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Modeling asymmetric distortion in multichannel radio frequency communication systems [electronic resource] /
601 Jang, Wonhoon. THESIS
Gasoline oxygenate biodegradation processes in Mycobacterium vaccae JOB5
602 (Erika Lynn), 1978- Johnson THESIS
Analysis of the Effects of a Dielectric Barrier Discharge on Arthropod Pests
603 Donohue, Kevin Vincent 2005-06-07 THESIS
Integrated Measures of Comfort for Athletic Performance Apparel Using a Sweating Manikin and Other Advanced Systems
604 Clark, Matthew Landon 2008-04-11 THESIS
Preparing the youthful mind for virtuous actions Adam Ferguson at the University of Edinburgh /
605 Carroll, Ashley Nicole. THESIS
Oxidative Stress in the Aquatic Environment: Effects of Hypoxia and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Fish and Bivalve Molluscs
606 Lehmann, Daniel Wade 2006-03-15 THESIS
Biology and Management of Bushkiller (Cayratia japonica)
607 West, Amanda M 2009-03-13 THESIS
Sedimentation of Pervious Concrete Pavement Systems
608 Mata, Luis Alexander 2008-12-04 THESIS
Gallium Nitride (GaN) Heterogeneous Source Drain MOSFET
609 Ma, Lei 2007-05-18 THESIS
Root-knot nematode resistance in sweetpotato and development of sweetpotato differential host genotypes for Meloidogyne spp [electronic resource] /
610 Cervantes-Flores, Jim Carlos THESIS
Development of a Thermal Neutron Imaging Facility at the N.C. State University PULSTAR reactor
611 Mishra, Kaushal Kishor 2005-07-13 THESIS
Temperature effect on desorption kinetics of benzene on various soils
612 1975- Kunberger, Tanya Marie THESIS
Temperature control of the continuous peanut drying process using microwave technology
613 1974- Boldor, Dorin THESIS
Development of Methodology to Synthesize (S)-Nicotine Derivatives
614 King, Laura Stuart 2003-02-12 THESIS
Kinematics and timing of the Gold Hill fault zone in the vicinity of High Rock Lake, south-central North Carolina
615 Standard, Issac Daniel 2003-05-14 THESIS
Molecular characterization of a gene that is associated with Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b-specific surface antigen expression
616 Li, Jianying 2001-07-11 THESIS
Family expressiveness and emotion understanding a meta-analysis of one aspect of parental emotion socialization /
617 (Kimberely Linhart) Eaton, Kimberly L. THESIS
Organizational politics and relational inequality the generation of wage inequality in the production process /
618 (Dustin Robert), 1980- Avent THESIS
Design, Preparation, and Characterization of Metallo-Adducts of the Histidine-Containing Phosphocarrier Protein from Bacillis Subtilis
619 Ferguson, Stephen Scott 2000-01-31 THESIS
Mesoscale precursors to the Hurricane Gaston flooding event as diagnosed from observations and numerical simulations
620 (Zachary Gordon), 1980- Brown THESIS
Political Apology in the Discursive Construction of Hurricane Katrina
621 Shelton, Cecilia D. 2007-08-06 THESIS
Political apology in the discursive construction of Hurricane Katrina
622 1983- Shelton, Cecilia D. THESIS
Effect of flow unsteadiness on soot morphology
623 1970- Xiao, Jidong THESIS
Effect of flow unsteadiness on soot morphology
624 Xiao, Jidong 2005-01-07 THESIS
Use of passive acoustic monitoring to resolve spatial and temporal patterns of spawning activity for red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, in the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina.
625 Barrios, Anna Teresita 2004-08-02 THESIS
The Role of Entrepreneurial Climate in Rural Tourism Development
626 Kline, Carol 2007-08-14 THESIS
Assessing the impact of strategic safety stock placement in a multi-echelon supply chain
627 1980- Bryksina, Elena Alexandrovna THESIS
Temperature Control of the Continuous Peanut Drying Process Using Microwave Technology
628 Boldor, Dorin 2003-07-10 THESIS
Value-driven system level test case prioritization
629 (Hema Lakshman). Srikanth, Hema L. THESIS
Investigation of an Interaction of Flavonoids on the Antioxidant Activity of Alpha Tocopherol
630 Willcox, Joye Kay 2002-11-25 THESIS
A High Resolution Study of p + 44Ca Reactions
631 Lokitz, Stephen Jared 2004-05-12 THESIS
The Structure and Relationship of Work-Related Interests & Needs
632 Smith, Alisa Radziewicz 2002-11-24 THESIS
Vibration characteristics and use in concrete damage assessment
633 1980- Recalde, Juan Jose THESIS
Phosphomannose isomerase in Nicotiana tabacum L. NT1 and Apium graveolens var. dulce L. cell suspension cultures.
634 Barb, Adam Wesley 2002-07-03 THESIS
Goniometric characteristics of sapphire optical fibers
635 Boothe, Brian James. THESIS
The Fixed Points of a Seasonal Model of Population Infectives
636 Gaither, Jeffrey Beau 2007-04-30 THESIS
Optimizing Nitrogen Management for Soft Red Winter Wheat Yield, Grain Protein, and Grain Quality Using Precision Agriculture and Remote Sensing Techniques.
637 Farrer, Dianne 2005-11-04 THESIS
Ternary Phase Equilibria of the Sclareol-Ethyl Lactate-CO2 System and its Application in the Extraction and Isolation of Sclareol from Clary Sage
638 Tombokan, Xenia Clarissa 2008-11-13 THESIS
Statistical analysis and modeling of pharmacokinetic data from percutaneous absorption
639 1963- Budsaba, Kamon THESIS
Auxin-induced gene expression in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.)
640 1964- Busov, Victor Borissov THESIS
Implementation of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) for Prestressed Concrete Girders
641 Mata, Luis A 2004-12-14 THESIS
Determinants of drug testing policies in law enforcement agencies building and testing a theory of public sector drug testing /
642 (James Robert) Brunet, James R. THESIS
Protein kinase A regulates B2 integrin avidity activation and subsequent neutrophil activation via modulation of myosin light chain kinase
643 (Clayton Douglas), 1969- Chilcoat THESIS
Tillage and cover crop management influence weeds, insects, soil and crop nutrients, crop development and yield in organically managed North Carolina sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. Systems
644 1965- Treadwell, Danielle Dion THESIS
Biology and Epidemiology of Sclerotinia minor on Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
645 Smith, Damon Lee 2004-03-19 THESIS
Reactions of high-k gate dielectrics: studies in hafnium, zirconium, yttrium, and lanthanum-based dielectrics and in-situ infrared results for hafnium dioxide atomic layer deposition
646 1975- Kelly, Michael Jason THESIS
The rhetoric of reality television a narrative analysis of the structure of "illusion" /
647 1977- Reid, Gwendolynne Collins THESIS
The quantitative genetic basis of mating behavior and speciation in Drosophila
648 Moehring, Amanda Jean THESIS
Biology and Control of Maryland Meadowbeauty (Rhexia mariana L.) in Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) in North Carolina
649 Roberts, Meagan Marykatherine 2009-04-20 THESIS
Effects of subsurface flows on wetland restoration at Juniper Bay and surrounding area
650 1977- Pati, Swamy THESIS

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