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Personality, Impression Management and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
9751 Su, Wen-yu 2005-08-17 THESIS
How top management team form and its effectiveness:the chaxu geju management behavior view
9752 Hsu, Wen-chung 2005-08-12 THESIS
Design and Implementaion of a High-Performance Memory Generator
9753 Lee, Wan-Ping 2004-08-18 THESIS
A Study of Gamma Distributions and Some Related Works
9754 Chou, Chao-Wei 2004-05-11 THESIS
Temporal and spatial distribution of Chaetognaths in relation to environmental factors in Kaoping coastal waters, southwestern Taiwan
9755 Wang, Shih-Hung 2003-08-13 THESIS
Digital Inverter With Speed Estimation and Dead Time Compensation
9756 LEE, YU-HO 2002-07-10 THESIS
Fitting financial time series data to heavy tailed distribution
9757 Huang, Liu-Yuen 2002-06-23 THESIS
Analysis of the managing contingent workers at an outsourcing system ¡VA case study of the China Steel Corporation and its subcontractors
9758 Liang, Shwu-lee 2000-08-08 THESIS
The Study of Information Sharing for Time-based Competition¡GThe Empirical Analysis on Supply Chain Information Integration in Taiwan IC Industry
9759 Lin, Huang-Chi 2000-06-21 THESIS
Study of Nanostructure Copper Oxide with Controlled Morphologies by a Simple Solution Route
9760 Cheng, Hsiu-yi 2009-01-09 THESIS
The Study of Optical Properties of Nano Crystal Silicon
9761 Lin, Yu-hsuan 2008-07-26 THESIS
The Shocks and Difficulties of Young Managers in the Organizations
9762 Huang, Huei-Yu 2006-08-04 THESIS
Human resource values of firms: The study of influence of them on management performance
9763 Tai, Yuan-yiu 2005-09-08 THESIS
The Perception of Organizational Politics and the reason of perception of Organizational Politics For Public and Private Enterprises
9764 Chang, Pei-Yin 2004-08-16 THESIS
Dimensions and Integral Extensions
9765 Tsai, Chung-Wen 2004-07-28 THESIS
The Effects of Human Resource Systems on Service Employees¡¦ Organizational Commitment and Role Performance: The Cases of Financial Industries
9766 Feng, Yi-Lan 2008-06-07 THESIS
The Effect of Pre-Transparency on Order Strategy, Market Performance and Information Content of Limit Order Book
9767 Lin, Ya-Ling 2008-04-03 THESIS
The relationship between self-image congruence and tourists' purchase intention
9768 Wang, Miao-Ju 2005-07-20 THESIS
The Relationship between Perceptions of Organization Politics and Job Performance¡GThe Mediating Effects of Job Satisfaction¡BJob Stress and Organizational Commitment
9769 Huang, Mei-yu 2004-07-30 THESIS
Ecological Evolution of MIS Research
9770 Li, Liu-Pin 2002-07-22 THESIS
Exploring internal and external service chains of electronic government services
9771 Yeh, Shang-ching 2008-09-01 THESIS
Spatial and temporal distribution of thaliaceans (Tunicata) in relation to hydrography in the waters off southern Taiwan
9772 Su, Yi-tien 2008-06-09 THESIS
Relationships among Leadership, Absorptive Capacity, Psychological Contract and Innovational Behavior ¡X taking the Technology Industry as Examples
9773 Hsu, Cheng-hui 2007-08-07 THESIS
Electrical Analysis of 65nm MOSFETs under Process and Mechanical Stress
9774 Chen, Chun-nan 2007-07-30 THESIS
Study on nano fabrication of silicon and glass by focused ion beam
9775 Hsiao, Fu-Yueh 2007-07-25 THESIS
Cyclical Fluctuation and Industry Dynamics in Taiwan High-Technology Industries
9776 Lin, Shu-Hung 2007-07-12 THESIS
A Study of the Channel Relationship between 3M and Sales Channels in the Business Enterprise Market ¡V A case of B Home Furnishing and DIY Store
9777 Hsieh, Hsi-Yang 2007-01-30 THESIS
