficulty of Anai?s Nin /
159 Burghauser, Sarah B. THESIS
Enhanced inverse synthetic aperture radar imagery using 2-D spectral estimation
160 Ohm, David R. 2004-10-26 THESIS
An assessment of the reproductive cycle in black rockfish, Sebastes melanops (Girard, 1856) on the central Oregon Coast : a blood plasma protein and sex steroid used as potential indicators of sex and stage of gonadal maturity /
161 Martin-Mills, Brooke E. THESIS
Riparian litter inputs to streams in the central Oregon Coast Range /
162 Hart, Stephanie K. THESIS
Seasonal life history of Oncorhynchus mykiss in the South Fork John Day River Basin, Oregon /
163 Tattam, Ian A. THESIS
Investigation of the behavior of diagonally cracked full-scale CRC deck-girders injected with epoxy resin and subjected to axial tension /
164 Smith, Matthew T. THESIS
Patterns of natural selection and demography in coastal Oregon coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) populations : evidence from neutral and olfactory receptor gene-linked markers
165 Johnson, Marc Aaron 2009-05-01 THESIS
Lake classification in the glacially influenced landscape of the north Cascade mountains, Washington, USA
166 Lomnicky, Gregg A. 1995-12-04 THESIS
Towards an analytical model for carbon storage in forested landscapes /
167 Ngo, Nam V. THESIS
"No one cared we was just Indian women" : plants as a catalyst to Eastern Shawnee women's identity change
168 Osborne-Gowey, Cathleen 2006-05-11 THESIS
Essays on the economics of wildlife management /
169 Rashford, Benjamin S. THESIS
Landscape patterns of pre-logging forest conditions in western Oregon
170 Rasmussen, Mary C. 1996-07-30 THESIS
Branch diameter and wood density of young western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg.) grown at several spacings
171 DeBell, Jeffrey D. 1992-05-29 THESIS
Rock alteration and vein mineralization at the Buffalo Mine, Grant County, Oregon
172 Pilcher, Stephen Hathaway 1958-06-13 THESIS
Solvability of equations by radicals
173 Brown, Robert Wallace 1952-04-25 THESIS
Historical perspective of Oregon State College
174 Van Loan, Lillian Schroeder 1959-02-17 THESIS
The taxonomy and certain biological aspects of the crayfish of Oregon and Washington
175 Miller, George Carl 1960-05-12 THESIS
Isotopic exchange reactions in liquid hydrogen sulfide
176 Smith, Robert Clifford 1951-12-01 THESIS
Portland cement mortars and their constitutent materials
177 Clark, Roy Ross; Luse, F. D. 1909-01-01 THESIS
The design of a variable strain rate, autographic recording, tensile testing machine
178 Hull, Gordon Laurance 1962-01-20 THESIS
A sanitary survey of the Willamette River from Sellwood bridge to the Columbia
179 Gleeson, George Walter 1936-06-01 THESIS

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