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Eastern black nightshade (Solanum ptycanthum Dun.) management in plasticulture tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum)
401 Buckelew, Juliana Kirsten. THESIS
Effects of Preharvest Conditions and Postharvest Handling on Postharvest Characteristics of Cut Lilies, Roses, Sunflowers, and Zinnias
402 Possiel, Erin York 2008-04-28 THESIS
The effects of cottonseed hulls added to the diet with and without live yeast or mannanoligosaccharide in young calves [electronic resource] /
403 Hill, Stephanie Rene THESIS
Real-time fusion power monitor via neutron activation of circulating fluid
404 1984- Clark, Brandon Richard THESIS
MURPHY, JAMES SMITH. Electronics Based Innovation In A Niche Market: Distances Measured By The Speed Of Light
405 Murphy, James S. 2004-12-13 THESIS
Nitrate transport in shallow flow systems at the Neuse River Waste Water Treatment Plant
406 Fountain, Matthew 2006-04-23 THESIS
On locally invertible encoders and multidimensional convolutional codes
407 1976- Lobo, Ruben Gerald THESIS
Perceptions of training and non-training managers of organizational impact measures based on design intent
408 Miller, Laura Paramoure. THESIS
The use of biodegradable poly([beta]-amino ester) and poly([beta]-amino amide) microspheres as an experimental therapeutic delivery vector for selective cancer cell targeting
409 Shipton, Matthew K. THESIS
Molecular and Morphological Inference of the Phylogeny, Origin, and Evolution of Aesculus L. (Sapindales)
410 Harris, AJ 2007-08-21 THESIS
Action spectra for UV-light induced RNA-RNA crosslinking in 16S ribosomal RNA in the ribosome
411 1969- Zhirnov, Oksana Vladimirovna THESIS
Improving the Competitiveness of US Textile Manufacturers with E-business Initiatives Related to Supply Chain
412 Lauer, Christopher 2006-05-10 THESIS
The role of terrain and convection on microfront formation leading to severe low-level turbulence
413 Cetola, J. D. THESIS
The Effect of Shallow Subsurface Drains on Nitrate-N and Orthophosphorus Losses from Drained Agricultural Lands
414 Poole, Chad 2006-05-10 THESIS
Modeling the diameter distribution in juvenile loblolly pine (pinus taeda l.) from diverse genetic provenances under deficient and optimum nutrition regimes.
415 1978- Smith, Benjamin Christian THESIS
Class-E power amplifier design and back-telemetry communication for retinal prosthesis
416 1977- Pundi, Bharatram Satyanarayanan THESIS
Correlation of grain-to-grain electrical properties with impurities and defects in solar grade polycrystalline silicon
417 1974- Sen, Indradeep THESIS
Correlation of Grain-to-grain Electrical Properties with Impurities and Defects in Solar Grade Polycrystalline Silicon
418 SEN, INDRADEEP 2002-08-07 THESIS
Molecular models for templated mesoporous materials mimetic simulation and gas adsorption /
419 1977- Bhattacharya, Supriyo THESIS
Bioturbation as a novel method to characterize the toxicity of aquatic sediment
420 1973- Cho, Eun-ah THESIS
Sum of Squares Based Nonlinear Control Design Techniques
421 Zheng, Qian 2009-02-06 THESIS
Software Development using the Knowledge Insight Approach.
422 Menjoge, Zehlam 2004-07-06 THESIS
College bound high school seniors' perceptions of the community college
423 (Vernon Linwood), 1965- Lawter THESIS
College Bound High School Seniors' Perceptions of the Community College
424 Lawter, Vernon Linwood 2005-11-10 THESIS
Physiological and molecular analysis of nitric oxide synthase during bacterial infection of pea (Pisum sativum L.)
425 1970- Wong, Mui-Yun THESIS
Neural networks for pattern classification and universal approximation
426 Liao, Yi. THESIS
Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) Distribution and Supply on the Waynesville Watershed in Western North Carolina
427 Braly, Jill Marie 2007-10-01 THESIS
Speeding changeover in pharmaceutical packaging
428 1980- Shah, Aditya N. THESIS
On the wreath product of Schur functions
429 1977- Ingram, Frank THESIS
Experimental determination of the non-linear, large strain zonal mechanical properties of cartilage for use in quasi-static finite element model
430 Mageswaran, Prasath. THESIS
Dependence among sites in protein and RNA evolution
431 1976- Yu, Jiaye THESIS
Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
432 Lertworasirikul, Saowanee 2002-05-03 THESIS
Vascular tissue engineering scaffolds from elastomeric biodegradable poly(L-lactide-co-&-caprolactone)(PLCL) via melt spinning and electrospinning
433 1982- Chung, Sang Won THESIS
Role and mitigation of two vectors of turkey coronavirus, Musca domestica L. and Alphitobius diaperinus Panzer
434 1970- Calibeo, Dawn Renee THESIS
Biology and epidemiology of Sclerotinia minor on peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
435 1979- Smith, Damon Lee THESIS
Synthesis, Optical and Electronic Investigations of Organically Bridged Metal Nanoparticle Arrays
436 Novak, James Paul 2001-07-11 THESIS
437 Cagle, Christine Michelle 2006-05-10 THESIS
Controlled Particle Transport in a Human Airway Replica
438 Rojas, Carlye Rimmele 2007-12-07 THESIS
Breast Cancer: Dietary Links to Gland and Tumor Development and Effects of Genistein and a-Lactalbumin on Primary Tumors in vitro
439 Hudson, Elizabeth Jane 2003-07-11 THESIS
Prediction and Modeling of the Structure of 16S rRNA
440 Fanning, Patricia Babin 2005-11-29 THESIS
Development and evaluation of an apparatus to simulate and measure the lateral pressure and pore pressure of a sample of fresh concrete
441 Sparks, Kevin C. THESIS
Preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide on structured supports
442 1979- Chin, Paul THESIS
Phosphorus loss in surface runoff from Peidmont soils receiving animal manure and fertilizer additions
443 1971- Tarkalson, David Dale THESIS
Evaluation of Robinia Pseudoacacia L. as Browse for Meat Goat Production in the Southeastern USA
444 Snyder, Lori June 2003-11-25 THESIS
Geographic Modeling of El NiƱo Southern Oscillation Influence on Remotely Sensed Global Nutrient Distribution Patterns -- Applications to Science and Geographic Information Systems Education
445 Jason, Allyson Lynne 2002-04-24 THESIS
An Economic and Social Analysis of La Crosse Encephalitis in North Carolina
446 Utz, John Todd 2002-11-04 THESIS
Water quality assessment of a degraded stream prior to restoration and nitrate reduction through controlled drainage
447 (Heather Lynn). Smeltz, Heather L. THESIS
Solving semi-infinite variational inequalities
448 1978- Ozcam, Burcu THESIS
The effect of concept mapping on community college precalculus students conceptual understanding of inverse functions
449 Merritt, Ronald L. THESIS
Weed ecological interactions with environment an investigation of temperature response of Commelina benghalensis and a method for description of seed shape /
450 Sermons, Shannon Michelle. THESIS

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