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The Study of the Deformation-Mechanism of PBGA in IR-Reflow process
1 Wang, Che-Ming 2001-07-31 THESIS
Warpage Study of Film-BGA
2 Chen, Wen-Bin 2001-06-21 THESIS
Plastic Flow Analysis and Die Design of Aluminum Extrusion for 3C Product Casings
3 I, Lin 2008-09-03 THESIS
Analysis of Hydraulic Bulge Forming of Tubes
4 Huang, Jian-Cheng 2001-09-05 THESIS
Francis Poulenc Petites Voix's Music Analysis and Interpretation
5 Chen, Yu-hsin 2007-09-05 THESIS
Essential fatty acids nutrition and its effects on immune responses of the juvenile grouper, Epinephelus malabaricus.
6 Wu, Feng-Cheng 2002-07-12 THESIS
Stress Study of Silicon Die for Filp-Chip Package Under Different Types of Stress Loading
7 Cheng, Mao-Chuan 2007-01-22 THESIS
Algorithmic Study of Reticle Based IR Seeker Simulators
8 Lee, Zhi-Wei 2005-07-05 THESIS
Studies on the Natural Products of the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia sp.
9 Hsieh, Chi-hua 2005-08-16 THESIS
Analysis of Hydraulic Tube Expansion Forming in a Rectangular Cross-sectional Die
10 Chen, Wen-Chih 2002-07-29 THESIS
Studies on the Cytotoxic Briarane-type Natural Products of Gorgonians Briareum excavatum and Junceella fragilis
11 Sung, Ping-Jyun 2000-12-21 THESIS
Reconstruction formulas for periodic potential functions of Hill's equation using nodal data
12 Wu, Chun-Jen 2005-06-30 THESIS
On Some New Inverse nodal problems
13 Cheng, Yan-Hsiou 2000-07-17 THESIS
Studies on Bioactive Diterpenoid Constituents from Formosan Taxus sumatrana
14 Cheng, kuen-ching 2004-02-03 THESIS
Analysis of plastic flow within the die and die deformation during extrusion for CPU heat sinks
15 Shen, Chun-yen 2006-09-11 THESIS
Study on the Electronic Properties of In0.22Ga0.78As/GaAs Single Quantum Wells
16 Lian, Jau-Rung 2004-06-29 THESIS
Electronic properties of £_-doped InxGa1-xAs/InAlAs Quantum wells
17 Chen, Jyun-fan 2005-07-06 THESIS
General Inversion Algorithm for Infrared Seeker with Reticles
18 Lu, Chin-lung 2006-07-31 THESIS
Study on formability of three-way magnesium tubes by warm hydroforming
19 Su, Yan-Huang 2008-09-03 THESIS
Disjointness preserving operators on function spaces
20 Lin, Ying-Fen 2005-01-27 THESIS
Deformation Structure in Aluminum Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
21 Sun, Pei-Ling 2002-07-24 THESIS
Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Ammonia Solutions with Addition of Cu/La/Ce
22 Lin, Chia-Hua 2002-07-15 THESIS
The study on growth and surface polish of LiAlO2 single crystal
23 Huang, Sin-jie 2006-06-14 THESIS
Study of Holographic Grating by Using PDLC thin films
24 Huang, Shuan-Yu 2001-06-20 THESIS
A study of François Couperin¡¦s ¡§L¡¦art de toucher le clavecin¡¨
25 Wang, Hsin-i 2007-02-11 THESIS
Circular chromatic indexes of generalized necklaces
26 Jhan, Wen-min 2005-07-15 THESIS
Thermo-Mechanical Deformation and Stress Analysis of Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array
27 Guo, Yu-Lun 2003-07-01 THESIS
Thermal Fatigue Life Study for Film-BGA
28 Chen, Wang-Lung 2002-06-20 THESIS
Studies on the Steroidal Natural Products from Formosan Gorgonian Isis hippuris
29 Chao, Chih-Hua 2003-07-23 THESIS
The studies of XANES and thermoelectric power on the stripe phase of La2-xSrxCu0.995£In0.005O4 at x near
30 Haung, Shih-Chang 2005-07-07 THESIS
XANES studies on the stripe phase of La2-xSrxCuO4 and La1.4-xSrxNd0.6CuO4 at x near 1/8
31 Huang, Chia-Wan 2003-06-28 THESIS
Fuzzy Cluster-Based Query Expansion
32 Tai, Chia-Hung 2004-07-29 THESIS
Photoluminescence of InN grown by PAMBE
33 Chou, Wei-chun 2006-07-20 THESIS
Heavy-tail statistical monitoring charts of the active managers' performance
34 Chen, Chun-Cheng 2006-08-03 THESIS
Efficient Algorithms for Computing Shortest Path on Directed and Undirected Double-Loop Networks
35 Chen, Ming-You 2003-08-25 THESIS
A Taxonomic Study of Liparis L. C. Rich. (Orchidaceae) of Taiwan
36 Yang, Chih-Kai 2006-07-31 THESIS
Studies on the Natural Products of the Formosan Soft Corals Sinularia sp. and Sinularia lochmodes
37 LO, CHING-LI 2008-01-14 THESIS
Size effect on AlxGa1-xN/GaN nanowire at low temperature and high magnetic field
38 Chen, Chi-hon 2008-07-18 THESIS
Pressure effect on the Tc of La2-xSrxCuO4 and La1.4-xSrxNd0.6CuO4 at x near 1/8
39 Jhao, Li-Shih 2005-01-07 THESIS
Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization of DNA Deposited on Mica Surfaces¡GConformation Study and Interaction with Type I Topoisomerase
40 Wang, Tsung-Shing 2005-08-02 THESIS
Finite element analysis and die design in extrusion processes of heat sinks for CPU
41 Chen, Ho-Chen 2002-08-28 THESIS
3-Dimensional Numerical Stress Analysis around a Micro-Channel Wall Crack Tip in a Micro-PEMFC
42 Huang, Yen-lung 2007-07-21 THESIS
Study on Extrusion of Composite Rods
43 Huang, Te-Fu 2002-07-17 THESIS
Studies on Secondary Metabolites of the Formosan Gorgonian Isis hippuris and Virgularia juncea
44 Chen, Shin-Pin 2001-07-27 THESIS
The Nuclear Structure Study of Superdeformation in The N=73 La¡B Ce And Nd Isotones
45 Liu, Sen-Eon 2003-06-25 THESIS
Light Emitting Diodes of Non-fully Conjugated Coil-like and Fully Conjugated Rigid-rod Heterocyclic Aromatic Homopolymers with Push-pull Pendants
46 Wen, Hong-ta 2008-07-12 THESIS
Effects of Nutrient and Temperature on Macroalgal Biomass at Nanwan Bay (Kenting, Taiwan, Republic of China)
47 Tsai, Chuan-Chuan 2001-02-15 THESIS
Experiments and Simulations of Tube Hydraulic Forming
48 Tsai, Chin-Wen 2002-07-26 THESIS
Studies on the Bioactive Clerodane Diterpenoids from the Formosan Casearia membranacea Hance
49 Lin, Lee- cheng 2004-07-28 THESIS
Die-Level Interfacial Bonding Strength and Fracture Toughness
50 Chen, Chi-ming 2004-08-06 THESIS

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