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Students with disabilities in community colleges : the relationship of select demographic and academic variables to transfer
51 Ponticelli, Jan E. 2009-04-02 THESIS
Origin and age of Fe-Mn-P concretions and nodules in an Oregon wetland
52 Stewart, Scott R. 1997-03-31 THESIS
An exploratory study of the developmental experience of novice play therapists
53 Aguilera, Mary E. 2009-04-24 THESIS
Regression calibration and maximum likelihood inference for measurement error models /
54 Monleon-Moscardo, Vicente J. THESIS
Initial state estimation for a gun launched projectile in a spatially varying magnetic field /
55 Chawla, Feni. THESIS
Convergence rates across the Ventura Basin, California
56 Huftile, Gary J. 1992-05-21 THESIS
Design of on-line arithmetic networks for signal processing applications : a color filter implementation
57 Sinky, Mohammed H. 2004-06-10 THESIS
Path-based dynamic impact analysis
58 Law, James (James 2005-07-13 THESIS
Microwave extraction of peppermint oil and comparison to the current practice of steam extraction /
59 Velasco, Carmen A. THESIS
Hop bittering compounds and their impact on peak bitterness on lager beer /
60 Fritsch, Annette N. THESIS
Potential for dispersal of the non-native parasite Myxobolus cerebralis : qualitative risk assessments for the state of Alaska and the Willamette River Basin, Oregon /
61 Arsan, E. Leyla. THESIS
A base control Doherty power amplifier design for improved efficiency in GSM handsets
62 Ferwalt, Darren W. 2003-12-10 THESIS
Three methods for estimating subpixel cover fractions in coarse resolution imagery
63 Damon, Diane L. 2003-05-28 THESIS
LacEDAemon : a programming environment for the multiparadigm language leda
64 Pandey, Rajeev K. 1998-08-28 THESIS
Study of seed germination-associated genes using Arabidopsis enhancer-trap /
65 Liu, Po-Pu. THESIS
Twenty-five-year response of Larix occidentalis stem form to five stand density regimes in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon
66 Lennette, Andrew P. 1999-07-09 THESIS
Surface and subsurface geology of the Camarillo and Las Posas Hills area, Ventura County, California
67 Jakes, Mary Clare 1979-08-02 THESIS
A test fixture and deembedding procedure for high-frequency substrate characterization /
68 Webb, Kyle M. THESIS
A contextual model for the integration of LifeKnowledge curriculum into the agricultural science and technology classroom /
69 Crawford, Paul Wesley. THESIS
Conception to contraception : an ethnographic study among the Meo in north India
70 Akhtar, Md. Faiyaz 2005-06-16 THESIS
Using rootstocks to manipulate vine physiological performance and mediate changes in fruit and wine composition /
71 Sampaio, Tiago Lui?s THESIS
Using Rootstocks to Manipulate Vine Physiological Performance and Mediate Changes in Fruit and Wine Composition
72 Sampaio, Tiago Luis Barros, PhD 0007-06-12 THESIS
Hardware realization of OCB mode for efficient authenticated encryption
73 Al Faresi, Ahmed 2005-06-13 THESIS
Channel estimation and data detection for mobile MIMO OFDM systems /
74 Gao, Jie. THESIS
Transboundary groundwater : geopolitical consequences, commons sense, and the law of the hidden sea /
75 Jarvis, William Todd. THESIS
Protein secondary structure prediction using conditional random fields and profiles /
76 Shen, Rongkun. THESIS
Distribution of Ceratomyxa shasta (Myxozoa) and habitat preference of the polychaete host, Manayunkia speciosa in the Klamath River /
77 Stocking, Richard W. THESIS
A decision framework for the implementation of appropriate logging practices in developing countries : case study -- Ethiopia /
78 Spong, Ben. THESIS
Electromagnetic analysis of energy system devices
79 Li, Yan 2003-11-20 THESIS
Integrating traceability with onboard handling to enhance product quality and marketability of Eastern Pacific troll-caught albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) /
80 Thompson, Michael J. THESIS
Combining the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to assess current and future recreation conditions in Oregon's coast range
81 Rogan, Lael M. 2000-01-26 THESIS
Student/school counselor ratios and school attendance rates : review of literature and a correlational study
82 Zimchek, Victor Charles 2009-03-04 THESIS
Engineering design knowledge management and capture using a process overview document /
83 Zarins, Andis M. THESIS
Design techniques for low-voltage and low-power analog-to-digital converters /
84 Ahn, Gil Cho. THESIS
Characterization of the near-field flow structure of an acoustically self-excited jet in a large enclosure using particle image velocimetry (PIV) /
85 Tobias, Jason A. THESIS
An evaluation of the use of tarif tables in second growth Douglas-fir
86 Marshall, David D. 1981-05-04 THESIS
The influence of community service volunteer work on perceptions of job satisfaction and organizational commitment among Oregon employees of Pacific Northwest Bell
87 Stebbins, Sarah J. 1988-07-28 THESIS
Modeling local timber harvests using a set of error-related economic relations
88 Stone, Trevor M. 1995-11-15 THESIS
The economics of carbon sequestration in western Oregon forests /
89 Im, Eun Ho. THESIS
OCC-CDMA system design for wireless communications
90 Rajatasereekul, Thunyawat 2004-07-12 THESIS
Analysis of rip current embayments on the Oregon coast /
91 Dalon, Matthew M. THESIS
The visualization of perspective systems and iconology in Du?rer's cartographic works : an in-depth analysis using multiple methodological approaches /
92 Wo?rz, Ade?le Lorraine. THESIS
Opposing worldviews : Cuicatec values of cultural and natural resources in a western paradigm /
93 Hearn, Kyle P. THESIS
Defining habitat preferences of pelagic loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) in the North Atlantic through analysis of behavior and bycatch /
94 McCarthy, Abigail L. THESIS
A comparison of prediction models for cover type transitions and their effects on harvest schedules in coastal Oregon
95 Eng, Helge 1992-03-03 THESIS
Beaver ecology on the west Copper River Delta, Alaska /
96 Cooper, Erin E. THESIS
Evolution of a pheromone signaling system in the salamander genus Plethodon (Amphibia: Plethodontidae) /
97 Picard, Amy L. THESIS
Predicting the longshore-variable coastal response to hurricanes /
98 Stockdon, Hilary F. THESIS
Genetic dissection of Victoria blight disease susceptibility in Arabidopsis thaliana /
99 Sweat, Teresa A. THESIS
Frequency domain steady-state simulation of oscillators
100 Duan, Xiaochun 2005-06-08 THESIS

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