An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Agenda Building of Knowledge Management Project Based on the Perspectives of Institutional Pressures and Agenda Building
9778 Chen, Hsiu-ju 2006-08-02 THESIS
A Study on the Relationships between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance for Dispatched worker.¡XAn Example of Department of Transmission Line and Substation Projects, Taiwan Power Company
9779 Yen-Ting, Lo 2006-06-02 THESIS
The analysis of consumer behavior for using data communication on the mobile phone
9780 Tsou, Chung-wang 2004-07-13 THESIS
Analysis of 2D Optical Waveguide Structures Using Frequency-Domain Finite-Different Method
9781 Lin, Zheng-Wei 2004-07-13 THESIS
Promote the Development of Kaohsiung City and Competitive Strategies after Cross-strait in accession to the WTO The Exploitation of Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce & Trade Park
9782 Yang, Cheng-Yuan 2003-08-27 THESIS
Organotin Compounds in Kenting Coastal Area
9783 Lee, Shu-Hui 2002-09-10 THESIS
The study of MVC relying on Taiwan subsidiaries¡¦ knowledge resources while operating in Mainland market
9784 Ko, Chiu-Shuang 2002-08-05 THESIS
The Study of the Colossal Magnetoresistance Tunneling
9785 Wu, Tsung-Chan 2002-07-27 THESIS
The discounting for initial public offering of convertible bonds
9786 Hsieh, Hung-Yu 2002-07-01 THESIS
The study of GaN films grown by Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition system
9787 Liu, Kuo-Chung 2001-06-26 THESIS
Fisheries Biology of Sergestid shrimp, Sergia lucens, in the Southwestern Coast of Taiwan
9788 Huang, Chen-Yi 2000-07-15 THESIS
Nest Recognition of Black-naped Tern (Sterna sumatrana) and Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii)
9789 Lin, Yu-hung 2009-01-20 THESIS
A Study on Receiver Design in the Ultra-Wide Band Channels
9790 Chiu, Chih-hsien 2008-09-12 THESIS
The Research of Information Management Key Issues in Taiwan's Enterprises
9791 Ke, Chih-Ming 2008-08-26 THESIS
Study on Architecture-Oriented Business Intelligence system with Balanced Scorecard
9792 Liu, Tser-Shyan 2008-01-15 THESIS
Resherch on the segmentation of potential tourist is impression for resorts and the marketing strategies for Moalin national scenic area
9793 Fan, Jue-chin 2006-09-05 THESIS
The effect of perceptions of organizational politics on organizational commitment, job performance, and organizational citizenship behavior ¢w comparison and analysis between public and private enterprises members
9794 Hsieh, Ching-I 2003-07-25 THESIS
A System Dynamic Approach to the Study of enterprise¡¦s financial forecast and financial diagnosis
9795 Han, Chieh-ju 2003-07-15 THESIS
The study on the relationship of transformation leadership, multi-level marketing's organizational cultures and organizational commitment-taking the multi-level marketing distributors of the B company as samples
9796 Lee, Yen-Hua 2002-09-05 THESIS
The Relationships between work values, personal characters, and career orientations of the Taiwanese expatriates in Mainland China
9797 Liu, Chin-Hsun 2002-08-09 THESIS
Sampling and Characteristic Study of Air Pollutants in Chungcheng and Cross-Harbor Tunnels in Kaohsiung City
9798 WANG, Sheng-Wei 2000-08-24 THESIS
A study of stages of concern, layers of adoption, encouraging and obstructive factors about integrating information technology into instruction in junior high school language domain teachers in Kaohsiung City.
9799 Chen, Hsiang-Chun 2004-02-04 THESIS
Effects of Dietary Protein Quality on the Growth of Juvenile Cobia Rachycentron canadum
9800 Lin, Kuo-Wei 2004-02-01 THESIS

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