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Marketing Strategies for e-Learning Courses Recruitment ¡V A Case Study of NSYSU Network Security e-Learning Courses
301 Sun, Chung-Hui 2004-09-06 THESIS
The study in the strategy adoption of developing E-Commerce by retail chain store ¡VTake the P Company as an example.
302 Su, Huan-min 2006-02-05 THESIS
Study on the Biological Treatment of Air-borne VOCs by Sieve-plate Absorption Tower Combined with Activated Sludge Aeration Tank
303 Chang, Hsiao-Yu 2005-10-24 THESIS
A Taxonomic Study on Lentibulariaceae of Taiwan
304 Chao, Yi-Shan 2004-01-28 THESIS
The Analysis of Electrically Large Left-Handed Metamaterial Based on Mushroom Structure Using FDTD Approach
305 Wu, Wei-Yang 2006-06-19 THESIS
High Frequency and Near Field Measurement of Electric-field Vector by Electro-optic Probing Technique.
306 Pai, Chin-Hen 2001-06-27 THESIS
The Study of (Polyvinylidene Fluoride / Lead Titanate) Pyroelectric Bilayer Thin Film Detectors
307 Lai, Yun-Hsing 2001-07-05 THESIS
The effect of supplier¡¦s expected cost by using the sharing sales information in VMI.
308 Chen, Chiu-Miao 2003-08-19 THESIS
Thermal Etching of Single Crystal Quartz and Willemite: Effects of Boron Oxide, Defects, Lattice Anisotropy and Capillary Force
309 Chao, Pei-Tong 2000-08-03 THESIS
Chemical Constituents and Biological Activities of Soft Corals Sinularia granosa and Sinularia leptoclados
310 Huang, Chiung-Yao 2009-02-10 THESIS
Preparation and Electro-Optical Property of Novel Discotic Liquid Crystals and Poly(acrylamide) Dispersed LC with Application to Organic Solar Cells
311 Fan, To-cheng 2007-08-08 THESIS
A Study of Modulation Doped Semiconductor Optical Amplifier and Ring Laser
312 Hsueh, Chih-Hsuan 2005-07-22 THESIS
The Role of Oxidative Stress on Neurogenic Inflammation in Rat Airway
313 Li, Ping-chia 2006-01-19 THESIS
A Study of The Relationship between Promotion Tools, People¡¦s Attitude, Store Image and People¡¦s Intention Use ¡XTake My E-government- The E-government Entry Point of Taiwan for Example
314 Huang, Wun-ru 2005-07-28 THESIS
Apply the concepts of evidence-based medicine to develop the risk management strategy in hospital-acquired legionnaires¡¦ disease
315 Chien, Shang-Tao 2008-06-12 THESIS
Wet Scrubbing and Activated-carbon Adsorption of Odorous Compounds in Vented Gases from Food-cooking Operations
316 Chen, Cheng-wei 2006-06-26 THESIS
Influence of traffic exhausts on the air quality in a street canyon¡GA case study of measurement results in Fung-Shan City, Kaohsiung County
317 Wen, Chi-Shemg 2004-06-19 THESIS
Evaluation of E-cadherin gene expression in cervical carcinomas
318 Pan, Lin-Lin 2003-08-28 THESIS
Robust Controllers Design by Loop Shaping Approach
319 Li, Chien-Te 2001-09-03 THESIS
Factors affecting the intention of adopting e-marketplace for Taiwanese petrochemical companies
320 Ho, Li-Chun 2002-07-02 THESIS
Value Matrix : An Application of Goal-Driven Methodology for Business Portal Development
321 Yang, Chih-Chang 2007-07-31 THESIS
Effect of thimerosal on Ca2+ movement and viability in human oral cancer cells
322 Kuo, Li-ni 2009-02-04 THESIS
Dietary vitamin E affects the growth and health of the juvenile groupers (Epinephelus malabaricus)
323 Wu, Yu-Hsia 2001-06-21 THESIS
Warpage Study of TFBGA Packaging
324 Wang, Chih-Hao 2001-06-20 THESIS
DTV antennas for mobile applications
325 Yang, Yu-Chan 2008-06-06 THESIS
Studies on Chemical Transformation and Biological Activities of Ambrein from Sperm Whale Physeter macrocephalus L.
