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Data Dependence Analysis and Its Applicatons on Loop Transformation
101 Yang, Cheng-Ming 2000-07-18 THESIS
The effect environmental interpretation of Kenting National Park on visitor's environmental knowledge, environmental attitude and intention behavior.
102 Pan, Lien-Ju 2005-09-12 THESIS
Learning ontology from Web documents for supporting Web query
103 Hsueh, Ju-Fen 2003-08-28 THESIS
Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2/4-methoxycinnamic acid Composites for Ultraviolet Shielding
104 Chen, Hung-Ming 2007-07-24 THESIS
Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of the High-concentration (COD) Wastewater Generated from the Printed Circuit Board Industry
105 Lin, Shyh-Liang 2000-07-21 THESIS
The Reconstruction Formula of Inverse Nodal Problems and Related Topics
106 Chen, Ya-ting 2001-06-12 THESIS
Surface Chemistry of Difluorovinylidene Species on Cu(111)
107 Lee, Kang-ning 2008-07-25 THESIS
Biodegradation of tetracyanonickelate (TCN) by Klebsiella oxytoca
108 Lin, Chih-Chieh 2001-09-17 THESIS
The Study of Phytoremediation of PCP Contaminated Soil
109 Cheng, Hsiu-chen 2006-01-25 THESIS
The Generation of Disinfection By-Products during Advanced Drinking Water Treatment Processes
110 Yang, Chia-yu 2008-07-01 THESIS
Structures of some weighted composition operators on the space of square integrable functions with respect to a positive measure
111 Pan, Hong-Bin 2002-06-12 THESIS
Determination of monophosphate nucleotides, sulfur-containing amino acids, arsenic species and various oxidation states of iron, vanadium and chromium by capillary electrophoresis inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
112 Yeh, Ching-fen 2005-07-15 THESIS
Studies of Excited Iodine Atoms from Photodissociations of CH3I
113 Wu, Yen-tien 2004-08-28 THESIS
Optimal estimates of the eigenvalue gap and eigenvalue ratio with variational
114 Huang, Hsien-kuei 2004-09-11 THESIS
A Study on the Creative Design of Fiber Clips
115 Hsieh, Kuo-wei 2007-08-22 THESIS
The Study of the Temperature Ramp-up Rate on the Warpage of IC Packages in the IR-reflow Process
116 Chang, Chih-Fang 2000-09-06 THESIS
Packaging of 2.5 Gb/s Directly-Modulated Non-AR Coated Fiber Grating External Cavity Laser
117 Wang, Shih-Hung 2004-07-07 THESIS
118 Hsieh, Yu-Ming 2000-07-28 THESIS
Research of the international New Gramscian School
119 Wang, Nien-hsuan 2004-07-22 THESIS
Kinetic Study on Degradation of Gas-phase 1, 3-Butadiene and Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate (PGMEA) by UV/O3
120 Huang, Bo-Jen 2005-10-24 THESIS
Study on Phosphorescent Electroluminescent Materials Blended with Conjugated Polymers
121 Tsai, Cheng-Yang 2007-07-25 THESIS
Temperature Effect on Microstructure and Characteristics of Nickel Thin Film Deposited on silicon
122 Chao, I-kuei 2007-12-05 THESIS
The impact of e-learning experiences on the cognition of e-enterprise
123 Su, Yu-hung 2004-08-27 THESIS
The Properties of Tantalate Modified Lithium Niobate Pyroelectric Thin Film Detectors Prepared by the Sol-Gel Processes
124 Wu, Jui-Chuan 2003-07-03 THESIS
Study on the correlation between microstructures and cathodoluminescence of the AlGaInN/AlGaN multi-quantum well LED
125 Su, Bo-Chang 2004-07-22 THESIS
Luminescence of Light Emitting Diodes of Fully Conjugated Heterocyclic Aromatic Rigid-rod Polymers
126 Wu, Chien-Chang 2003-06-24 THESIS
Study on the Novel Red Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices
127 Wang, Chih-chia 2007-07-17 THESIS
Using Membrane Sets Incorporated into a Crossflow Electrofiltration/Electrodialysis Treatment Module to Treat CMP Wastewater and Simultaneously Generate Electrolytic Ionized Water
128 Yang, Tsung-Yin 2003-08-28 THESIS
Association Studies of Cytochrome P450 2J2*7 Variants in Type 2 Diabetes with Family History and Early Age of Onset
129 Huang, Han-Fen 2006-06-26 THESIS
Studies on Secondary Metablites of the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia gibberosa
130 Hsieh, Ya-ting 2006-07-31 THESIS
Distribution, growth and reproduction of splendid ponyfish, Leiognathus splendens (Cuiver 1829) in the coastal waters off southwestern Taiwan
131 Chen, Pin-Hsuan 2005-08-07 THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel derived PI/silica hybrid material for low dielectric constant application
132 Hu, Yu-cheng 2004-07-24 THESIS
The Analysis of drunk driving of The United States
133 Wu, Chin-Chih 2008-07-25 THESIS
Construction of Graphs with Given Circular Chrotmatic Number or Circular Flow number
134 Pan, Zhi-Shi 2003-06-27 THESIS
Phase behavior of poly(gama-alkyl-L-glutamate)s
135 Lee, Yu-Hsien 2003-06-12 THESIS
Bacteriocidal Effects of Ozonated Seawater Added with Bromide or Chloride on Marine Fish Pathogens
136 Lin, Chen-hung 2005-07-12 THESIS
The growth and characterization of Si-doped GaN thin film andnanodots
137 Wu, Jian-Feng 2003-10-06 THESIS
The Study and Implementation of Compact Ring Laser for the Generation of Single Frequency IR and Green Lasers
138 Weng, Chun-Jen 2001-06-27 THESIS
The Study of Business Apply Innovation to Creat Value and Elevate the competition.
139 Hou, Wen-Tien 2005-07-12 THESIS
Analysis on the Characteristics of IC Package
140 Tsai, Ching-Liang 2001-06-22 THESIS
Treatment of Trichlorothylene in the Subsurface Environment Using the Suspension of Nanoscale Palladized Iron and Electrokinetic Remediation Process
141 Chang, Der-guang 2005-08-31 THESIS
Antitumor Constituents from Formosan Marine Sponge Dysidea avara
142 Liu, Hau-Ching 2000-08-28 THESIS
Multiple cases study of female leadership style in the high-level management in enterprises.
143 Chien, Shu-chen 2007-06-20 THESIS
Study on the Secondary Metablities of the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia facile
144 chen, Bo-wei 2007-08-24 THESIS
The Roles of Nitric Oxide and Carbon Monoxide in the Survival of PC12 Cells
145 Kuo, Chen-Hsiu 2003-10-17 THESIS
Study on the Treatment of Sewage by A Combined Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Constructed Wetland Process
146 Ma, Chia-Chen 2005-07-12 THESIS
A Survey of the Longest Common Subsequence Problem and Its Related Problems
147 Chen, Jian-bein 2005-09-12 THESIS
The Study of Electromagnetic Shielding for Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Composites
148 Chang, Chia-Ming 2008-02-12 THESIS
An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for the Protein Side Chain Packing Problem
149 Hsin, Jing-Liang 2006-08-30 THESIS
Study on Electromigration of Flip-Chip Solder Interconnect
150 Huang, Hsiung-Nien 2004-07-09 THESIS

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