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Design of All-Optical Gain-Clamped Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers
151 Hsu, Shih 2003-06-14 THESIS
The Role of Demographics and Behavior Pattern in Stress Perception and Approach-Avoidance Intention
152 Chang, Leang-Kai 2002-07-24 THESIS
Study of High Power L-band Amplified Spontaneous Emission Fiber Source
153 Tsai, Tseng-Chien 2002-06-12 THESIS
Study on Hydrostatic Extrusion of Composite Rods
154 Lu, Po-Xian 2001-09-05 THESIS
Processes and Characteristic Analysis of GaN MOS Structure
155 Kuo, Wen-Chang 2000-06-20 THESIS
A Simple Package Technique of Light Emitting Diode for Enhancing Illuminant Quality
156 Lin, Yu-Chung 2008-06-20 THESIS
Studies on Diterpenoid Constituents from Formosan Taxus sumatrana
157 Lin, yun-sheng 2004-07-27 THESIS
Integrating ferrite process with auxiliary methods to treat and resource heavy metal waste liquid
158 Chang, Chien-Kuei 2007-06-29 THESIS
The 3-D structure and surface properties of human post-translational modifier proteins SUMO-1/2/3
159 Huang, Wen-Chen 2003-12-28 THESIS
The Study and Implementation of Compact Ring Laser for the Generation of Single Frequency IR and Blue Lasers
160 Pei, Shan-Chuang 2003-07-05 THESIS
Research on Drosophila melanogaster smt3 P Element Disrupted Mutant
161 Hu, Chien-Chiang 2001-07-06 THESIS
The Study of Trace Metal Phase Speciations by Using Cross-flow Filtration in Kao-ping River Estuary
162 Hsu, Po-Chuan 2002-08-29 THESIS
Studies on the Natural Products of a Formosan Soft Coral
163 Tseng, Yen-ju 2004-08-09 THESIS
The Impact of E-commerce Adoption on Firm¡¦s Performance
164 Lo, Wen-Shin 2005-08-03 THESIS
Microfluidic Cell Counter/Sorter Utilizing Laser Tweezers and Multiple Particle Tracing Technique
165 Lin, Chen-chen 2007-02-14 THESIS
Study on the Natural Products from the Formosan Soft Coral Cladiella australis
166 Wu, Ming-Hsuan 2003-07-22 THESIS
Fabrication of AlxGa1-xN/GaN nanowires for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor by focus ion beam
167 Yang, Chia-Ching 2008-07-16 THESIS
Design and Fabrication of Commercial Grade High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
168 Chan, Hsien-Wu 2007-01-29 THESIS
The Effect of Brand Loyalty for Customer in Publishing Industry of English Teaching of English Teacher Training Activities¡V With Oxford University Press (Taiwan Branch) English Teacher Training Seminar As an example.
169 Chen, I-chi 2008-06-24 THESIS
Reliability Study of IC Packages with Hygrothermal Effect
170 Chen, Thai-ping 2007-05-29 THESIS
Studies of Carbon Dioxide Fixation on Aluminum Complexes
171 Wang, Chun-Chin 2000-07-20 THESIS
Design of Circularly Polarized Ceramic Antenna on an Asymmetric Ground Plane
172 Lin, Chia-Ching 2004-05-31 THESIS
Novel Antenna Designs for Mobile Handsets
173 Fang, Chi-Yin 2003-06-13 THESIS
Study of InSnO Ohmic Contact on GaN
174 Ho, Chen-Lin 2001-06-27 THESIS
Interplay of charge and spin ordering in Pr0.65Ca0.35-xSrxMnO3
175 Huang, Hui-Long 2002-05-31 THESIS
The Study of LiTaO3 Pyroelectric Thin Film IR Detectors Prepared by the Sol-Gel Process with Various Annealing Treatments
176 Yu-Huang, Yeh 2004-07-17 THESIS
Study on formation of central bursting defects in extrusion processes
177 Lin, Shin-Yu 2003-09-03 THESIS
Capacitance-Voltage Study of InN MOS Structure with Different Oxide Thickness
178 Tsai, Chia-hsiu 2007-07-18 THESIS
179 Tu, Hsing-Tai 2003-07-28 THESIS
The Study of the Moisture Effect on the Warpage of IC Packages in the IR-Reflow Process
180 Hung, Chien-Hsiung 2000-08-28 THESIS
The Research of Analysis Conditions on Assimilable Organic Carbon and Applicatin on Water Quality
181 Cheng, Yu-Ning 2008-06-30 THESIS
Studies of Self-Assembled Biferrocenyl Alkanethiol Monolayers on Au (111) Surface and on Gold Clusters.
182 Tseng, I-Min 2002-06-27 THESIS
Dynamics Study on the Financial Performance between Product Life Cycle and Inventory Policy: The case of a high-quality goods Retailing Industry in Kaohsiung
183 Tsou, Jui-fu 2007-07-23 THESIS
Software Design of A Static Communication Synthesis Method
184 Wu, Tsung-Han 2003-09-12 THESIS
New Series of Photoluminescent Polymers Containing 3,4-diphenylthiophene and 1,4-di(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)phenylene
185 Hong, Chang-Chou 2003-07-03 THESIS
Study on the oxygen tolerance of milkfish (Chanos chanos), mullet (Liza macrolepis) and Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)
186 Wang, Tian-Yuan 2003-07-19 THESIS
The Study of Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors Prepared by a Sol-Gel Technology
187 Kao, Ming-Cheng 2004-07-30 THESIS
Ultra WideBand Impulse Radio in Multiple Access Wireless Communications
188 Lai, Weei-Shehng 2004-07-25 THESIS
Study on the Treatment of Paraquat-Containing Solution by H2O2/O3/UV Processes
189 Chen, I-Yu 2003-06-23 THESIS
1.Treatment of 2-Ethyl Hexanol in an air stream by a pilot-scale Biotrickling Filters. 2.Treatment of gaseous VOC emissions from a resin manufacturing plant by a full-scale Biotrickling Filters.
190 Chen, Liang-Chi 2000-07-05 THESIS
Determination of V¡ACr¡ACu¡AZn¡ACd¡ATl and Pb in soil and sediment samples by Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
191 Lee, Yi-Ling 2002-07-03 THESIS
Biodegradation Characteristics of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds Used for Semiconductor and Optoelectrical Industries
192 Lun, Shin-Mei 2003-06-22 THESIS
Evolution Study from Sol to SnO2 films Using Inorganic Precursors
193 Chen, Sing-Chung 2003-07-31 THESIS
A Novel Variable Optical Attenuator for Fiber Optical Communication
194 Yang, I-Chen 2002-06-11 THESIS
Effect of Cadmium on Peroxidase Isozyme in two Rice Cultivars
195 Chen, Nan-ying 2006-07-11 THESIS
Seasonal dynamics of siphonophores in the waters off southern and northern Taiwan
196 Yu, Pei-Wen 2006-07-24 THESIS
Chemical scrubbing of odorous gas emitted from feed-drying processes
197 Chou, Chia-Te 2005-08-30 THESIS
Strategic Analysis of Taiwan Magnesium Industry- an example of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd.
198 Huang, Wen-Lung 2002-07-18 THESIS
In-situ Chemical Synthesis and Light Emitting Diodes of Non-fully Conjugated Heterocyclic Aromatic Polymer with Functionalized Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
199 Lin, Jun-shao 2008-07-12 THESIS
BCJR detection for GMSK modulation
200 Wu, Ching-Tang 2003-09-02 THESIS

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