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Design and Implementation of Single-Phase Full-Wave Brushless DC Fan Motor Driver
10201 Chang, Hsieh-ying 2006-10-17 THESIS
Design and Implementation of High Efficient Active Power Factor Correction Circuits
10202 Fang, Jia-Long 2006-10-16 THESIS
Software Design of A Sequential Loop Optimization Method on Data Locality
10203 Luo, Yong-En 2008-09-11 THESIS
Applications of recurrence relation
10204 Chuang, Ching-hui 2007-06-26 THESIS
Pyrolytic Study of 6-Phenylfulvene and Its Derivatives
10205 Lin, Fang-Ying 2005-07-11 THESIS
Algoritam for generalized co-complementarity problems in Banach spaces
10206 Chen, Chi-Ying 2001-02-02 THESIS
Synthesis of Hexa-O-Substituted Hexaazatriphenylene and Its Application (I)
10207 Liao, Shu-Chih 2000-07-15 THESIS
A Data Mining Methodology for Library New Book Recommendation
10208 Sun, Kuan-Hua 2000-07-26 THESIS
Design and Implementation of Secure LDAP Management System
10209 Chen, Jr-Houng 2000-06-29 THESIS
Software Design of An Attribute Composition Graph Schema Instantiation Method
10210 Chuang, Chi-Hsiang 2006-09-06 THESIS
Austenite stainless in High energy welding and Arc welding produce texture revolution and mechanical property analysis
10211 Chen, Kun-Yu 2001-09-12 THESIS
the IPO effect of Venture Capital
10212 CHEN, ERIC 2000-06-21 THESIS
Work hardening behavior of ultra fine grained commercially aluminum alloy containing nanoscale alumina dispersoids produced by friction stir processing
10213 Lai, chih-ming 2009-02-13 THESIS
Design and Implementation of Multi-function Monitoring Control System
10214 Chung, Hung-Rung 2001-07-30 THESIS

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