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Three Essays on The Problem of Hold-up in Broiler Industry
8101 Leegomonchai, Porametr 2003-04-21 THESIS
Cognitive, Collegiate, and Demographic Predictors of Success in Graduate Physical Therapy Education
8102 Andrews, A. Williams 2004-11-03 THESIS
Cross-Section Adjustment Techniques for BWR Adaptive Simulation
8103 Jessee, Matthew Anderson 2008-07-21 THESIS
Workplace Organization, Labor Process Control and Occupational Health
8104 Treiber, Linda Ann 2005-08-10 THESIS
Nitrogen Doping and Ion Beam Processing of Zinc Oxide Thin Films
8105 Wellenius, Patrick 2006-01-05 THESIS
Workplace organization, labor process control and occupational health
8106 1957- Treiber, Linda Ann THESIS
The lessons of hunger food, drink, and the concept of corrective affliction in three puritan captivity narratives /
8107 Phillips, James Henry. THESIS
Paleopalynology of the Tar Heel Formation of Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina, United States.
8108 Mitra, Madhumi 2002-04-30 THESIS
Growth and Fabrication of GaN and InxGa1-xN Based Optoelectronic Devices
8109 Berkman, Erkan Acar 2008-08-18 THESIS
"Over the River and Through the Woods, to my little Frog's We Go": Narrative Production in Bilingual Children's Two Languages
8110 Allen, Michele Ann 2007-08-03 THESIS
Investigating the Effect of Employment Type and Performance Type on Performance Ratings
8111 Bhavsar, Kartik Satish 2006-04-13 THESIS
Nilpotent n-lie algebras
8112 Williams, Michael Peretzian. THESIS
Hamlet's Fathers: An Analysis of Paternity and Filial Duty in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
8113 Drewry, Justin Dathan 2004-09-03 THESIS
8114 Roberts, Matthew C. 2001-09-10 THESIS
Hamlet's fathers [electronic resource] : an analysis of paternity and filial duty in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" /
8115 Drewry, Justin Dathan THESIS
8116 OZDEMIR, AYDIN 2005-06-07 THESIS
Three Essays on the Production Effects of Decoupled Payments: Do Decoupled Payments Matter for Acres and Yields?
8117 Girante, Maria Joana 2008-12-05 THESIS
Effects of protected fat when fed to dairy cattle and the interaction between supplemental fat and antibiotics in mixed cultures
8118 1979- Daves, Meredith Gail THESIS
The Diffusion of Genetic Technologies and Its Implications
8119 Heald, Lori 2007-10-23 THESIS
The Impact of Work Context on the Prediction of Job Performance
8120 Poncheri, Reanna Maureen 2006-04-26 THESIS
Challenging gender roles in Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White and Virginia Woolf's Orlando
8121 1974- Jones, Joanna Medlin THESIS
Improving the Thermal Stability of Textile Fiber Finishes
8122 Mousavi, Paria 2004-06-29 THESIS
Substrate noise analysis in RF integrated circuits
8123 1979- Vijayaraghavan, Ravi C. THESIS
Semi-empirical molecular orbital methods and ab initio calculations in dye chemistry computational studies towards the design and synthesis of organic pigments /
8124 1968- El-Shafei, Ahmed Mohamed THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel nanocomposites demonstrating enhanced mechancial properties
8125 (Brian Patrick), 1981- Mosher THESIS
Sexual Risk Behavior in College Students: Does the parent-college student relationship impact students? condom use?
8126 Guin, Autumn Hope 2005-11-28 THESIS
Hedging vs Contracting: Managing Risk in the Broiler Industry
8127 Hegde, Sridhar Aaron 2004-12-01 THESIS
Impact of educational choice on academic outcomes
8128 (Errin Monique), 1973- McComb THESIS
Shallow groundwater nitrate and breeding bird habitat in a riparian buffer restored by volunteer vegetation
8129 Smith, Timothy Adrien 2005-04-25 THESIS
Molecular evolution of floral homeotic B-class genes in the dogwood genus Cornus (Cornaceae) - gene duplication, selection, and coevolution
8130 Zhang, Wenheng. THESIS
Traffic simulation failure detection and analysis
8131 1973- Wan, Baohong THESIS
Henry Leveke Kamphoefner, the modernist : dean of the North Carolina State University School of Design, 1948-1972 /
8132 Brook, David Louis THESIS
The effect of in-vehicle automation and reliability on driver situation awareness and trust
8133 Ma, Ruiqi. THESIS
Effects of FSH Administration During the Neonatal Period on Adult Sperm Concentrations in Boars
8134 Stewart, Kara Roski 2008-07-21 THESIS
Theoretical Improvement of Braithwaite?s Reintegrative Shaming Theory: Specifying Contingencies for the Process of Shaming
8135 Botchkovar, Ekaterina V 2005-08-14 THESIS
Challenging Gender Roles in Wilkie Collins?s The Woman in White and Virginia Woolf?s Orlando
8136 Jones, Joanna Medlin 2005-07-08 THESIS
Performance analysis of optical burst switched networks with dynamic simultaneous link possession
8137 1976- Battestilli, Tzvetelina THESIS
In praise of Michelle Cliff's cre?olite?
8138 Hyatt, Quincey Michelle. THESIS
Full count a novel /
8139 III. Neagle, Edwin THESIS
Finding Her Own Voice: Cynthia Ozick's Female Protagonists And Orthodox Jewish Law
8140 Gerson, Eric Reed 2008-04-21 THESIS
The Relationship between WISC-IV Scores and North Carolina State Achievement Test Scores
8141 Tayrose, Michelle Parker 2008-04-09 THESIS
Illuminating Individual-Level Sources of Crime for African Americans and Whites: An Examination of Four Theories
8142 Latimore, Traronda 2005-11-17 THESIS
Substrate Noise Analysis in RF Integrated Circuits.
8143 Vijayaraghavan, Ravi C 2003-08-11 THESIS
On Network-Layer Packet Traceback: Tracing Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks
8144 WU, CHIEN-LUNG 2004-01-07 THESIS
Full Count
8145 Neagle, Edwin 2002-11-18 THESIS
8146 Meoli, Dina 2002-05-21 THESIS
Race, region, and rurality implications for educational attainment /
8147 Pickett, Robert Louis. THESIS
Paleopalynology of the Tar Heel Formation of Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina, United States
8148 Mitra, Madhumi. THESIS
The effect of early post-hatch dietary amino acid levels on satellite cell dynamics in turkeys
8149 1980- Nierobisz, Lidia Sylwia THESIS
Testing effects of alternative diest on reproduction rates of the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida.
8150 Keller, Jennifer June 2002-07-24 THESIS

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