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Toyota Just In Time Production System Application In Steel Structure Industry-China Steel Structure Coperation
9851 Lee, Chien-Cheng 2003-05-21 THESIS
The Study of Electromagnetic Shielding for Transceiver Module
9852 Dai, Shwa-Gha 2002-06-21 THESIS
The Substituent effect of B-diketonato Metal Complexes containing DMF
9853 Yung, Tun-Yuang 2001-08-27 THESIS
Specific Heat Studies on the Electron-doped Superconductor Pr1.85Ce0.15CuO4
9854 Li, Hsiao-Hsun 2001-07-04 THESIS
The Experimental Investingation of Residual Strength and Stiffness in Carbon/PEEK APC-2 Composite Laminates
9855 Wu, Chang-He 2001-06-27 THESIS
The design and implementation of push pull converter
9856 Chan, Yong-bin 2008-09-05 THESIS
Dietary Methionine and Lysine Requirements of Juvenile Cobia, Rachycentron canadum
9857 Huang, Chih-Chien 2007-01-12 THESIS
The Study of China¡¦s Diplomatic Policy to Vietnam¡]1975¡Ð2007¡^
9858 Wei, Pin-I 2008-06-25 THESIS
Exploring Relationships among Health Care Quality and Patient Satisfaction on Patient Loyalty by Applying PZB Model
9859 Chen, Hsin-ju 2008-06-24 THESIS
The Relationship among Transformational Leadership, Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior - A Study of Network Department in a Telecommunication Company
9860 Chen, Mei-fei 2007-09-03 THESIS
Investigating key success factors of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) R&D alliances:a case study of SBIR
9861 Hsieh, Wen-hao 2007-07-26 THESIS
Structural properties of GaN-based materials
9862 Huang, Yi-chao 2006-09-12 THESIS
Emerging trends influencing HRM architecture in MNCs: View points of Taiwan subsidiaries
9863 Nieh, Hai-ming 2006-09-12 THESIS
The Affect of Intrinsic Motivation and Personality on Teamwork Quality
9864 Chen, Selena 2006-08-21 THESIS
Effect of Organic Additives on the Performance of LiFePO4 Cathode Materials
9865 Lin, Yuan-Kai 2006-08-05 THESIS
A Study of Operation and Off-Campus Performing Phenomenon Given by the Music Talented Class of Senior High School:Focus on Cases of Seven Schools in Southern Taiwan
9866 Chang, Ju-Huei 2006-07-19 THESIS
The Effect Of Upward Influence Behavior On Organizational Culture
9867 Chen, Wei-Chi 2006-07-12 THESIS
Elementary Solving Strategies of Inequalities
9868 Li, Tzu-lin 2006-06-20 THESIS
(1) Synthetic Application of 4-Hydroxypiperidine (2) Synthetic Application of 4-Hydroxyproline
9869 Pai, Chun-Li 2006-06-08 THESIS
9870 Su, Saou-Wen 2006-05-22 THESIS
The Analysis of Emergency Department Utilization under Implementing Different Point-values of Fees
9871 Lian, Shoou-Yang 2006-04-28 THESIS
The studying ' Peculiar ' of Ellen Chang's " legend "
9872 Chi, Wan-ching 2005-08-10 THESIS
The Relationship between Earnings Management and Information Disclosure in Banks and Financial Holding Corporations
9873 Chan, Chia-Chia 2005-07-12 THESIS
Application and Development of Decision Analysis and Resolution Tools for CMMI Level 3
9874 Su, Tsang-Ming 2005-07-01 THESIS
The Relationship between Empowerment and Employee¡¦s Attitudes
9875 -yuan, Chia 2004-09-19 THESIS
A study of channel strategies for computer product distributers based on transaction cost theory
9876 Wu, Chien-Chang 2004-07-26 THESIS
Low Temperature Superplasticity and Strain Induced Phase Transformation in Ti3Al Based Alloy
9877 Yang, Kai-Lin 2003-12-23 THESIS
The Relationship between Organizational Life Style and Turn-over Tendency---An Example of four Companies of Domestic Airlines in Taiwan
9878 Wang, Mi-Ling 2003-07-28 THESIS
The analysis of affecting factors of Empoyee Dividend-Sharing System
9879 Lin, Tze-Chin 2003-06-26 THESIS
1.The Applications of Glutarimides in Mappicine Ketone Synthesis 2. Formal Synthesis of Udoteatrial
9880 Lin, Ching-Han 2003-05-25 THESIS
A Low-Cost SoC for Information Appliance Networking
9881 Chen, Zhao-Jung 2002-10-09 THESIS
ZnSe-based Epitaxial Growth on GaP Substrate by MOCVD
9882 Yan-Yu, Chen 2002-07-15 THESIS
On Line Behavior Of Using Cyber Coffee : A Case Study For The User Of Cyber Coffee in Kaohsiung
9883 Chang, Joseph 2002-07-08 THESIS
The Catalytic Studies of Pyrolysis of Printed Circuit Board
9884 Fang, Hung-Da 2001-06-26 THESIS
A political economy analysis of Taiwan automobile industry
9885 Chang, Cheng-Bong 2000-07-14 THESIS
The industry ecology viewpoints in the studying of the internationalization behaviors of Taiwan SMEs-using Vietnam Taiwanese firms as research subjects
9886 Cheng, Hsian-lin 2000-07-06 THESIS
Welfare Stigma Among the Case of Hope Project
9887 Chang, Ting-Wan 2008-09-03 THESIS
Research for color purity of blue organic light- emitting diodes with the various thicknesses of organic layer
9888 Liao, Kuo-Chien 2008-08-19 THESIS
The relationship between life experiences and creative thinking
9889 Lu, Lin-yi 2006-09-14 THESIS
The Study of Employee Outsourcing Decision Making in Corps¡¦ Non-core Jobs¡XUse Four High-tech. Companies in Southern Taiwan as Study Cases
9890 Leng, Tse-sen 2006-02-05 THESIS
Medical cost and treatment outcome related factors for HCC
9891 Huang, Ching-Fen 2006-01-02 THESIS
The Correlation Analyses among Store Image, Customer Value, and Price Sensitivity--An Example of Department Store
9892 Kung, Ling-chen 2004-06-23 THESIS
The determinants of the use of atypical employment and the effectiveness
9893 Chen, Chin-Hui 2002-01-28 THESIS
Emissions of volatile organic compounds in the Hsuehshan tunnel
9894 Chang, Po-Jui 2008-07-04 THESIS
The research of difference of Corporation operating characterization affects staff behavior - Taiwan local bank and international bank as analytic subjects
9895 Sun, Cheng-Jung 2006-08-02 THESIS
The Study of Schoolbag Management ,Learning Attitudes and Life Management of Elementary School Pupils
9896 Che-Hua, Ou 2006-02-08 THESIS
Policy confering of government subsidy SMEs to do technology innovation recsearch and development-example for SBIR
9897 Hsu, Shang-che 2005-12-22 THESIS
Study on Instructional Computer Game Using Role Playing Game ¡V Fifth Grade ¡uNatural Enviroment in Taiwan¡vSection of Social Study as an Example
9898 Yu, Gen-Wen 2005-09-03 THESIS
Singles purchasing behavior in bride cake market
9899 Liu, Jui-chin 2004-06-15 THESIS
Taiwan-Fujian¡¦s Economic Development and Regional Cooperation
9900 Bang-Yi, Liu 2003-07-02 THESIS

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