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Breeding biotechnology, sex determination, and growth in southern flounder, Paralichthys lethostigma
7951 1975- Luckenbach, John Adam THESIS
Scalable Distributed Concurrency Protocol with Priority Support
7952 Desai, Nirmit Vikram 2003-08-01 THESIS
Intelligent System Identification Applied to the Biomechanical Response of the Human Trunk during Sudden Loading
7953 Lawrence, Brad Michael 2002-11-25 THESIS
Functional Analyses of Cyst Nematode Parasitism Genes
7954 Patel, Nrupali 2008-04-16 THESIS
Genetic and Cellular Effects In Mice Selected For Age-Specific Growth
7955 Funk-Keenan, Jhondra 2006-08-10 THESIS
Weed management strategies in conventional- and reduced-tillage cotton production systems
7956 Clewis, Scott Barton 2007-12-11 THESIS
Evaluation of consumer acceptance and storage stability of butter
7957 1982- Krause, Andrea Jean THESIS
Evaluation of Consumer Acceptance and Storage Stability of Butter
7958 Krause, Andrea Jean 2006-10-05 THESIS
7959 Kim, Joo-Sung 2005-11-09 THESIS
Effect of copper oxide needles on gastrointestinal parasites in grazing meat goats
7960 1975- Glennon, Heather Mary THESIS
Commitment-based business process modelling and enactment
7961 1972- Wan, Feng THESIS
Stain Repellent-Antimicrobial Textiles via Atmospheric Plasma Finishes
7962 McLean, Robert II 2007-04-26 THESIS
7963 Jia, Xin 2004-12-01 THESIS
Commitment-Based Business Process Modelling and Enactment
7964 Wan, Feng 2005-01-03 THESIS
Scale Dependent Movements and Protection of the Female Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus
7965 Medici, David A. 2004-01-20 THESIS
Feed intake patterns in crossbred pigs and their relationship to production traits [electronic resource] /
7966 Lanier, Christian Lynn THESIS
Anomaly detection for wireless ad-hoc routing protocols [electronic resource] /
7967 Huang, Yi-an THESIS
Regulatory control of histamine production in North Carolina havested mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) and yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) a HACCP-based industry survey /
7968 1979- Allen, Dennis Grey THESIS
Estimation of genetic parameters for boar semen traits
7969 1973- Oh, Sang Hyon THESIS
Physiological and Morphological Basis for Reproductive Sensitivity to Glyphosate in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton.
7970 Pline, Wendy 2002-03-25 THESIS
Seasonal Nutrient Dynamics and Vertical Nutrient Distribution in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda)
7971 Winborne, Ian Christopher 2002-05-21 THESIS
A field study to evaluate permeable pavement surface infiltration rates, runoff quantity,runoff quality, and exfiltrate quality
7972 1981- Bean, Eban Zachary THESIS
Process control parameters for Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonas pelamis) precooking
7973 Webb, Elizabeth Lynn. THESIS
The foraging and nesting ecology of Black-throated Blue Warbler (Dendroica caerulescens) and Hooded Warbler (Wilsonia citrina) in the southern Appalachians
7974 Weeks, Kendrick Collins. THESIS
The Effect of Dietary Manganese on Growth, Reproductive Performance, and Manganese Status of Beef Heifers
7975 Hansen, Stephanie Laura 2005-07-21 THESIS
Japanese stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) population dynamics and management for restoration of native plant communities /
7976 (Caren Ann). Judge, Caren A. THESIS
Fiber reactive dyes with improved affinity and fixation efficiency
7977 (Rebecca Riley), 1978- Berger THESIS
Potential Use of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Remote Sensing Imagery to Enhance Management of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
7978 Seth Carley, Danesha 2006-08-10 THESIS
Contagion in financial markets two statistical approaches /
7979 (Harshavardhana Kayyur), 1977- Rao THESIS
7980 Tomberlin, James Weatherman 2007-04-30 THESIS
Mediating Bone Mineralization Status in Laying Hens by Feeding Increased Calcium during Rearing and the Lay Cycle
7981 Fosnaught, Mary Helen 2009-05-01 THESIS
Movement, activity, and habitat use of adult male white-tailed deer at Chesapeake Farms, Maryland
7982 1980- Tomberlin, James Weatherman THESIS
Statistical analysis of genetic associations
7983 1966- Zaykin, Dmitri V. THESIS
Behavioral response of free-ranging blue crabs to episodic hypoxia
7984 1973- Bell, Geoffrey Weszely THESIS
Population estimates with age and genetic structure of a harvested bear population in eastern North Carolina
7985 Langer, Timothy Joseph 2006-12-11 THESIS
Tillage and cover crop management influence weeds, insects, soil and crop nutrients, crop development and yield in organically managed North Carolina sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. systems.
7986 Treadwell, Danielle Dion 2005-06-24 THESIS
Behavioral response of free-ranging blue crabs to episodic hypoxia
7987 Bell, Geoffrey Weszely 2002-07-02 THESIS
Influence of Salt Stress on Germination, Root Elongation and Carbohydrate Content of Five Salt Tolerant Taxa.
7988 Leatherwood, William Roland 2005-06-28 THESIS
A rabbit model of hyperhomocysteinemia the effect of homocysteine on blood clot structure and stability /
7989 1958- Sauls, Derrick Lamonte THESIS
The Effects of Relational Teaching and Attitudes on Mathematics Anxiety.
7990 Kidd, Janice Seate 2003-09-03 THESIS
Risk factors for a farm vehicle public road crash
7991 (Theresa Mary), 1957- Costello THESIS
Impact of Plant Organic Matter on PAH Desorption from Petrogenic-Polluted Sediments
7992 Musella, Jennifer Suzanne 2007-01-08 THESIS
Routine techniques for monitoring the nutritional value of animal meals
7993 Qiao, Yanrui 2001-11-26 THESIS
Assessing 100-meter-wide loblolly pine corridors as breeding habitat for landbirds
7994 Amacher, Andrew James 2002-01-16 THESIS
Stimulated Emission and Laser Action from Gallium Nitride, Aluminium Gallium Nitride, Aluminium Gallium Nitride/Gallium Nitride Quantum Wells and Heterostructures
Polyolefin Miscibility: Solid-State NMR Investigation of Phase Behavior in Saturated Hydrocarbon Blends
7996 Wolak, Justyna Ewa 2005-07-06 THESIS
Biological and operational factors causing mortality in North Carolina's soft shell blue crab industry [electronic resource] /
7997 Chaves, Juan Carlos THESIS
Mentoring and talent development doctoral advisors and their protg?s? /
7998 Lunsford, Laura Gail. THESIS
Strategies to reduce fecal phosphorus excretion in the broiler industry without affecting performance
7999 Plumstead, Peter William 2007-04-05 THESIS
Biology, Ecology, and Herbicidal Control of Perennial Sedge Species Found in Managed Turfgrass Systems.
8000 McElroy, Joseph Scott 2003-09-17 THESIS

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