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Public perception of law enforcement's treatment of suspects in North Carolina: Testing conflict, attitude consistency, and ecological theories
451 Weinstein, Meredith Blackwell 2002-11-20 THESIS
Public perception of law enforcement's treatment of suspects in North Carolina [electronic resource] : testing conflict, attitude consistency, and ecological based theories /
452 Weinstein, Meredith Blackwell. THESIS
Evaluation of realistic yield expectations in the North Carolina piedmont and coastal plain
453 Lohman, Mindy M. THESIS
Relationships between soil properties and yield variability and the potential for establishing management zones for site-specific management in North Carolina
454 1965- McBride, Robert Graber THESIS
455 McBride, Robert Graber 2004-04-14 THESIS
Development of a quantitative visualization method to characterize the flow behavior of food particulates in a continuous aseptic sterilizer
456 1965- Shefet, Sarid M. THESIS
Relationships and utilization of arachis germplasm in peanut improvement
457 1973- Milla, Susana Rita THESIS
The role of surface chemistry in defining the energetics and kinetics of single electron tunneling through individual gold nanoparticles
458 McConnell, Wyatt Parks THESIS
Growth and characterization of room temperature ferromagnetic Mn:GaN and Mn:InGaN for spintronic applications
459 (Meredith Lynn), 1972- Reed THESIS
Knowledge Sharing Mchanism (KSM) a framework for software engineering and command and control /
460 1974- Harvie, David Paul THESIS
The Effects of Cottonseed Hulls Added to the Diet with and without Live Yeast or Mannanoligosaccharide in Young Calves
461 Hill, Stephanie Rene 2003-09-11 THESIS
Chemical and mechanical methods to reduce leader growth in fraser fir
462 1982- Aspinwall, Martha Elizabeth THESIS
The Interaction of Jet/Front Systems and Mountain Waves: Implications for Lower Stratospheric Aviation Turbulence
463 Vollmer, David Russell 2008-07-07 THESIS
464 Lu, Na 2004-08-24 THESIS
A Hedonic, Hedonic Metric and Logistic Approach to Estimating Demand for Fluid Milk Products Using Micro Level Data
465 Gulseven, Osman 2008-11-10 THESIS
Likelihood ratio tests for association with multiple disease susceptibility alleles, genotyping errors, or missing parental data
466 Morris, Richard Wayne. THESIS
467 Phelan, Thomas Joseph 2001-11-12 THESIS
Genetic and molecular analysis of plant nuclear matrix proteins
468 1963- Phelan, Thomas Joseph THESIS
Hardware Architecture of a Behavior Modeling Coprocessor for Network Intrusion Detection System
469 Yadav, Meeta 2007-03-26 THESIS
Investigating the effects of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on lipid metabolism and body composition in the neonatal pig
470 Mathews Oliver, Susan Ashley 2003-02-14 THESIS
Characterization of Propagation on Wires Over Lossy Earth
471 Buff, Peter Marcus 2006-04-28 THESIS
Preferential Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide on Structured Supports
472 Chin, Paul 2004-07-05 THESIS
Improving the competitiveness of US textile manufacturers with e-business initiatives related to supply chain
473 (Christopher Moriarty), 1980- Lauer THESIS
Urban Stormwater: First Flush Analysis and Treatment by an Undersized Constructed Wetland
474 Tucker, Robert Smith 2007-10-17 THESIS
The effects of fire frequency and fire intensity on am fungal spore abundance, species variety and percent root colonization at Schenck Forest and James Goodwin Forest
475 Rabe Ranjanivo, Mialy-Tiana THESIS
Development of the Press Extraction Method for Plug Substrate Analysis
476 Scoggins, Holly L. 1999-11-22 THESIS
Model Development for Shape Memory Polymers
477 Siskind, Ryan David 2008-08-01 THESIS
The Chemical Modification of Chitosan Films for Improved Hemostatic and Bioadhesive Properties.
478 Yamazaki, Mai 2007-04-11 THESIS
Synthesis of Block Copolymers from Cellulose Nanoparticles via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
479 Dhawan, Abhishek 2007-04-06 THESIS
Quantification of Chondrocyte Death and Proteoglycan Content in Mechanically Impacted Articular Cartilage
480 Lossing, Jennifer Aimee 2004-06-17 THESIS
Quantification of chondrocyte death and proteoglycan content in mechanically impacted articular cartilage
481 1977- Lossing, Jennifer Aimee THESIS
Measurement of smoke point in laminar jet diffusion flames at atmospheric and elevated pressures
482 1980- Berry, Tiffany Leigh THESIS
Bioturbation as a novel method to characterize the toxicity of aquatic sediment.
483 Cho, Eun-ah 2005-02-28 THESIS
Numerical Simulations of Pulsejet Engines
484 Geng, Tao 2008-01-16 THESIS
Integrated bioprocessing of native and engineered components from tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)
485 1978- Whitfield, Matthew Bruce THESIS
Construction of SIMCON retrofitted reinforced concrete columns
486 1967- Coskun, Hilmi THESIS
Investigation of active failure detection algorithms
487 1981- Hannas, Benjamin Lee THESIS
Dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae and Geotrupidae) in North Carolina pasture ecosystem
488 1981- Lastro, Elina THESIS
The Study of N-Acylpyridinium SaltChemistry and Its Application in the Asymmetric Synthesis of Streptomyces SS20846A
489 Homer, Holly K. 2000-04-03 THESIS
Body shape analysis using three-dimensional body scanning technology
490 1970- Simmons, Karla Kristin THESIS
Weed ecological interactions with environment: An investigation of temperature response of Commelina benghalensis and a method for description of seed shape
491 Sermons, Shannon Michelle 2006-06-23 THESIS
Genetic and Cultural Effects on Stem Taper and Bark Thickness in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.)
492 Sherrill, Joshua 2005-04-14 THESIS
493 Al-Ashhab, Samer Shafiq 2003-11-13 THESIS
DNA Markers for Resistance to Post-Harvest Aflatoxin Accumulation in Arachis hypogaea L.
494 Rowe, Christina Ella 2009-04-23 THESIS
Genetic architecture of hybrid fitness and wood quality traits in a wide interspecific cross of eucalyptus tree species
495 1969- Myburg, Alexander Andrew THESIS
Helios-2 an all-optical broadcast local area network /
496 Singhai, Mrugendra. THESIS
Investigation on charge deterioration of electrically charged filter media using electric force microscopy
497 1973- Kim, Jooyoun THESIS
Development of Claudin 2 and Claudin 4 in Embryonic and Hatched Chick Intestine
498 Wingate, Marvin Jason 2008-12-04 THESIS
Activin induction of follicle stimulating hormone is mediated by transforming growth factor beta activated kinase-1 (TAK-1) in pituitary gonadotropes
499 Safwat, Nedal Wafik. THESIS
Identification of an operon involved in the production of Lactacin B, a bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus acidophilus
500 1979- Dobson, Alleson Elaine THESIS

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