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A study of the factors influence underwriter IPOs market share
10151 Lin, Shih-Che 2001-06-13 THESIS
A taxonomic student on Dioscorea L. (Dioscoreacea) of Taiwan.
10152 Liao, Chun-Kuei 2000-06-12 THESIS
The Meaning of Urban Governance by Value Change between Urban and Rural in Taiwan
10153 Yeh, Chin-Chia 2008-03-11 THESIS
The Influence of Personality and Internship Work¡@Conditions toward Technical and Vocational Students¡¦ Willingness into Tourism Industry: The Interference of Socialization and Leadership.
10154 Lee, Hsueh-Hsiu 2006-02-09 THESIS
The Study on Strategies and Outcomes of School-Based Curriculum Management in Elementary Schools of Kaohsiung city
10155 Hong, Jhao-huei 2006-07-06 THESIS
Effects of anode modification on the improved performance of organic solar cells based on poly (3-hexylthiophene): Fullerene
10156 Huang, Yen-liang 2007-07-17 THESIS
A Study of Performance Indicators in Wealth Management ¡V Different Views between Financial Consultants and Banks
10157 Yang, Li-wen 2006-07-04 THESIS
A study of receivers¡¦ attitude on sex indicated TV advertisement
10158 Tsai, Chang-Hsien 2006-07-01 THESIS
The Study of Microstructure of TiO2 Thin Films grown by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering System
10159 Li, Chun-hsiang 2004-09-02 THESIS
The Effects of Industrial Relations Climate, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment in the Banking Industry
10160 Lee, Ya-Fang 2003-09-04 THESIS
Growth and Analysis of CuInSe2 Thin Film Solar Cell Device
10161 Tu, Jen-Chieh 2003-06-29 THESIS
The effect of Organizational Political Behavior On Employee's Job Involvement
10162 Peng, Yu-Fen 2002-07-10 THESIS
Leaf Morphology of Selaginella P. Beauv. and its Taxonomic Significance in Taiwan
10163 Chao, Shu-chih 2008-07-29 THESIS
A study of Hardy's inequalities in the weighted Hardy spaces
10164 Su, Hung-Wei 2006-06-18 THESIS
Research on Global Stability for Some Uncertain Neural Networks with Multiple Time-varying Delays via LMI Approach
10165 Gau, Ruey-shyan 2008-06-23 THESIS
The study of full color display based on white polymer light-emitting devices combined with color filters
10166 Huang, Tang-chen 2008-01-25 THESIS
Crystallographic Orientation Relationships between CVD-grown Carbon Nanotubes and Growth Catalysts
10167 Wen, Che-Yi 2006-07-10 THESIS
A Study of Textbooks' Content of Taiwanes Language in Middle Grade of Elementary School.
10168 Wang, Yen-Hsueh 2006-06-02 THESIS
The effect of perceptions of organizational political on the relation between work values and organizational commitment
10169 Huang, Chia-hsiung 2004-04-06 THESIS
Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Signal Transduction Pathways in Human Neutrophils
10170 Lin, Ming-Wei 2003-05-02 THESIS
A Hierarchical Hexagon Data Structure for Collision Detection
10171 Kang, Ting-wei 2001-07-28 THESIS
The analysis of person-organization culture fit and no-turnover intention Using data from employees of Chinese Petroleum Corporation
10172 Liou, Jiuun-Chang 2000-07-15 THESIS
The Study of Electromagnetic Shielding Materials for Plastic Packaging in Laser Modules
10173 Cheng, Jei-Yen 2000-07-04 THESIS
A Study on Relationship between Organization Change and Job Insecurity of Professionals in Chinese Petroleum Corporation
10174 Chen, Yun-Chin 2004-06-08 THESIS
The Effects of Prefer Orientation on Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of T = 3 Virus Particles
10175 Chen, Chun-Hong 2008-06-20 THESIS
Fault Ride through Capability of Off-shore Wind Farm
10176 Lin, Kwan-Fu 2007-09-11 THESIS
Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in colorectal cancer
10177 Lee, Mau-You 2005-08-16 THESIS
Circular chromatic number of Kneser Graphs
10178 Hsieh, Chin-chih 2004-07-05 THESIS
External-organizationally Altruistic Behavior and Internal-organizationally Organizational Citizenship Behavior
10179 Yeh, Yuan-Shien 2002-08-21 THESIS
An Empirical Analysis of Financial Characteristics For Product Diversification and Internationalization of Degree of Corporate.
