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Using reanalysis data to characterize Arctic and Sub-Arctic glaciers
101 Ourada, Quin 2009-03-20 THESIS
Optimal soaring by a small autonomous glider /
102 Kyle, Jason A. THESIS
Silencer! : a tool for substrate noise coupling analysis
103 Birrer, Patrick 2003-01-09 THESIS
Poly(vinyl alcohol) / cellulose nanocomposite barrier films /
104 Paralikar, Shweta. THESIS
Pulsed ultra-wideband : transmission, detection, and performance /
105 Zhao, Shiwei. THESIS
A conceptual framework for regional recreation planning : with an example from the Pacific Northwest
106 Hospodarsky, Denver 1993-06-04 THESIS
Agriculture and wildlife : an economic analysis of waterfowl habitat management on farms in western Oregon
107 Rasker, Ray 1989-09-21 THESIS
Pushing into advanced mathematics classes : a grounded theory study of ability grouping in middle level mathematics classes /
108 Johnston, Tina Louise. THESIS
Drivers of variability in transpiration and implications for stream flow in forests of western Oregon
109 Moore, Georgianne W. 2003-09-10 THESIS
Multiple antenna techniques for pulse-based ultra-wideband system
110 Vemulapalli, Sudheer 2004-03-18 THESIS
Resistance of three freshwater fishes to fluctuating thermal environments
111 DeHart, Douglas Alan 1974-05-24 THESIS
Performance of MC-CDMA with pilot code and blind equalization algorithm
112 Lesmana, Joseph Sam 2005-03-02 THESIS
Modeling shallow-water hydrodynamics : rotations, rips, and rivers
113 Long, Joseph W. 2009-04-20 THESIS
Aspen age structure and stand conditions on elk winter range in the northern Yellowstone ecosystem
114 Larsen, Eric J. 2001-06-27 THESIS
Modeling and simulation methods for RF MEMS VCOs
115 Sankaranarayanan, Janakiram Ganesh 2005-06-17 THESIS
The dynamic speculation and performance prediction of parallel loops
116 Zier, David A. 2009-05-01 THESIS
Painterly rendering using space-time varying style parameters
117 Kagaya, Mizuki 2009-05-01 THESIS
Get movin’ in the morning : effects on physical activity levels, parental support, and on-task behavior in elementary school children
118 Senso, Meghan M. 2009-04-17 THESIS
Essays on strategic behavior in oligopoly markets : advertising, output, and price competition
119 Isariyawongse, Kosin 2009-04-30 THESIS
Power function determination for sourness and time-intensity measurements of sourness and astrigency for selected acids
120 Straub, Angela Marie 1989-10-06 THESIS
World War II wedding dress as presented in United States high fashion magazines, 1939-1945 /
121 Clayton, Tamara. THESIS
Fluorimetric analysis of intracellular calcium in high and low mobility fowl sperm /
122 Olson, Jill Wardell. THESIS
Design of a 14-bit continuous-time Delta-Sigma A/D modulator with 2 5MHz signal bandwidth /
123 Li, Zhimin. THESIS
Analysis of Betta splendens erythrophore responses to Bacillus cereus cultured in different media /
124 Austin, Melissa J. THESIS
Courtship-induced changes in female sexual receptivity : a neuroendocrine study in an amphibian
125 Propper, Catherine R. 1988-12-14 THESIS
Effects of environmental stress on intertidal mussel reproduction /
126 Petes, Laura E. THESIS
Evaluation of the intergovernmental relationships between national and state wetland regulatory agencies within wetland regulatory units
127 Taylor, Ryan W 2006-06-12 THESIS
Sediment transfer and storage in headwater basins of the Oregon Coast Range : transit times from ¹?C dated deposits /
128 Underwood, Emily F. THESIS
Development and application of a resource selection model for pygmy rabbits /
129 Meisel, Jennifer K. THESIS
Low-power video decoding with dynamic voltage scaling
130 Dixit, Reshma 2004-04-08 THESIS
Assessing public opinions of wildlife management : influences of perceptions and public involvement methods
131 Johnson, Karin Kajsa 1994-06-27 THESIS
Automating aquatic insect identification through pattern recognition /
132 Thomas, Joshua K. THESIS
Managing adult hatchery summer steelhead for a recreational fishery with reduced hatchery and wild interactions
133 Schemmel, Eva M. 2009-03-30 THESIS
Biogeographic and experimental evidence for local scale dispersal limitation in central Panamanian forest birds /
134 Moore, Randall Phillips THESIS
Shear repair methods for conventionally reinforced concrete girders and deep beams
135 Howell, Daniel A. 2009-04-17 THESIS
A biological classification and characterization of structure in managed, mixed-species, multi-aged stands
136 Singleton, Ryan B. 1999-08-06 THESIS
Traditional ecological knowledge of Siletz tribal members
137 Hatfield, Samantha Chisholm 2009-03-04 THESIS
Adaptive semi-soft handoff for cellular IP networks
138 Nurvitadhi, Eriko 2004-06-11 THESIS
Photogrammetric uses of a new-generation analytical stereoplotter in forestry
139 Kiser, Jim (James 1991-08-26 THESIS
Adaptive diversity and divergence at frog antimicrobial peptide loci
140 Tennessen, Jacob A. 2009-02-27 THESIS
Network coding in relay networks /
141 Alban, Eduardo. THESIS
Non-destructive evaluation of veneer using optical scanning and ultrasonic stress wave analysis systems
142 DeVallance, David B. 2009-04-24 THESIS
Design of high-performance pipeline analog-to-digital converters in low-voltage processes
143 Myers, Charles Grant 2005-02-04 THESIS
Historical change in channel form and riparian vegetation of the McKenzie River, Oregon
144 Minear, Paula J. 1994-04-29 THESIS
The root insect-- black-stain root disease association in Douglas-fir : vector relationships and implications for forest management
145 Witcosky, Jeffrey John 1985-04-30 THESIS
Extending the TekBots [superscript TM] Platform for Learning [superscript TM] to upper division ECE courses
146 Smit, Adriaan 2004-09-24 THESIS
Pattern systems and methodologies for multiparadigm analysis and design
147 Knutson, Charles D. 1998-01-09 THESIS
Influence of habitat characteristics on greater sage-grouse reproductive success in the Montana Mountains, Nevada /
148 Rebholz, James L. THESIS
The heritability of agronomic characteristics in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.)
149 Subhanij, Thiravira 1974-02-27 THESIS
Effect of some major and trace element interactions upon in vitro rumen cellulose digestion
150 Martinez, Andres 1971-11-22 THESIS

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