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The molecular events affect differential interaction of KChIP2.2 and KChIP4a with Kv channel
10001 Chen, Ching-Ping 2005-06-29 THESIS
The Action Research of Integrating Information Technology into Project-Based Science Learning of Elementary School
10002 Chen, Chien-Liang 2003-08-21 THESIS
The optimal strategies among related stakeholders under National Health Insurance policy
10003 Huang, Ming-Ching 2003-07-23 THESIS
The Study of Knowledge Management Model-System Component Research
10004 Lee, Wen-Hsin 2001-06-26 THESIS
Concentration of Po-210 and Pb-210 and enrichment of Po-210 in the marine plankton around Taiwan
10005 Chu, Cun-Hua 2000-08-22 THESIS
The Variation Movements in Beethoven's Piano Sonatas
10006 Lin, Yi-Jen 2000-07-07 THESIS
Dietary zinc requirement of the juvenile grouper (Epinephelus malabaricus)
10007 Hu, Li-Chi 2000-06-28 THESIS
Marketing innovation on constructional steel bar - A Case study of H Company
10008 Liu, Ming-Tan 2007-08-15 THESIS
Investigate Middle management's career success and job performance based on Social Capital
10009 Shao, Hsiu-Ling 2005-08-08 THESIS
Statistical Inference
10010 Chou, Pei-Hsin 2008-06-26 THESIS
Passive Mixing Enhancements in Different Geometric Microchannels with Roughened Surfaces
10011 Huang, Yi-cheng 2007-07-20 THESIS
The Study of Investor Overconfidence in Taiwan ¡Ð the View of Firm Specific Risk and Information Source
10012 Lu, Fang-yu 2007-12-03 THESIS
The Effect of Information Asymmetry on Firms' Financing Decisions
10013 Kuo, Yi-Ling 2007-03-12 THESIS
A Study of Organizational Politics in Managers and its Impact on Knowledge Sharing
10014 Chang, Jean-hao 2006-02-08 THESIS
Photoluminescence Properties of InGaN/GaN Heterostructures Grown on Silicon Substrates
10015 Huang, Chi-huang 2005-08-03 THESIS
A Study of Surface Micromachined Tunable Capacitor
10016 Huang, Chih-Sheng 2005-07-19 THESIS
A Study on Marketing control, Job Satisfaction, Organization commitment, Customer Orientation--- Life insurance Industry for Example
10017 Lin, Chen-tse 2004-07-08 THESIS
Strategic Typology Evolution Of SME- A case study of KMC
10018 Chang, Hsin-Yun 2004-02-04 THESIS
Study of Temperature compensated type Ceramic Capacitors Characteristic of base metal Multilayer
10019 Wang, Hwang-Lyin 2003-07-17 THESIS
Tyrosine - Specific Protein Phosphorylation During D-mannose Induced Cell Death in Rice Cells
10020 Yi-Wen, Shih 2002-06-26 THESIS
Studies on the Metabolites of the Formosan Soft Coral Sarcophyton glaucum
10021 Chen, Chien-Ting 2001-08-07 THESIS
Substrate Temperature Study on The Growth of GaN Films Using Magnetron Sputtering
10022 Hsu, Kuo-Chou 2000-07-05 THESIS
Fabrication of CuInSe2 Thin Film Solar Cell on Flexible Substrate
10023 Sun, Yu-Xiang 2008-07-30 THESIS
Ex-dividend day abnormal return analysis in Taiwan 50 index stocks
10024 YAO, YI-HSIN 2008-07-28 THESIS
Acquisition, Integration and International activities of Tsingtao Beer
10025 Chou, Chun-ying 2007-01-03 THESIS
Expression and characterization of C-terminus of £\1-antitrypsin
10026 Ding, Shih-Shiou 2005-07-25 THESIS
Numerical Computation for Nonlinear Beam Problems
10027 Tsai, Siang-Yu 2005-07-04 THESIS
The Structural Relationship of Affecting Effectiveness of Implementing Management Accounting System
10028 Su, Jyh-Tay 2003-07-22 THESIS
Dectection of binding prteins of Epinephilus malabaricus nervous necrosis virus
10029 Lin, Chun-Ju 2001-07-19 THESIS
Study on Ramsay Fuzzy Neural Networks
10030 Wu, Tzung-Han 2008-06-23 THESIS
A Study of Management Development of First-line Manager in Service Industry
10031 Li, Tzu-Ying 2008-06-11 THESIS
The Relationship of Job Characteristics, Creative Self Efficacy, and Creativity
10032 Lee, Hsin-Chin 2008-05-08 THESIS
A Study on Diversity Combining for Fast Frequency Hopping Systems
10033 Dai, Cyuan-Li 2007-11-28 THESIS
Performance Evaluation of Data Access Latency Hiding Techniques in Processor Design
10034 Jhang, Jia-hao 2007-09-11 THESIS
Correlation between artificial buying desire and some of its influential variables, different price promotion on nth good and different buying motivation
10035 Wang, Dian-chen 2007-09-05 THESIS
The Study of America's Export Control toward China
10036 Wu, Tsung-hsien 2007-07-02 THESIS
Synthetic Studies of Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids
10037 Chen, Zong-yi 2007-05-31 THESIS
City marketing using music as a tool¡ÐThe study of strategies development in Kaohsiung city
10038 Chung, I-chun 2006-08-18 THESIS
The performance and examines of herding behavior in real markets
10039 Tzeng, Wan-tin 2006-07-11 THESIS
China¡¦s Foreign Energy Policies: Interdependence vs. Economic Nationalism
10040 Fields, Adam 2006-06-28 THESIS
Synthetic Studies of Pyrrolophenanthridines
10041 Chen, Xie-ying 2006-06-12 THESIS
The Associations among CEO Dominance, Executive Human Resource Management System, Top Management Team Social Integration, Competitive Behavior and Firm performance
10042 Lin, Hao-Chieh 2005-07-21 THESIS
DNA Sequence Selective Recognition:Synthesis of Urea Compounds
10043 Liu, Meng-chi 2005-07-11 THESIS
The Relationship of Corporate culture, business strategy, staffing strategy and organization performance
10044 Lee, Hsiu-fen 2004-08-18 THESIS
Taiwan Key Upstream Components Industrial Development Impacts to International Advantage and Competition of Taiwan TFT LCD Panel Makers
10045 TAI, YU-SHU 2004-08-14 THESIS
The tensile properties of sub-micron Al
10046 Hung, Pei-Ching 2004-06-29 THESIS
Radial Basis Collocation Method for Singularly Perturbed Partial Differential Equations
10047 Li, Fang-wen 2004-06-21 THESIS
The War of Global Anti-Terrorism Analysis of The United States of America
10048 Lee, Lan-Try 2004-04-14 THESIS
The customers¡¦ perceptions of service quality and continuative consuming behavior intention of floral farms
10049 Lin, Chia-po 2004-04-14 THESIS
Critical Analyses on Pre-Civil War Secessionist Movement As Viewed by the Editorial Commentaries of US Southern-Northern Press Corp
10050 Lin, Chung-Fu 2003-07-31 THESIS

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