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Analysis of E-Business Innovation for Hardware Agency: A Hypercube Model
251 Lee, Tsung-tai 2006-06-01 THESIS
Using AHP to analyze equipment RD strategy-L company as example
252 Huang, Meng-I 2006-08-15 THESIS
253 Su, Che-Wei 2004-05-27 THESIS
Signal derived from photosynthic electron transport regulates the expression of methionine sulfoxide reductase (Msr) gene in the green macroalga Ulva fasciata Delile
254 Hsu, Yuan-ting 2008-11-20 THESIS
Effects of pathogen on blood and serum chemistry of grouper
255 Yu, Chu-mei 2006-09-15 THESIS
The Study of CO2 Fixation on The Magnesium-Lithium Mixed Metal Complexes
256 Chen, Shin-Yi 2003-08-18 THESIS
Studies on Cytotoxic Secondary Metabolities of the Formosan Gorgonian Sinularia gibberosa and Isis hippuris.
257 Yang, Yi-Lea 2001-07-27 THESIS
Asymmetric Multi-Quantum-Well Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
258 Yen, Sheng-Che 2002-07-10 THESIS
Performance Study on the Treatment of MTBE-Borne Waste Gas by Activated Sludge Aeration and Biotrickling Filtering Processes
259 Su, Li-Chun 2005-06-14 THESIS
Characterizations and Phylogeny of Thermostable Cellulolytic Bacterial Isolates
260 Tai, Shang-Kai 2004-08-24 THESIS
The Inspection of Defect in Pipelines Using Guided Waves
261 Xie, Ming-Xia 2004-02-12 THESIS
262 Chiou, Jhy-Ying 2001-06-11 THESIS
Study of the magnetotransport behavior and electrical properties in the colossal magnetoresistance materials La0.7-xLnxPb0.3Mn1-yMeyO3 (Ln=Pr, Nd and Y, Me=Fe and Co)
263 Young, San-Lin 2002-07-08 THESIS
Speciation of Organotin Compounds in Water Samples by Purge and Trap Concentrator-GC-PFPD after Ethylation with Sodium Tetraethylborate
264 YEN, CHUN-HSIEN 2002-09-07 THESIS
Superlattice Array of Alkanethiolate and Alkanecarboxylate Protected Gold and Silver Nanoparticles
265 Chen, Wei-ting 2008-06-23 THESIS
An inverse nodal problem on semi-infinite intervals
266 Wang, Tui-En 2006-07-07 THESIS
Single crystal growth and physical property research of (YxYb1-x)3Al5O12
267 Chen, Yuan-Fan 2003-05-30 THESIS
A Study of the Three Poets in The Hai-Wai-Chi Society
268 Guo, Chiou-shien 2007-09-06 THESIS
How Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Use Resource to Manage Business during Information Time
269 Liu, Jen-chien 2008-08-12 THESIS
The Effects of Organizatoinal Life Cycle on Human Resource Management Practices
270 Hsieh, Ya-chun 2006-06-13 THESIS
Performance study on the dust removal from ritual money incinerator vent gases by a spray chamber
271 Li, Meng-lin 2007-07-05 THESIS
An Empirical Study on the e-CRM Performance Influence Model for Service Sectors in Taiwan
272 Liao, Lin-Li 2004-07-24 THESIS
Laser ablation condensation of TiO2 and ZrO2: implications for the densification and coalescence of nanoparticles
273 Tsai, Meng-Hsiu 2005-07-12 THESIS
The Effects of Organizational Culture, Organizational Structure, Company's Attitude toward Work at Home System
274 Chen, Chien-Cheng 2005-02-18 THESIS
The Research of the Organization Builds up an e-Learning System Process and Training Performance Indicator
275 Chiu, Wen-Cheng 2005-09-06 THESIS
Automatic Constructing of Concept Map in e-Learning Domain
276 Chen, Hung-Che 2005-08-01 THESIS
A Growth Theory Perspective on the Cross-Country E-Commerce Development
277 Ho, Shu-Chun 2007-02-13 THESIS
Studies on the Natural Products from the Soft Corals Klyxum simplex, Subergorgia mollis and Briareum excavatum
278 Wu, Shwu-Li 2008-09-08 THESIS
The Study of Service Quality for Supply Chain e-Procurement System
279 Hsu, Chun-yu 2005-05-26 THESIS
M&A Exchange Ratio Discussion¡ÐThe Passive Component Industry
280 Hsu, Ya-Hui 2006-06-01 THESIS
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Electrostatic Discharge Phenomena in High-speed PCB
281 Huang, Yi-Shang 2003-07-22 THESIS
The Effect of Polyamines on Floral Initiation and Flower Development in Polianthes tuberosa
282 Chang, Pao-Shu 2003-02-11 THESIS
A MCDM Method for Selecting an e-Store
283 Hsu, Keng-We 2006-05-16 THESIS
The Cardiovascular Effects of alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
284 Weng, Wen-Tsan 2004-08-09 THESIS
From Gui Bo Shang Tong to Ji Wang Qiu Shi¡XA Study of Xing Zhi
285 Lin, Chen-Yao 2003-07-23 THESIS
The study of Word-of-Mouth marketing
286 Tai, Chiu-chun 2008-07-08 THESIS
Effects of temperature, light intensity and salinity on asexual reproduction of the scyphozoan, Aurelia aurita (L.) in Taiwan
287 Liu, Wen-Cheng 2009-02-06 THESIS
Factors Affectong the loyalty of E-tailing Stores
288 Huang, Yu-chen 2008-01-30 THESIS
Simulation of Gaseous Flow in a Microchannel
289 Wang, Yi-Ting 2003-07-07 THESIS
Investigation of Ligand Surface Chemistry: Implications for the Use of £]-Diketonate Copper(I) Complexes as Precursors for Copper Thin-film Growth
290 Kuo, Wen-Chieh 2002-07-24 THESIS
On the Quality and Online user¡¦s Satisfaction with Carnews via the e-Service Quality Model
291 Lee, Yun-Hsuan 2007-08-21 THESIS
Molecular Packing and Its Effects on Light-emitting Properties of Poly(1,4-phenylenevinylene)s
292 Huang, Yi-Fang 2002-10-07 THESIS
An Empirical Study on e-Learning Service Quality and Technology Acceptance, the case of C.S. and T.P. corporations.
293 Lee, Wen-Pin 2007-06-23 THESIS
An Exchange Ratio Determination Model For Airline Mergers:Taiwan's Case Simulative Studies
294 Yu, Chung-Hsun 2002-07-18 THESIS
Understanding Self-Directed Blended Learner¡¦s Usage Behavior of E-Learning System
295 Lu, Chung-Han 2008-04-25 THESIS
Investigation of the Molecular Signaling Mechanisms of Neuropeptide Y in Central Cardiovascular Control of Rats
296 Yang, Ya-Chun 2006-07-28 THESIS
Growth mechanical of (La,A)MnO3,A=Ca,Sr And Film thickness effect of Colossal magnetoresistance(CMR)
297 Hsu, Ching-Chung 2001-07-13 THESIS
Nonmonotone Multivalued Mappings
298 Wang, Rong-yi 2006-06-02 THESIS
Synthesis and Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Polyimides Containing Benzobisthiazole Derived Chromophores
299 Wu, Shou-Shiun 2005-06-28 THESIS
Performance Evaluation of Treating Chemical Mechanical Polishing Wastewaters by a Simultaneous Electrocoagulation/Electrofiltration Process Using Laboratory-Prepared Tubular Composite Membranes
300 Chang, Yuan-hao 2008-02-14 THESIS

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