326 Cheng, Shi-Yie 2005-07-07 THESIS
The Study of Carrier Relaxation in Multi-Stacked InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots
327 Lu, Shu-kai 2006-08-11 THESIS
Investigation of Compound Gauss-Markov Image Field
328 Lin, Yan-Li 2002-08-05 THESIS
The Study of Pyroelectric Detectors Based on PbTiO3
329 Wang, Chih-Ming 2000-06-14 THESIS
Study on the Natural Products from Two Formosan Soft Corals Lobophytum crassum and Dendronephthya griffini and the Chemical Modifications of Lobohedleolide
330 Chao, Chih-Hua 2007-08-25 THESIS
Feasibility Treatment of Diesel Fuel by Aerobic Biofiltration in Salty Environment ¡V Degradation of PAHs in Diesel
331 Chien, Chien-Jan 2002-07-24 THESIS
The Research on e-coupon usage
332 Lo, Hung-Wei 2002-06-05 THESIS
Surface Chemistry of C3H3 Groups on Ag(111) : Bond Dissociation, Formation and Rearrangement
333 Kung, Hsuan 2007-07-25 THESIS
Characterization and Diagnosis of Listeria monocytogenes
334 Lin, Shyh-jen 2004-08-03 THESIS
Trace Metal Phase Speciations by Using Cross-flow Filtration in the Port of Kaohsiung and nearby Coastal Area
335 Wu, He-Jung 2002-09-09 THESIS
The Study of the Moisture Effect on the Interfacial adhesion of IC Packages in the IR-Reflow Process
336 Weng, Da-Jiun 2002-07-16 THESIS
A Study of Internet Venture
337 Lu, Mei-ling 2005-07-20 THESIS
Study on Single and Double Pumped Cr4+:YAG Crystal Fiber ASE Light Sour ce ¡V Simulation and Experiment
338 Huang, Yu-Chia 2004-07-14 THESIS
English It-cleft and Chinese shi...(de) : Translation of The Fellowship of The Ring
339 Lee, Chia-hua 2008-07-17 THESIS
Remediation of petroleum-hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater by natural attenuation
340 Chang, Li-ju 2004-08-13 THESIS
Constructing an E-mail Classifier Based on User's Preferences with Adaptive Learning
341 Wang, Chia-Ching 2005-07-28 THESIS
The Design and Fabrication of Ring Cavity Semiconductor Laser
342 Wang, Chun-Kai 2003-06-24 THESIS
An International Case Study of e-Business Impact
343 Su, Zhuo-Bin 2001-08-07 THESIS
Approximation Algorithms for Constructing Evolutionary Trees
344 Huang, Chia-Mao 2001-08-10 THESIS
The Research on The Strategy of Building Channel in Taiwan Game Industry ¡X The Case of Company G.
345 Chang, Chih-Hung 2008-08-14 THESIS
The influence between e-recruiting and the affect of organizational attractive to applicant
346 Liu, Yen-Chun 2008-09-09 THESIS
Study of the device characterization in AlGaN/GaN nanowires at low temperature and high magnetic field
347 Hsin Lin, Wei 2008-07-18 THESIS
A Tunable Emission Prepared by Novel Photo-induced Color-Change Materials
348 Ting, Wei 2008-01-31 THESIS
Asymmetric Multi-Quantum-Well Spot-Size Converter Lasers
349 Hsu, Hong-Ting 2001-07-10 THESIS
Study on the treatment of sewage mixed with partially-treated swine wastewater by a combined upflow anaerobic sludge blanket and constructed wetland process
350 Lee, Hsin-Yi 2007-06-27 THESIS

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