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651 Goswami, Aditya 2003-05-19 THESIS
Dissolution of phosphate in a phosphorus-enriched ultisol as affected by microbial reduction
652 1958- Hutchison, Kimberly N. THESIS
Stand and soil responses of a loblolly pine plantation to midrotation fertilization and vegetation control
653 Gurlevik, Nevzat 2002-01-10 THESIS
Peer Response Groups Using Electronic and Traditional Communications: A Portraiture of a Class
654 Jackson, Alecia Youngblood 1999-04-05 THESIS
Peer response groups using electronic and traditional communications a portraiture of a class /
655 1968- Jackson, Alecia Youngblood THESIS
Influence of Mosquito Larvae on Bacterial Species Diversity and Abundance, and on the Oviposition Response of Gravid Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)
656 Evans, Brian Patrick 2007-08-08 THESIS
657 Kirst, Matias 2004-01-08 THESIS
Microbial Fate and Transport in a Seasonally Saturated North Carolina Coastal Plain Soil.
658 Stall, Christopher James 2008-07-24 THESIS
Fear of Crime and Social Networks: A Community Study of Two Local Public Housing Complexes
659 Bissler, Denise L. 2003-04-17 THESIS
Fear of crime and social networks a community study of two local public housing complexes /
660 Bissler, Denise L. THESIS
Characterization of propagation on wires over lossy earth
661 1970- Buff, Peter Marcus THESIS
Substituent effects on spin density distribution and exchange coupling in semiquinone complexes
662 1961- Sloop, Joseph C. THESIS
Substituent Effects on Spin Density Distribution and Exchange Coupling in Semiquinone Complexes
663 Sloop, Joseph C. 2003-03-07 THESIS
Impact of Sweet Potato Feathery Mottle Virus and Micropropagation on Yield, Root Quality and Virus Incidence in Commercial Sweetpotato Production Systems
664 Bryan, Adrienne Dawn 2002-06-10 THESIS
The biochemical characterization of Protein DE and its interaction with rat epididymal sperm
665 Tubbs, Christopher Elliot. THESIS
Evaluation of the phosphorus loss assessment tool (plat) and revised universal soil loss equation (rusle) using geospatial information [electronic resource] /
666 Yuan, Xu THESIS
Analysis and parameter estimation of the aerodynamic and handling qualities of the C-130A modified with wing tip tanks
667 1973- Phillips, David Charles THESIS
Analysis of Model QPF Errors During the 2-4 December 2000 Snowstorm in North Carolina
668 Caldwell, Raymond Jason 2005-11-02 THESIS
The Development of a Lexicon for Frozen Vegetable Soybeans and Effect of Blanching Time on Sensory and Quality Parameters of Vegetable Soybeans during Frozen Storage
669 Krinsky, Beryl Fiana 2005-02-03 THESIS
Analysis of model QPF errors during the 2-4 December 2000 snowstorm in North Carolina
670 1974- Caldwell, Raymond Jason THESIS
Environmental enrichment for captive eastern box turtles (Terrapene carolina carolina)
671 Case, Beth Catherine. THESIS
Turkey hen age fertility and sperm penetration of the inner perivitelline layer affects embryonic mortality
672 1971- Fairchild, Brian David THESIS
Exploring Visitors' Perceptions of the Trail Environment and their Effects on Experiences in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
673 Dorwart, Catherine Elisabeth 2007-06-15 THESIS
674 Barrett, Thomas Boone 2004-04-19 THESIS
Soil boron in loblolly pine plantations of the southeastern United States
675 1972- Barrett, Thomas Boone THESIS
Reactions of High-k Gate Dielectrics: Studies in Hafnium, Zirconium, Yttrium, and Lanthanum-based Dielectrics and in-situ Infrared Results for Hafnium Dioxide Atomic Layer Deposition
676 Kelly, Michael Jason 2006-05-08 THESIS
Investigation of a spark ignition flame kernel interacting with a laminar vortex toroid
677 Xiong, Yin. THESIS
Growth, carcass, and meat quality in lines divergently selected for testosterone production and their crossbred progeny.
678 Bender, Jan-Marie 2005-04-27 THESIS
Peanut (Arachis hypogea) response to cultural practices related to planting pattern, irrigation, and fertility
679 1979- Lanier, James Edward THESIS
Forest Operations Impact on Forest Soil and Water on Poorly Drained Organic Soil Watersheds in North Carolina.
680 Grace, Johnny McFero 2004-03-22 THESIS
Systems Analysis and Design of an Interactive Marketing Tool for a Destinations? E-commerce Strategy.
681 O'Malley, Katherine Anne 2002-07-24 THESIS
An antenna-independent approach to the capacity of a wireless system
682 1979- Kishore, Pinak THESIS
Investigations of Postpartum and Postweaning Factors That May Affect Subsequent Sow Reproductive Performance
683 Belstra, Bradley Aaron 2004-04-05 THESIS
Use of soybean oil and soybean products for groundwater bioremediation
684 Lindow, Nicholas L. THESIS
Disparity in Prosecutorial Decision Making in North Carolina: The Effects of Processual Factors
685 Parrotta, Kylie Lynn 2006-05-15 THESIS
Ovulatory and reproductive characteristics of sows treated with an intravaginal GnRH agonist gel
686 1979- Roski, Kara Howes THESIS
Ovulatory and Reproductive Characteristics of Sows Treated with an Intravaginal GNRH Agonist Gel
687 Roski, Kara Howes 2004-12-01 THESIS
An evaluation of the feeding value of Prolina soybean meal in male broiler chicken diets by altering dietary protein, amino acids, and metabolizable energy
688 Lenfestey, Bridget Ann. THESIS
Assessment of the Diversity and Disease Resistance Properties within a Collection of Nicotiana rustica.
689 Nifong, Jessics Marie 2008-04-23 THESIS
Phylogeny and systematics of the leafhopper subfamily Ledrinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)
690 1976- Jones, Joshua Raymond THESIS
Genetic Transformation of Perennial Ryegrass for Chemical Induced Elimination
691 Chen, Xi 2002-11-21 THESIS
Space-time coding for large antenna arrays [electronic resource] /
692 Yu, Xinying. THESIS
Process, fit, and appearance analysis of three-dimensional to two-dimensional automatic pattern unwrapping technology
693 1983- Outling, Cora Denise THESIS
Improving postharvest life, defoliation, and stem length of woody cut stems
694 Greer, Lane. THESIS
Population dynamics of largemouth bass in Lucchetti Reservoir, Puerto Rico
695 1971- Ozen, Ozcan THESIS
Fighting for an Authentic Self: An Ethnographic Study of Recreational Boxers
696 Satterlund, Travis D. 2006-12-22 THESIS
Fighting for an authentic self: an ethnographic study of recreational boxers /
697 Satterlund, Travis Delmar. THESIS
Optimal dynamic resource allocation in activity networks
698 1974- Ramachandra, Girish A. THESIS
Geographic modeling of El Nin?o Southern Oscillation influence on remotely sensed global nutrient distribution patterns [electronic resource] : applications to science and geographic information systems education /
699 Jason, Allyson Lynne. THESIS
Custom design and manufacturing of canine knee implants
700 (Ketankumar Ramniklal), 1977- Jajal THESIS

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