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Establishing growth formula from cuttlebone stripes
401 Shiau, Jiun-shiung 2004-08-10 THESIS
Characteristics of Destruction of Airborne Chlorine- and Nitrogen-Containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
402 Hei, Cheng-Ming 2007-06-26 THESIS
Studies on L-Lactate dehydrogenase genes and protein structure of Iguana iguana and molecular phylogenetics among reptiles
403 Hsu, Che-Hsiung 2002-07-05 THESIS
Study on Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Ferrocyanide or 2,4-Dichlorophenol Solutions
404 Lee, Bing-Nan 2001-07-18 THESIS
Treatment of Ammonia in Air Streams by Biotrickling Filters
405 Wang, Chia-Hsi 2000-07-17 THESIS
The Fabrication of Flexible Substrate Using BaTi4O9/Polymer Composites for High Frequency Application
406 Lee, Yi-Chih 2007-07-31 THESIS
The mechanisms of isoobtusilactone A-induced apoptosis in human hepatoblastoma cell line (Hep G2)
407 Wu, Mei-jen 2007-07-28 THESIS
The Study of High-Speed OC-48 Optical Transceiver Modules
408 Lin, Min-Ching 2003-07-16 THESIS
The Study of Piano Concerto for Left-Hand in Single Movement
409 Shen, Jun-Nan 2000-07-27 THESIS
Performance Study on the Treatment of Odorous Gases from Composting of Swine Manure
410 Chang, Chi-lung 2005-06-20 THESIS
Research on Ethical Behavioral Decision-Making Models: Taking Penghu County Government Officials for Example
411 Chuang, Ying-min 2005-07-28 THESIS
Performance Study on the treatment of VOC Containg Gases from Paint Blending Processes
412 Huang, Hao-lun 2004-09-09 THESIS
A Study on The Effect of The Warpage And Stress of PBGA Caused by The Variations of Mechanical Properties of Materials in IR-reflow Process
413 WANG, CHING-CHUN 2003-07-20 THESIS
The Characterization of the Vertical Sidewall MOSFETs with Smart Body-tie, Buried Block Layer, and Novel Embedded Gate
414 Lee, Tai-yi 2008-06-27 THESIS
The Empirical Study of the Dynamics of Taiwan Short-term Interest- rate
415 Lien, Chun-Hung 2006-12-10 THESIS
Consimers' Purchasing Attitude Toward the Sales Promotion Model "Pay Dealing and Delivering fee, and Get It freely"
416 Chen, Shang-yu 2005-02-15 THESIS
Electroreflectance spectroscopy of InGaAs
417 Hsu, Chih-cheng 2008-06-27 THESIS
Study on Wafer-Level Packaging and Electrochemical Characterization of Planar Silver-Chloride Micro Reference Electrode
418 Chu, Chi-Chih 2008-02-15 THESIS
Intangible Assets Pricing Model in Biotech Industry
419 YANG, MORRIS 2003-07-01 THESIS
The Improved Broadcast Authentication Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks
420 Yang, Li-Wei 2008-07-15 THESIS
The Study of Sperm Penetration through the Vitelline Envelope of Penaeus monodon Egg
421 Hung, Chi-Hsiang 2001-08-22 THESIS
A Study of e-learning Models for Enterprises
422 Tseng, Hsiao-Lin 2002-07-31 THESIS
Study of an Architecture-Oriented B2B e-Marketplace
423 Chen, Ching-Sung 2007-07-11 THESIS
Arsenic Adsorption Using Citrate/Fe(III), Silicate/Fe(III) Synthetic Iron Oxides
424 Chin, Ying-chun 2006-09-11 THESIS
The Polymorphisms of Host Susceptible Genes and Helicobacter pylori Infection in the Carcinogenesis of Gastric Cancer
425 Jwo, Jyh-Jen 2004-08-31 THESIS
The nuclear structure study of superdeformation in odd-odd A~130 Pr
426 Wang, Yi-Hung 2003-06-26 THESIS
A Research of the Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance and Firm Value for Taiwan Publicly Listed Conpanies
427 Chen, Po-Jung 2003-07-23 THESIS
Spatial and seasonal changes of coccolithophores communities in the northern South China Sea
428 Chung, Chuan-wei 2005-09-04 THESIS
The applications of metal nanoparticles : Biosensor and surface assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
429 Wu, Hsin-pin 2008-07-14 THESIS
Treatment of Styrene and Acrylonitrile in Air Streams by Full-scale Biotrickling Filters
430 tu, Amy 2001-06-20 THESIS
System Support for Hosting Services on Server Cluster
431 Tseng, Chun-wei 2004-07-22 THESIS
The Study of Critical Successful Function to Innovate Enterprise e-Learning System - Analysis by Technology Frame
432 Huang, Shiow-Feng 2004-01-25 THESIS
Application of monitored natural attenuation to remediate petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater
433 Kuo, Ya-lin 2006-08-29 THESIS
Design of Robust Adaptive Sliding Mode Controllers for Nonlinear Mismatched Systems
434 Lin, Kuo-Ching 2000-06-23 THESIS
The Selection of e-Learning System:A Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach
435 Shih, I-Hsiung 2002-06-23 THESIS
Revolution or Evolution? An Analysis of E-Health Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model
436 Huang, An-Sheng 2005-01-12 THESIS
The Promotion of Computerization in Universities
437 Lee, Jeff 2002-08-07 THESIS
E-Learner¡¦s learning motivation, learning strategy and company¡¦s knowledge- oriented culture related to the influence of its effectiveness of e-Learning.
438 Chen, Shun-Lan 2004-06-17 THESIS
Average-Efficiency Enhancement of Wireless Transmitters Using a Predistorted Envelope-Following Approach
439 Hsiao, Shun-Cian 2006-07-15 THESIS
The Application of Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Slurry: Degradation Pathways and Efficiencies of Aqueous TCE under Different Atmospheres, and Transport Phenomena and Influence on Colony in Soil
440 Tu, Hsiu-Chuan 2007-02-15 THESIS
The Toxicity of Organotin Compounds on Acetes Intermedious in Kaohsiung Harbor Area
441 Hsu, Tien-Chi 2003-08-27 THESIS
Measurements and Three-Dimensional Modeling of Air Pollutant Dispersion in an Urban Street Canyon
442 Tsai, Meng-YU 2005-06-06 THESIS
The Study on staging strategy of global operational center- a L company Case
443 Chen, Yen-Hui 2005-08-25 THESIS
Biogas desulfurization: Performane study of a full-scale scrubber for biogas desulfurization
444 Hung, Kuo-Teng 2001-07-13 THESIS
A Study of e-Procurement Adoption by MRO Supplier of Taiwan¡¦s Steel Industry and It¡¦s Impact on Supply Chain
445 Lin, Shi-Long 2005-02-16 THESIS
Association of the blood biochemical index with CYP2E1 5¡¦flanking region Rsa I/Pst I gene polymorphism and alcohol consumption habit in Southern Taiwan aborigines
446 Kuo, Chia-ling 2005-08-24 THESIS
Experimental study of wave forces and de-draggers device for vertical and horizontal cylinders
447 Xie, Rong-Hua 2001-07-26 THESIS
Applications of E-Beam Lithography to the Fabrication of Photonic Crystal Microcavity and DBR Laser
448 Pai, Chun-Cheng 2007-07-30 THESIS
Design Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Smoke Management and Egress System of a Large Shopping Mall
449 Yang, Chih-Sheng 2003-04-30 THESIS
The effect of Tubocapsanolide A on the colorectal cancer cell lines
450 Wang, Lei-chiung 2007-08-24 THESIS

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