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A Low Jitter High Linearity Voltage Controlled Oscillator
651 Tzuhsuan, Peng 2004-07-15 THESIS
A MCDM Method for Selecting an ERP System
652 Tai, Wei-Chun 2002-07-12 THESIS
Let the Moon Shine on the Dog A Deconstructive Reading of the Subjectivity in Wordsworth¡¦s The Prelude
653 Chen, Kuo-shih 2005-07-22 THESIS
Dynamic Characteristics of a High Speed Drilling
654 Hsieh, Hsiang-Tse 2001-07-26 THESIS
The Life Adjustment of Foreign Brides and their Life Guidance Measures by the Government: the Case of Penghu County
655 Wu, Jin-Feng 2005-07-12 THESIS
The Study and Fabrication of 2D Photonic Crystal Microcavity and LC-DFB laser
656 Shiue, Chau-Wei 2006-07-10 THESIS
The Design and Implementation of Vehicle Trajectory Management¡GSoftware/Hardware Co-design of a GPS/GSM Embeded System
657 Jiang, Jian-Hao 2005-07-06 THESIS
Density functions with extremal antiperiodic eigenvalues and related topics
658 Kung, Shing-Yuan 2005-01-22 THESIS
A Study on Digitalization and Competitiveness of Far Sea Fishery Industry: A Case of Purse Seiners Fleet of F Fishery Group
659 Tsai, Ting-Pang 2004-07-05 THESIS
Whitacre Five Hebrew Love Songs's Music Analysis and Interpretation
660 Chou, Yen-wen 2008-07-21 THESIS
Timing of Larval Release by Five Coral Species in Southern Taiwan¡GSeasonality, Lunar and Diurnal Periodicity
661 Lin, Ke-han 2005-08-10 THESIS
Immunopathogenesis of dengue-2 infection in a dengue-2 outbreak
662 Chen, Rong-fu 2007-09-08 THESIS
A study of Debussy¡¦s Piano Work¡§Prelude¡¨Book ¢¹¡Gfrom historical viewpoints to research into performance interpretation
663 Yang, Sze-Wen 2003-01-23 THESIS
664 Tatsuya, Endo 2008-03-07 THESIS
Coopetition(Competition and Cooperation) Strategy
665 Lu, Chin-long 2007-08-02 THESIS
Valence-Conduction Band Mixing Effect In Type-¢º Superlattice
666 Chang, Chun-Chin 2002-06-17 THESIS
A Study of Key Factors of Bidding Strategy in On-line Auctions.
667 Yang, Wen-Ching 2004-08-07 THESIS
Constructing Knowledge Map from the Web
668 Sun, Chen-Kai 2002-07-18 THESIS
Studies on the semiclassical transport and activated conductivity in two-dimensional GaAs electron systems
669 Lo, Szu-hsien 2007-09-11 THESIS
The Study of Cross-country Feed Company Constructing Sustainable Competitive Advantages - Case Study on Greatwall Enterprise
670 Sui-Ying, Wang 2004-08-25 THESIS
The Key Success Factors of Using Digital Devices to Promote Mobile Learning¡ÐThe Case of PDA Guidence in Taiwan¡¦s National Museums
671 Mah, Jui-hsuan 2006-08-30 THESIS
Marketing Strategy of Online Shop ¡Ð A Case Study of Woman Clothing & Accessories in Taiwan.
672 Chou, Ya-Hui 2008-02-03 THESIS
Role of angiotensinergic neurotransmission at nucleus reticularis ventrolateralis during experimental endotoxemia
673 Ou, Ching-Ju 2001-06-26 THESIS
A study of key factors for country life in a health resort
674 Wu, Wen-Hao 2008-08-14 THESIS
The studies of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures by T-dependent and B-dependent Hall measurements
675 Wang, Huei-Yu 2004-06-29 THESIS
The studies on Dragon Grouper Nervous Necrosis Virus capsid protein and virus-like particle formation
676 Lu, Ming-Wei 2003-01-15 THESIS
Factors Affecting the Purchase Intention of Recommended Products in On-line Stores
677 Ku, Yi-Cheng 2005-07-28 THESIS
The impacts of language familiarity on e-negotiation strategies
678 Lin, Pauline 2007-08-28 THESIS
The Study on Person-Environment Fits and Their Outcomes: The Application of Q-methodology
679 Wu, Ko-wei 2008-07-18 THESIS
Evaluation of Microbial in Effluent of Each Treatment Unit at a Water Treatment Plant
680 -Ming, Sun 2008-07-09 THESIS
A Modified EDCF with Dynamic Contention Control for Real-Time Traffic in Multihop Ad-Hoc Networks
681 Chiu, Jen-Hung 2005-07-28 THESIS
Site-direct mutagenesis on alpha-bungarotoxin: structural dependence on the integrity of disulfide bonds
682 Cheng, Ching-Wen 2001-05-16 THESIS
The Study of Integrating Information Technology into Junior High School Gender Equality Education
683 Tsai, Juei-Tseng 2006-07-23 THESIS
Strategic Analyses of Marketing Channels for Semiconductor Components in Taiwan
684 Hu, Shen-Sheng 2002-07-18 THESIS
An Analysis of E-learning Innovation and Impact using a Hypercube Model
685 Lee, Ying-hua 2005-07-13 THESIS
Determination of magnitudes of modulating field:photoreflectance and electroreflectance on surface-intrinsic-n+ type doped GaAs
686 Lee, Wei-Yao 2000-06-21 THESIS
The Impacts of Person-Organization Fit and Person-Job Fit on Work Attitude-The Case of Taiwan Power Company
687 Hu, Yi-Ting 2006-01-26 THESIS
Application of dietary b-1,3-glucan in enhancing resistance of Penaeus monodon against vibrio and viral infections
688 Chang, Cheng-Fang 2000-07-17 THESIS
TFT-LCD Merger Simulation Modeling-- A Study of Between AUO & QDI
689 Wang, Shen-Jen 2003-08-05 THESIS
The acoustic signals associated with territorial behaviors in Stegastes lividus (Pomacentridae)
690 Chen, Nien-wen 2005-07-26 THESIS
Effects of Alismatis Rhizoma's Extract on Short ¡V Circuit Current and Conductance across Frog Skin Epithelium
691 Pei, Jui-fa 2004-05-30 THESIS
Coordination as the impetus for information sharing in e-business supply chain
692 -chun, Yen 2006-07-09 THESIS
Analysis of New Market Access for Buddhist Music: The Marketing Strategy of Buddha Cloud Music Production House in Response to Internet Factors
693 Tseng, Ming-hung 2005-07-18 THESIS
A Study on the resource conduct and competitive advantage in IC industry ¡X The case study of A company
694 Liu, Kong-ting 2005-07-22 THESIS
To probe deeply into the Customer Relationship Management strategy and operation flow of life Insurance.-ex. Nan Shan life Insurance Co, LTD.
695 Hsiao, Chen-Nung 2003-07-28 THESIS
The history of Taiwan Mathematics Curriculum Standards: Case of Number and Calculation Standards
696 chen, Ping-yun 2008-12-05 THESIS
A Clustering-based Approach to Document-Category Integration
697 Cheng, Tsang-Hsiang 2003-09-04 THESIS
Cloning, Expression and Initial Characterization of a Novel Human Gene ROGDI
698 Chen, Kuei-Chiu 2006-11-29 THESIS
Developing Quality Scale for Synchronous Web-based Instruction
699 Wu, Hsiu-Chu 2008-02-14 THESIS
Molecular characterization of mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes from breast cancer families in Taiwan
700 Lin, Yuan-Ping 2003-07-06 THESIS

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