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Computational Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analyses Applied to Micro-systems
51 Koo, Junemo 2005-03-23 THESIS
Investigation of Tube Hydroforming Process Envelope for Macro/Meso Scalability
52 Gibson, M. Christopher 2007-06-11 THESIS
The lattice of equivalence classes of closed sets and the Stone-C?ech compactification
53 Seaton, Gerald Arthur. THESIS
The Lattice of Equivalence Classes of Closed Sets and the Stone-Cech Compactification.
54 Seaton, Gerald Arthur 2004-03-16 THESIS
Robust coding methods for space-time wireless communications
55 1971- Hong, Zhihong THESIS
Beneficial and pest insect populations in conventional and organic cotton, and organic cotton with habitat
56 1975- Jackson, Lisa Dawn THESIS
Mechanisms of reactivity and lattice reconstructions in ternary copper (I) halides
57 1979- Capracotta, Michael David THESIS
Thermal stability of [alpha]-lactalbumin
58 (Matthew Kenneth), 1975- McGuffey THESIS
Part I. design and synthesis of prototypes as leads on a compound library aimed at plasmepsin ii inhibition. Part II. synthesis and evaluation of modified nucleotides for dna aptamer selection
59 1978- DiDonato, Dana A THESIS
Beneficial and Pest Insect Populations in Conventional and Organic Cotton, and Organic Cotton with Habitat
60 Jackson, Lisa Dawn 2006-05-04 THESIS
Theory and algorithms for shape-preserving bivariate cubic L1 splines.
61 Wang, Yong 2005-04-12 THESIS
62 Lappi, Simon Edward 2003-01-04 THESIS
Inheritance of Tomato Late Blight Resistance in Lycopersicon hirsutum LA1033
63 Lough, Rebecca Cutright 2003-04-21 THESIS
Inheritance of tomato late blight resistance in Lycopersicon hirsutum LA1033
64 1976- Lough, Rebecca Cutright THESIS
Capillary condensation and freezing of simple fluids confined in cylindrical nanopores
65 1973- Hung, Francisco Rodolfo THESIS
Functional genomic characterization of the anti-adipogenic effects of trans 10, cis 12-conjugated linoleic acid (t10c12-CLA) in a polygenic obese line of mice
66 1978- House, Ralph Lee THESIS
Molecular markers and genes associated with low palmitic and low linolenic acid content in N97-3681-11 and N97-3708-13 soybean lines
67 1975- Camacho Roger, Ana Maria THESIS
Algorithmic approach for finding convolutional code generators for the translation initiation of Escherichia coli K-12
68 Ponnala, Lalit. THESIS
Nucleation and growth of defects in nitrogen doped silicon
69 Karoui, Abdennaceur. THESIS
The synthesis of (S)-camptothecin and clinically useful analogs
70 Nolan, Jason Michael THESIS
A Simple Mechanism for Detecting Ineffectual Instructions in Slipstream Processors
71 Koppanalil, Jinson Joseph 2002-05-15 THESIS
Live fast and die young on the growth and mortality of largemouth bass in Puerto Rico /
72 1972- Neal, Jason Wesley THESIS
Live Fast and Die Young: On the Growth and Mortality of Largemouth Bass in Puerto Rico
73 Neal, Jason Wesley 2003-02-21 THESIS
Volunteers' perceptions of impacts of the azalea festival do findings on resident perceptions of tourism impacts apply? /
74 Bosley, Holly Elizabeth. THESIS
Volunteers? Perceptions of Impacts of the Azalea Festival: Do Findings on Resident Perceptions of Tourism Impacts Apply?
75 Bosley, Holly Elizabeth 2004-07-22 THESIS
Development of a Multiplex PCR to Identify Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, a Probiotic Organism
76 Souther, Nicole Elaine 2004-11-22 THESIS
Transcription regulation and plant diversity
77 1973- Kirst, Matias THESIS
Mechanics of Ultrasonic Tube Hydroforming
78 Bunget, Cristina Janeta 2008-12-05 THESIS
Genetic analysis of diallel tests of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.)
79 1970- Xiang, Bin THESIS
Effect of Plug Flat on Plant Growth and Prevention of Post-transplant Stnting.
80 Donnell, Aliya Afi 2006-05-23 THESIS
Intermediation of international capital inflows and macroeconomic fluctuations in emerging market economies
81 1970- Oviedo, Pedro Marcelo THESIS
Assessment of metrics in color spaces
82 1978- Lee, Seung Geol THESIS
Solid-State 13C-NMR Investigation of Di- and Tri-block Biodegradable Copolymers Isolated In Their Inclusion Compounds with Cyclodextrins
83 Porbeni, Francis Ebikefe 2003-04-16 THESIS
Investigations of postpartum and postweaning factors that may affect subsequent sow reproductive performance
84 1973- Belstra, Bradley Aaron THESIS
Behavior of Listeria monocytogenes Biofilms in a Simulated Food Processing (SFP) Ecosystem
85 PAN, YOUWEN 2005-08-25 THESIS
Effects of Organic Acids on Escherichia coli O157:H7 Independent of pH under Acidified Food Conditions
86 Bjornsdottir, Kristin 2005-08-10 THESIS
87 Lu, Kaifeng 2002-03-13 THESIS
Propagation by Stem Cuttings and Nitrogen Nutrition of Eastern Redbud ( Cercis canadensis)
88 Wooldridge, John Michael 2008-05-28 THESIS
Performance of beef heifers grazing stockpiled endophyte-infected, endophyte-free or non-toxic endophyte-infected tall fescue
89 1979- Oliphant, Erinn Joyce THESIS
Living with breast cancer emotion-work strategies in breast cancer support groups /
90 1970- Clark, Jacqueline THESIS
Impact of Temperature and pH on the Survival of Listeria monocytogenes in Souse meat
91 Kim, Mina K 2006-12-11 THESIS
Nilpotent lie algebras with a small second derived quotient [electronic resource] /
92 Zack, Laurie Margaret THESIS
Structural characterization of two-component signal transduction proteins and calbindin D28k
93 1977- Kojetin, Douglas John THESIS
An Analysis of the Decision Makers and Decision Making Process for Corporate Image Apparel Purchases
94 DiLuna, Kristie Lee 2003-03-31 THESIS
Fabrication and Device Characterization of Alternative Gate Stacks Using the Non Self-Aligned Gate Process
95 Han, Sungkee 2003-06-03 THESIS
DCAP: a multichannel protocol for single interface 802.11 wireless mesh networks [electronic resource] /
96 Lee, Michael E. THESIS
Chip Discrimination for UWB Impulse Radio Networks in Multipath Channels
97 Ward, Jon R 2005-07-20 THESIS
Hydrologic and Water Quality Assessment of Constructed Wetlands on a Coastal Plains Golf Course
98 Pekarek, Kathryn Ashley 2008-12-02 THESIS
Children's Attributions of Intent as They Relate to Peer Social Behavior
99 Grant, Raven 2003-06-11 THESIS
Predicting the Adsorption Capacity of Activated Carbon for Organic Contaminants from Fundamental Adsorbent and Adsorbate Properties
100 Mezzari, Isabella Anna 2006-01-06 THESIS

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