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Supercritical fluid assisted polymer processing [electronic resource] : plasticization, swelling and rheology /
251 Royer, Joseph Robert THESIS
Denitrification of Aquaculture Wastewater using Agricultural by-products as Biofilter Media
252 Saliling, Willie Jones 2005-04-28 THESIS
Nitrogen availability of anaerobic swine lagoon sludge sludge source and temperature effects /
253 Moore, Amber Dawn. THESIS
Design and delivery of water soluble gold nanoparticles containing mixed monolayers of thiolated Polyethylene glycol and peptides to HeLa cells
254 (Donna Marie), 1966- Coleman THESIS
Characterization of agrin function in chicken and zebrafish embryogenesis
255 1973- Kim, Min Jung THESIS
Characterization of agrin function in chicken and zebrafish embryogenesis.
256 KIM, MIN JUNG 2004-07-19 THESIS
Electron and ion-beam characterization of nitride semiconductor devices.
257 1977- Parish, Chad Michael THESIS
Characterization of stress-effects in ferroelectrics with application to transducer design
258 1973- Ball, Brian L. THESIS
The ecology and genetics of bacteriophages in commercial vegetable fermentations
259 Lu, Zhongjing. THESIS
The effects of internal characteristics of municipal government agencies and environmental factors of municipalities on the scope and the quality of municipal e-government initiatives developing an integrated approach /
260 Pavlichev, Alexei. THESIS
Enzyme-induced gelation of whey proteins
261 1976- Doucet, Dany THESIS
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen rate and time of application on growth and performance of six herbaceous perennials and soil solution nitrogen concentration in a simulated landscape
262 Proctor, Cynthia Lambert 2006-01-09 THESIS
Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of the Lycopodium Alkaloid Spirolucidine Using the N-Acyl-2,3-dihydro-4-pyridone as a Building Block
263 Young, Damian Winston 2005-01-04 THESIS
Selected employee attributes and perceptions regarding methods and animal welfare concerns associated with swine euthanasia
264 1952- Matthis, Steven THESIS
Auxiliary Signal Design for Fault Detection in Nonlinear Systems
265 Sweetingham, Kelly Ann 2008-04-03 THESIS
Mechanics of Compressibility and Strength of Solid Waste in Bioreactor Landfills
266 Hossain, MD Sahadat 2002-08-30 THESIS
Development of a struvite crystallizer for reducing phosphorus in effluent from livestock waste lagoons
267 Bowers, Keith Edison. THESIS
A holistic investigation of alternative gate stack materials for future CMOS applications
268 (David Bartholomew), 1970- Terry THESIS
Mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline materials and application of shear punch test
269 1978- Guduru, Ramesh Kumar THESIS
Calable, fault-tolerant membership for group communication on HPC systems
270 1983- Varma, Jyothish S. THESIS
Helical polyguanidines influences and consequences of a biased helix /
271 1974- Blackburn, Jennifer Lyn THESIS
An economic and social analysis of La Crosse encephalitis in North Carolina
272 1972- Utz, John Todd THESIS
Behavioral modeling and characterization of nonlinear operation in rRF and microwave systems
273 1975- Walker, Aaron L. THESIS
The Effect of Temperature on Fatty Acid Desaturase Gene Expression and Fatty Acid Composition in Developing Soybean Seeds.
274 Byfield, Grace Eleanor 2005-12-02 THESIS
Characterizing a biomedical hydrogel device
275 (Melissa Marie), 1981- Funke THESIS
Supercritical Fluid Assisted Polymer Processing: Plasticization, Swelling and Rheology
276 Royer, Joseph Robert 2000-08-10 THESIS
277 Liu, Fude 2007-01-10 THESIS
Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystalline Materials and Application of Shear Punch Test
278 Guduru, Ramesh Kumar 2006-03-22 THESIS
Game theoretic analysis of a distribution system in supply chain
279 1979- Yuan, Pei-Lun THESIS
280 Place, George Thomas 2007-02-22 THESIS
Experimental investigations into the operational parameters of a 50 centimeter class pulsejet engine
281 1977- Ordon, Robert Lewis THESIS
Defect and Impurity Distributions in Traditionally Cast Multicrystalline and Cast Monocrystalline Silicon for Solar Substrates
282 Witting, Ian Thomas 2008-08-26 THESIS
Economic analysis of using MEMS technology for monitoring warp tension and breaks in weaving
283 1970- Kobaner, Can THESIS
Examining Planetary, Synoptic and Mesoscale Features that Enhance Precipitation Associated with Landfalling Tropical Cyclones in North Carolina.
284 Croke, Meredith Suzanne 2005-10-31 THESIS
Correlation of electrical and optical derivatives in semiconductor lasers using a novel current modulation technique
285 1982- Lakkarsu, Swathi THESIS
Large-Eddy Simulation of Particulate Resuspension and Transport Under Influences of Human-Body Motion in an Indoor Setting
286 Oberoi, Roshan C. 2006-05-15 THESIS
In Vitro Cardiotoxicity of Residual Oil Fly Ash.
287 knuckles, Travis 2005-07-18 THESIS
Listeria monocytogenes as a Biologic Vaccine Vector Against Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
288 Stevens, Rosemary 2005-04-21 THESIS
Characterization of titanium alkoxide- based sol-gel systems and their behavior in icephobic coatings
289 Ayres, Jennifer. THESIS
Characterizing a biomedical hydrogel device
290 Funke, Melissa Marie 2005-07-26 THESIS
Non-Chemical Insecticidal Textiles
291 Collins, Lynda E. 2008-03-26 THESIS
Practices to reduce nitrate-nitrogen losses from drained agricultural lands
292 (Michael Reed), 1970- Burchell THESIS
The effects of internal characteristics of municipal government agencies and environmental factors of municipalities on the scope and the quality of municipal e-government initiatives: Developing an integrated approach.
293 Pavlichev, Alexei 2004-12-29 THESIS
Sinks above and sinks below physical mapping of fruit-derived ESTs in peach, a model species for Prunus and Rosaceae structural genomics, and identification of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers associated with internal heat necrosis (IHN) in 4x-2x Solanum tuberosum x S. phureja-S. stenotomum hybrids /
294 1976- McCord, Per Hilding THESIS
The effects of PM2.5 on allergic inflammation in mast cell deficient mice
295 Madison, Sharon L. THESIS
Stand dynamics and ecological constraints on growth in young, naturally regenerated hardwood stands
296 1974- Schuler, Jamie Lee THESIS
Affine lie algebras, vertex operator algebras and combinatorial identities
297 (William Jeffrey), 1980- Cook THESIS
Transcriptional analysis of biofilm formation and stress response in hyperthermophilic microorganisms
298 1974- Pysz, Marybeth Anne THESIS
Seed quality issues associated with high-oleate peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
299 Sun, Minghui 2005-12-02 THESIS
NOx formation in unsteady counterflow diffusion flames
300 1978- DeBruhl, Christopher Dwayne THESIS

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