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Accountable to Whom?: Policymakers? Use of Performance Measurement in Local Economic Development.
7801 Lindblad, Mark Richard 2004-04-08 THESIS
Fiber Length Measurement by Image Processing
7802 Ikiz, Yuksel 2000-08-10 THESIS
Employee traits, perceived organizational support, supervisory communication, affective commitment, and intent to leave group differences /
7803 Yoshimura, Kari Emi. THESIS
Evolution of trust in anonymous interactions
7804 1978- Chivukula, Srivatsa V. THESIS
Improvement of photon buildup factors for radiological assessment
7805 1982- Schirmers, Fritz Gordon THESIS
Dietary and housing effects on growth performance, gut health and salmonella colonization of salmonella-challenged broilers
7806 1983- Bohr?quez, Diego Vicente THESIS
Effect of dietary boron on immune function and disease resistance to bovine herpesvirus type-1 in growing steers
7807 Fry, Robert Scott 2007-08-08 THESIS
Supplementation of rumen-protected forms of methionine, betaine, and choline to early lactation Holstein cows
7808 Davidson, Shannon 2006-12-11 THESIS
Delineating sources and estimating cadmium bioaccumulation and susceptibility differences among aquatic insects
7809 Martin, Caitrin Anne. THESIS
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Regulation, Modeling and Parameter Estimation
7810 Ellwein, Laura Marie 2008-10-13 THESIS
Evaluation of Weed Scouting Methods and the Effects of Glyphosate Drift in North Carolina Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) Production.
7811 Robinson, Bridget Lynn 2005-11-29 THESIS
Production and Use of Compost and Vermicompost in Sustainable Farming Systems
7812 McClintock, Nathan C. 2004-04-13 THESIS
Biochemical and rheological characterization of peanut proteins crosslinked with microbial transglutaminase
7813 1968- Gharst, Gregory Allen THESIS
Production and use of compost and vermicompost in sustainable farming systems
7814 1974- McClintock, Nathan Crane THESIS
Wire electro-discharge machining of advanced engineering materials
7815 Miller, Scott Franklin. THESIS
Nitrogen metabolism of beef steers fed either gamagrass or orchardgrass hay with or without a supplement
7816 1979- Magee, Kelly Jean THESIS
Soil microbial properties and nitrogen cycling in forage production systems receiving swine lagoon effluent
7817 1977- Iyyemperumal, Kannan THESIS
Scalable Compression and Replay of Communication Traces in Massively Parallel Environments
7818 (Michael James), 1982- Noeth THESIS
Biology, ecology, and control of paspalum species in turfgrass
7819 1975- Henry, Gerald Matthew THESIS
7820 Rivard, Cary Lee 2007-04-30 THESIS
Abundance, fruit presence, and growth enhancement of Prestoea montana and Roystonea borinquena, two palm species of importance to Amazona vittata (Puerto Rican Parrot), in Ro? Abajo Forest, Puerto Rico
7821 1977- Malone, Meredith B. THESIS
Short-term hooking mortality and movement of adult red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) in the Neuse River, North Carolina
7822 1976- Aguilar, Robert THESIS
Selenium Supplementation and Antioxidant Protection in Broiler Chickens.
7823 Gowdy, Kymberly Mae 2004-07-08 THESIS
Effect of Brevetoxin and Brevetoxin ANtagonists on Jurkat E6-1 Cell Proliferation, Survival, and Gene Expression
7824 Murrell, Rachel Nichole 2008-12-09 THESIS
Does it matter if you?re black or white? skin color and psychological well-being among middle-school youth /
7825 (Zaynah Ayisha), 1981- Williams THESIS
Fruit neighborhoods and interactions between birds and plants in Puerto Rico
7826 Saracco, James Frederick 2002-05-21 THESIS
Comparison of Composition, Sensory Properties and Volatile Components of Whey Protein and Serum Protein Concentrates
7827 Evans, Joshua Peter 2009-03-11 THESIS
Contrasting Control Styles in School Consultation
7828 Schamberger, Megan Kate 2008-04-02 THESIS
Generation And Verification Of Software Robustness Properties Through Static Analysis
7829 Sharma, Tanu 2006-01-06 THESIS
7830 Overstreet, Laura Flint 2005-11-29 THESIS
Comprison of Sensory Properties of whey and soy protein concentrates and isolates
7831 Russell, Tara Alexandra 2004-09-15 THESIS
Migration of Recent College Graduates
7832 Heuer, Ruth Elizabeth 2004-03-15 THESIS
7833 Tarant, Stephanie Ann 2002-04-02 THESIS
Reasoning and Geometric Proof in Mathematics Education: A Review of the Literature
7834 Mansi, Kate Elizabeth 2003-06-24 THESIS
Mechanisms in Bicomponent Fiber Spinning During Melt Blown Process
7835 Zapletalova, Terezie 2009-02-23 THESIS
Investigation of interconnect characteristics in mixed signal circuits
7836 1980- Shukdevbhai, Gothi Kuldip THESIS
Biophysical dispersal dynamics of the blue crab in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina
7837 Reyns, Nathalie Brigitte 2004-11-29 THESIS
A Philosophical Examination of Mead's Pragmatist Constructivism as a Referent for Adult Science Education
7838 Furbish, Dean Russel 2005-06-01 THESIS
C/EBPα is an epithelial tumor suppressor gene, and mitogenic stimulation reciprocally regulates C/EBPα and C/EBPβ
7839 Loomis, Kari Danielle 2008-08-11 THESIS
The Genetic Architecture of Locomotor Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
7840 Jordan, Katherine Wells 2006-09-21 THESIS
Buddy Threading in Distributed Applications on Simultaneous Multi-Threading Processors
7841 Vouk, Nikola 2005-04-19 THESIS
Economic and cost analysis of the floriculture industry differentiated by market segment
7842 1979- Weddington, Megan THESIS
Parental warmth and socioeconomic status as predictors of social competence among abused children
7843 McPherson, Andrea Vise 2006-12-01 THESIS
DGoogle: A Full-Text Search Engine in Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems.
7844 Lal, Akshay 2006-08-17 THESIS
Memory Predecryption: Hiding the Latency Overhead of Memory Encryption
7845 Rogers, Brian Michael 2005-04-22 THESIS
ADaPT: Adaptive Development and Prototyping Technique
7846 Srikanth, Hema L 2002-05-30 THESIS
Population Genetic Structure, Dispersal & Gene Flow in the German Cockroach, Blattella Germanica: A Structural Pest in the Urban Environment
7847 Crissman, Jonathan Ross 2008-10-27 THESIS
Use of Modified Cellulose for the Improvement of Water Repellency
7848 Goli, Kiran Kumar 2008-06-16 THESIS
Delineating Sources and Estimating Cadmium Bioaccumulation and Susceptibility Differences among Aquatic Insects.
7849 Martin, Caitrin Anne 2007-07-31 THESIS
Mentoring and Talent Development: Doctoral Advisors and Their Protégés
7850 Lunsford, Laura Gail 2007-05-09 THESIS

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