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Investigation of molecular forces involved in gelation of commercially prepared soy protein isolates
7751 1978- McKlem, Lacey Kay THESIS
Synthesis and reactivity of ruthenium and platinum complexes with non-dative heteroatomic ligands studies of carbon-hydrogen bond activation /
7752 1977- Feng, Yuee THESIS
Phytoremediation of a Petroleum-Hydrocarbon Contaminated Shallow Aquifer, Elizabeth City, NC: Planting Methods and Preliminary Results
7753 Cook, Rachel Louise 2008-11-24 THESIS
Effect of dietary boron on immune function and disease resistance to bovine herpesvirus type-1 in growing steers
7754 1983- Fry, Robert Scott THESIS
The Biology and Control of Beach Vitex (Vitex rotundifolia) and Common Reed (Phragmites australis)
7755 True, Sarah Louise 2009-04-28 THESIS
Assessing Genetic Contributions to Performance of Communally Reared Families of Wild and Domesticated Reciprocal Hybrid Striped Bass.
7756 Garber, Amber Frances 2006-07-18 THESIS
7757 Shifflett, Donnie Edward 2004-07-01 THESIS
Performance Comparison of Software Transactional Memory Implementations
7758 Kariath, Riya Raju 2007-07-09 THESIS
Hypoxia-induced growth rate reduction in two juvenile estuary-dependent fishes
7759 1976- McNatt, Regan Allison THESIS
Factors Controlling Desorption Rates of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants from Municipal Solid Waste
7760 Mitchell, Lisa A. 2005-05-31 THESIS
Ru-based gate electrodes for advanced dual-metal gate CMOS devices
7761 1973- Zhong, Huicai THESIS
Efficient trialing methods for watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai)
7762 1976- Neppl, Grant THESIS
Evalutation of Weed Management in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn (Zea Mays) as Affected by Preemergence Herbicide, Timing of Postemergence Herbicide Application, and Glyphosate Products
7763 Parker, Robert Gary 2004-04-21 THESIS
Towards cultural competence an exploratory study of the relationship between racial identity and contextual performance indicators of public employees /
7764 Harris, Ann Faith. THESIS
Biology, Ecology, and Control of Paspalum Species in Turfgrass
7765 Henry, Gerald Matthew 2007-04-11 THESIS
Characteristics of Teachers Who Are Consistently Succwssful With Economically Disadvantaged Students. A Qualitative Study About Fourth and Fifth Grade Teachers Who Are Successful With Economically Disadvantaged Students.
7766 Spivey, Donna Susan 2006-08-18 THESIS
Identifying the Components in Eggshell Membranes Responsible for Reducing the Heat Resistance of Bacterial Pathogens
7767 Ahlborn, Eugene (Gene) 2005-04-13 THESIS
Towards Cultural Competence: An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Racial Identity and Contextual Performance Indicators of Public Employees
7768 Harris, Ann Faith 2003-04-14 THESIS
Antioxidant Properties of Muscadine Grape Products
7769 Vaughan, Trivette Lashum 2003-04-10 THESIS
Antioxidant properties of muscadine grape products
7770 (Trivette Lashum), 1973- Vaughan THESIS
Development of switchable polarization gratings for highly efficient liquid crystal displays
7771 (William Michael), 1982- Jones THESIS
Impact of Management and Texture on Soil Organic Matter Fractions
7772 Gruver, Joel Brooks 2007-12-20 THESIS
Implementing Real-Time OLAP with Multidimensional Dynamic Clustering
7773 Martin, Michael Wayne 2006-11-28 THESIS
Social Goals and Strategies in Adolescent Peer Conflict Situations
7774 Little, Sara Elizabeth 2004-04-05 THESIS
Social goals and strategies in adolescent peer conflict situations
7775 1969- Little, Sara Elizabeth THESIS
Polyacrylamide use for erosion and turbidity control on construction sites
7776 Hayes, Sara A. THESIS
Novel Methods for Mapping Complex Disease
7777 Mei, Hao 2007-06-05 THESIS
Parental socialization of positive and negative emotions: associations with children?s everyday coping and display rule knowledge /
7778 (Alison Elaine). Parker, Alison E. THESIS
Correlation Analysis of Intrusion Alerts
7779 Xu, Dingbang 2006-05-11 THESIS
Stimulated emission and laser action from gallium nitride, aluminium gallium nitride, aluminium gallium nitride/gallium nitride quantum wells and heterostructures
7780 (Fahed Shammakh), 1973- Al-Ajmi THESIS
Foraging ecology of the early life stages of four shark species ( Rhizoprionodon terraenovae, Carcharhinus limbatus, Carcharhinus isodon, and Carcharhinus brevipinna) in Apalachicola Bay, Florida.
7781 Bethea, Dana Michelle 2003-04-30 THESIS
Effects of vegetation and background noise on the detection process in auditory avian point count surveys
7782 1979- Pacifici, Jamian Krishna THESIS
Analysis of environmental impact statements for highway projects in North Carolina
7783 1970- Carrasco, Luis Eduardo THESIS
Fish populations associated with habitat-modified piers and natural woody debris in Piedmont Carolina reservoirs
7784 1978- Barwick, Robert Dempsey THESIS
Population dynamics of Rhizoctonia species in tall fescue and creeping bentgrass in response to disease management programs
7785 1971- Lee, David Jackson THESIS
Impact of poultry age, season, litter quality, and nutritional intervention strategies on Salmonella prevalence and populations, serotypes, genotypes, and antibiotic resistance profiles
7786 Santos, Fernanda Botaro 2006-10-31 THESIS
7787 Bruton, Jeffrey Griffin 2004-03-31 THESIS
Wise Schooing Strategies and Their Impacct on African American Students' Task Motivation and Perceptions of Professor Bias
7788 Miller, Joylynn Tenee 2004-06-16 THESIS
From Laughter to Tears: What is it About Judy Blume?
7789 Tingen, Jennifer Kay 2007-04-06 THESIS
Role of protein kinase C delta in airway mucin secretion
7790 1973- Park, Jin-Ah THESIS
Identification of dairy beverage and marketing opportunities to address the needs of the growing united states hispanic population
7791 Thompson, Jacob Lorin 2007-06-25 THESIS
Investigation of Molecular Forces Involved in Gelation of Commercially Prepared Soy Protein Isolates
7792 McKlem, Lacey Kay 2002-09-26 THESIS
Factors influencing responses of loblolly pine stands to fertilization
7793 1968- Rojas, Julio Cesar THESIS
Germanosilicide Contacts to Ultra-shallow P+N Junctions of Nanoscale CMOS Integrated Circuits by Selective Deposition of In-situ Doped Silicon-Germanium Alloys
7794 Liu, Jing 2003-04-21 THESIS
Selenium supplementation and antioxidant protection in broiler chickens
7795 1979- Gowdy, Kymberly Mae THESIS
Gender Stereotypes about Emotion Portrayed in Children's Picture Books
7796 Craig, Ashley B 2008-08-06 THESIS
High Speed Parameter Estimation for a Homogenized Energy Model
7797 Ernstberger, Jon Michael 2008-06-27 THESIS
A spatial Asset Management Study Through an Analysis of Pavement Marking Performance
7798 Sitzabee, William E 2008-03-24 THESIS
Identification and characterization of the protein disulfide isomerase multigene family in plants.
7799 Houston, Norma L 2007-06-15 THESIS
Assessing Species Composition in Second Growth and Old Growth Rich Coves of the Southern Appalachians
7800 Jackson, Barry Clayton 2008-04-28 THESIS

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