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The Research of Instant-Messaging User Behavior
9801 Hung, Jung-chih 2008-05-14 THESIS
Core Competence Build up and Roll Out System
9802 Chiang, Yung-chieh 2007-09-07 THESIS
Design of the Light Guide Plate with Stepped Micro Structures
9803 Lien, Yen-Po 2008-01-26 THESIS
Ulva fasciata protein disulfide isomerase and thioredoxin expression in response to hypersaline stress
9804 Lee, Ju-Chien 2007-09-06 THESIS
A Speech Act Analysis of Organizational Defensive Routines by Information System Professionals
9805 Yin, Chun-Po 2007-07-19 THESIS
Synthetic Studies Toward Kainic acid and Lycorane
9806 Liu, Yen-ting 2007-07-04 THESIS
Are China and Japan gregarious? The Japanese academic circle how to regard China and face the controversy of ¡§China as an emerging superpower¡¨ in epistemology and methodology form modern times to now.
9807 Chen, Chien-Ting 2007-02-07 THESIS
Analysis and Cases Study of BEMS Application and Its Classification Indexes
9808 Peng, Li-te 2007-01-17 THESIS
Error Analysis in Optical Flows of Machine Vision with Multiple Cameras
9809 Chang, Chao-jen 2006-07-27 THESIS
Spectroscopic study on the fluorescence of Cr ions in double-clad Cr:YAG crystal fiber
9810 Chen, Jian-Cheng 2006-07-12 THESIS
A Study of Interaction Analysis Between RDI and Correlation Coefficient of Electroencephalography and Electrocardiogram
9811 TSAI, MAO-LIN 2006-07-08 THESIS
The study of specific heat and susceptibility of CeRu2
9812 Ho, Jui-chung 2006-06-24 THESIS
Intellectual capital and equity valuation
9813 Tsai, Ching-chen 2005-06-07 THESIS
1. Synthetic Study of Pyrrolizidine Skeleton 2. Synthetic Study Toward Tylophorine and Cryptopleurine 3. Synthetic Study of Fused Bicyclic Glutarimides
9814 Hsu, Ru-Ting 2005-01-18 THESIS
A MAC Protocol Supporting Quality of Service by Bandwidth Reservation Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Network
9815 Huang, Chien-Che 2004-08-10 THESIS
Observation of Dislocation Morphologies in Front of Fatigue Crack Tips of IF Steel
9816 Huang, Wei-Zheng 2004-08-06 THESIS
Study on measurements of friction coefficient in tube hydroforming
9817 Huang, Li-Shang 2004-08-05 THESIS
Research and Applications of the Transmission Performance of Coupler-Driven Mechanisms with Sliders
9818 Wang, Chun-yuan 2004-07-13 THESIS
Improvement of Load-balance of the LVS Web Cluster
9819 Tung, Kuang-Yuan 2004-06-28 THESIS
Effect of Cadmium on Peroxidase Activity in Rice
9820 Chen, Malcolm 2004-05-28 THESIS
Comparison of Marketing Strategies of Oral Erectile Dysfunctional Medicines in Taiwan
9821 T. Wu., Tony 2004-05-22 THESIS
Controlling Factors of Cis/Trans Geometry in Ni and Co Diketonato Complexes
9822 Weng, Tzu-Yu 2003-09-03 THESIS
The Time-resolved Photoluminescence study of Zn 1-x Cd x Se epilayer and ZnSe/Zn 0.91Cd0.09Se MQW
9823 Lin, Chung-Sung 2003-06-24 THESIS
Equilibrium melting temperature of poly (trimethylene terephthalate)
9824 Huang, Tze-Wei 2002-09-06 THESIS
Some Aspects of Neutral Systems: Stability Analysis and Stabilization
9825 Fan, Kuo-Kuang 2002-10-28 THESIS
The study of InGaN illumination intensity affected with post annealing environment
9826 Shen, Yu-Ling 2002-06-20 THESIS
Performance Evaluation of A Multiprocessor Support for Concurrent Execution of Critical Sections
9827 Chang, Heng-Hao 2001-10-01 THESIS
Magneto-optical Effects of Magnetic Fluids
9828 Lin, Man-chien 2001-07-08 THESIS
Part I¡GStudies of Electroorganic Reactions toward the Syntheses of Isoquinoline Alkaloids Part II¡GApplication of Radical Cyclization Reactions toward the Syntheses of Alkaloids
9829 Lee, Ying-Hong 2001-02-13 THESIS
The effect of Uplink and Downlink relationship within Multi-level Marketing Sales
9830 Tsai, Chin-Chang 2000-11-10 THESIS
The determinants of multinational corporation subsidiaries' role and evolution--An empirical study of MNC subsidiary in Taiwan
9831 WU, Yu-chang 2000-06-21 THESIS
On The resource accumulation and industry differentiation of fastener industry in Taiwan
9832 Wu, Tsung-Yea 2000-07-06 THESIS
The Safety Border Management of Global People Movement
9833 Lee, Cheng-Chan 2009-01-17 THESIS
The consumer¡¦s perception and expectation for import beef safety
9834 Chung, Chien-wen 2008-08-27 THESIS
Source contributions of suspended particles using Air Quality Model and Receptor Model
9835 Wang, Wen-Cheng 2008-12-21 THESIS
An Empirical Analysis on the Transmission System Productivity and Efficiency of the Taiwan Power Company¡ÐThree Stage DEA
9836 Huang, Chung-yi 2008-09-02 THESIS
Research on the effect of fantasy message on consumer purchase
9837 Chen, Hsu-Wei 2008-06-17 THESIS
Impact of consistency between brand image, involvement and brand extension on brand attitude - A case of Giant brand extension
9838 Huang, Lang-kwei 2008-01-29 THESIS
InGaN Nano-LEDs¡GGrowth, Fabrication, and Characterizations
9839 Lin, Yuan-ting 2007-08-13 THESIS
D-optimal designs for polynomial regression with weight function exp(alpha x)
9840 Wang, Sheng-Shian 2007-06-25 THESIS
Identification of the Disturbance Sounds of Neoniphon sammara, Myripristis murdjan, and Sargocentron spinosissimum(Holocentridae)
9841 Chen, Chien-hung 2006-09-15 THESIS
The Study in Group's benefits of Samsung Electronics
9842 Chen, Li-Kuang 2006-09-04 THESIS
Derivative pricing based on time series models of default probabilities
9843 Chang, Kai-hsiang 2006-08-02 THESIS
The investigation on improving the content of dispersive particles for composite electrodeposition layer
9844 Chang, Chin-hao 2006-07-29 THESIS
Customer Relationship Management as aspect of Information Sharing Applications: A Case Study of China Steel Corporation
9845 Wang, Chin-lin 2005-08-27 THESIS
The Research of Advanced Planning & Scheduling System for Solving Supply Chain Production & Sales Collaboration Problems - A Case Study of IC Substrate Plant
9846 Kung, Hao 2004-09-06 THESIS
Reliability Improvement for Lead Free UltraCSP
9847 Liu, Chin-chiang 2004-02-12 THESIS
A Case Study of Tzu-Chi Foundation As a Logic of Collective Action Problem
9848 Tu, Jan-Ping 2003-08-22 THESIS
Research for Process Innovation and Competitive Advantage of Iron & Steel Industry
9849 Lee, Tsung-Chang 2003-08-15 THESIS
A Study on Relationship Quality of Telecommunication Business Special Account Service ¡X The Case of C Telecom Company
9850 Lin, Mai-Hua 2003-06-19 THESIS

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