10180 Liu, Fu-Mei 2002-07-19 THESIS
Cytotoxic Constituents from Formosan Soft Coral Clavularia violacea
10181 Chu, Chih-Ju 2001-06-20 THESIS
(¤@) Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of o-Dimethylaminostyrylarenes and Its Derivatives (¤G) Pyrolytic Study of (2-Chlorostyryl)pyridines
10182 Su, Li-Mei 2008-07-15 THESIS
Pyrolytic Study of 1-Azidoindene and 3-(4-Methoxystyryl)thiophene
10183 Hsueh, Yu-tan 2005-08-30 THESIS
Growth and Characterization of GaN Nanorods Grown on Si(111) Substrate by Plasma-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
10184 Hsiao, Ching-Lien 2004-10-13 THESIS
An Exploratory Study of the Relationships between 3G Video Service Attributes and Customer Satisfaction
10185 Chung, Han-Yun 2008-06-23 THESIS
The Application of Molecular Wire-Like Ruthenium Complexes Containing Polyferrocenyl-Ethynyl as a spacer
10186 Lin, Shu-fan 2008-02-04 THESIS
Relationships between chlorophyll concentration and marine environmental factors in the Kuroshio and its adjacent waters off eastern Taiwan
10187 Liu, Hsin-yu 2008-01-15 THESIS
Governance, Local Decentralization and Regional Economic Development
10188 Wang, Chun-Hsiung 2005-01-31 THESIS
Chemical Constituents and Cytotoxicity of Formosan Soft Corals Lemnalia laevis (GN62) and Sarcophyton tenuispiculatum (GN53)
10189 Chiu, E-Ping 2004-07-19 THESIS
In Silico and Molecular Cloning of Muscovy Sex-determining Candidate Gene DMRT1
10190 Wang, Yi-Teen 2002-07-25 THESIS
R&D a Prototype Sidescan Sonar Data Acquisition System
10191 chen, Kuang-Yu 2002-07-03 THESIS
Pediatric asthma and medical resources utilization
10192 Tai, Chih-Chiang 2008-08-29 THESIS
Research of Promotion FTPZ with Key Successful Factors by KHB
10193 Chen, Rong-Shin 2003-07-03 THESIS
Synthesis and Structural Study of Tri(2-thiophenyl)phosphino- Germanium and Tin Complexes
10194 Chang, Chi-Hui 2003-08-27 THESIS
Phase-Transformation-Induced Twins in Lanthanum Gallate Perovskite (LaGaO3)
10195 Wang, Wei-Lin 2006-07-05 THESIS
Pyrolytic Study of 2-(2-Vinylstyryl)furan derivatives and 2-[2-(4-Methoxyphenyl)vinyl]benzo[b]thiophene
10196 Liao, Ying-Chi 2006-06-26 THESIS
Chemical Constituents of formosan Stolnifer Tubipora musica Linnaeus
10197 chen, kuan-jen 2001-06-14 THESIS
The study of optical-electric properties CuInSe2 doping Ge
10198 Liu, Chih-Hui 2000-11-24 THESIS
Employee stock option evaluation through risk aversion and exit rate
10199 -Yuh, Song 2004-07-21 THESIS
(¤@) Pyrolytic and Photolytic Studies of 2-Thiomethoxy- Styrylarenes (¤G) Pyrolytic Studies of 2-(3-Phenylpropenyl)anisole and 2-(1-Phenylpropenyl)anisole (¤T) Synthetic Study of Hexaazatriphenylene Derivatives
10200 Hsu, Chen-Ping 2008-06-30 THESIS

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