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Role of yeast ArsA homologue ARR4 in thermotolerance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
601 Kuo, Ya-Po 2002-07-24 THESIS
Planktonic Foraminiferal Isotopic Records of Gutingken Formation at Shoushan, Kaohsiung
602 Tseng, Wen-chien 2004-06-21 THESIS
Photoreduction of Carbon Dioxide via TiO2 and ZrO2 Photocatalysts
603 Lo, Cho-Ching 2008-07-24 THESIS
Characteristics study on the Performance of A Pilot-Scale RCO(Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer)for Destrution of Destrution of Gas-borne VOCs
604 han, Liu-yen 2007-07-26 THESIS
Optimal Designs for Calibrations in Multivariate Regression Models
605 Lin, Chun-Sui 2006-07-10 THESIS
Development and Improvement of Shortwave Communication Prediction Models
606 Chiu, Chin-Hung 2001-07-15 THESIS
Cloning of lipid metabolism-related genes LPL and FABPs of cobia (Rachycentron canadum) and their mRNA expressions as affected by dietary fatty acid composition
607 Tseng, Mei-Cheuh 2008-08-22 THESIS
1.The Application of Glutarimides in the Synthesis of Piperidine and Isoquinolone Derivatives 2.Regioselective Nucleophilic Addition of Glutarimides and the Applications to the Synthesis of Alkaloids 3.A New Approach to (E)-3-Substituted-N-Alkylacryl-amides and 3,4-Disubstituted Succinimides
608 Tsai, Min-Ruei 2004-10-07 THESIS
Applying object-based e-learning instructional design to conceptual learning
609 LU, YUEH-LING 2003-07-30 THESIS
The Study of Cr4+ Fluorescence Enhancement in Crystal Fiber Using Side Deposition
610 Lin, Yen-Sheng 2005-06-28 THESIS
Integrated On-Line and Off-Line Electronic Cash
611 Liao, Tsai-hsiu 2007-09-06 THESIS
Information Security Service Industry - EverGreen International Development Co Ltd.. - Entrepreneur Case Study
612 Hsu, Yu-Tsung 2004-09-07 THESIS
The Cause of Current Account Deficit of The United States
613 Lai, Sue-ping 2005-07-28 THESIS
A study of electronic commerce business model for traditional stationers in Taiwan
614 Tai, Chien-wen 2001-01-11 THESIS
Evaluation of the Biodegradability of MTBE in Groundwater
615 Chen, Ku-Fan 2006-05-24 THESIS
A Study of Macroeconomic Variables that Determine Earnings Multiple of Taiwan Stock Market--Empirical Study of Earnings to Price Ratio (E/P)
616 Lei, Brook 2002-07-18 THESIS
A Novel Linear RF Transmitter Using High-Efficiency Power Amplifier Applied with Envelope Modulation
617 Chen, Yu-An 2005-07-26 THESIS
The Electric Characteristics of Thin Oxynitride Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Deposition and Quality Improvement by Biasing during the Growth
618 Lin, Shuo-Yen 2000-07-04 THESIS
Exploration of IT department executing Total Quality Management¡VBased on the Car Company
619 Ou, Shih-yu 2007-07-17 THESIS
Time-resolved optical beam induced current mapping in InGaN LED
620 Lin, Yu-fong 2008-07-17 THESIS
Enforcing Access Control of Web Services Based Workflows
621 Yin, Chuan 2008-07-22 THESIS
A Study on the Feasibility of Mobile VOIP: A Case of BOT project of Taiwan Railways Administration
622 Chiang, Po-Chuan 2007-02-11 THESIS
Facilitating On-line Automated Bargaining Using Data Mining Technology -- A Solution from Time Series Analysis
623 Kuang-Yi, Chang 2000-08-02 THESIS
The Recommendation Effect of Personalized eDM ¡GIntimacy as Mediator
624 Yu, Chao-Fu 2008-01-16 THESIS
Molecular cloning of flavonoid 3¡¦,5¡¦-hydroxylase cDNA from the petals of Verbena x hybrida
625 Hung, Cheng-yu 2004-07-12 THESIS
An Empirical Investigation of Message Pass-along Behavior Intention: From the Perspectives of Social Cognitive Theory and Social Capital Theory
626 Lin, kuei-ju 2008-01-18 THESIS
The phylogenetic relationship of five seamoth species with some biological aspects of Pegasus volitans
627 Lu, Wei-I 2002-06-26 THESIS
Protein expression of low temperature-inducible gene in Tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus
628 Huang, Sheng-hui 2006-09-05 THESIS
Automatic Recognition of Printed Music Score
629 Tsai, Tzu-Wei 2004-07-25 THESIS
The Study of Applying Category Management on Adaptive Customer-centered Online Catalogs
630 Liu, Chiang-Luan 2001-06-26 THESIS
Deconstructing "The Invisible Hand" Discourse: An Essay on Reflections in Economic Methodology
631 Tsai, Po-wen 2005-01-11 THESIS
Syntheses and Reactivity Studies of Transition Metal Complexes Containing Chelating Amido Ligands
632 Lee, Wei-Ying 2008-12-29 THESIS
The Impact of Use Situation on the Acceptance of Mobile Value-added Services
633 Ling, Yu-Ling 2007-07-31 THESIS
The bacterial diversity in a KaoPing River constructed wetland for wastewater treatment
634 Cheng, Shu-Hsun 2008-07-14 THESIS
Action Research: The Application of Adventure Education in Learning Area of Integrated Activities in Junior High Schools
635 Hui, Kang-shu 2007-07-24 THESIS
A Study on the Feasibility of the Official Appointment of Sub-ward (Li) Chiefs¡X A Case of Kaohsiung City
636 Lee, Hai-Yu 2004-09-10 THESIS
Using Text mining Techniques for automatically classifying Public Opinion Documents
637 Chen, Kuan-hsien 2009-01-19 THESIS
Approach to the Business Model of the B2B E-Marketplace in Taiwan¡ÐTake the Steel And the Motor Vehicles And Parts Industry for Examples
638 Liao, Yu-Chun 2002-02-04 THESIS
Perverse Desire and Lesbian Identity in Lydia Kwa's This Place Called Absence
639 Chang, Kai-ying 2006-06-23 THESIS
A Study on the Bevel Gear with Circular-Arc Tooth Profiles
640 Kuo, Hsiu-Ming 2001-07-23 THESIS
Cloning and sequence analysis of the peroxidase genes in High and Low rooting line of Cinnamomum kanehirae
641 Li, Ming-wei 2009-05-26 THESIS
Salespeople¡¦s motivation model in biotechnology companies
642 Hsiao, Yu-hua 2004-08-24 THESIS
The Development of B to B E-Marketplace and Interactions Between Industries and B to B E-Marketplace in Taiwan--Take China Steel, SYSCO, and Yulon For Example
643 Hsu, Da-Wei 2001-06-17 THESIS
Oversea incident report automatic and analysis
644 Lin, Char-Ming 2002-10-01 THESIS
The Influence of the Consumer Behavior in Ribbon Gift Packing¢wA Case Study of Taichung.
645 Lu, Ming-shan 2008-06-24 THESIS
Tide Forecasting and Supplement by applying Wavelet Theory and Neural Network
646 Wang, H.D 2001-07-20 THESIS
Research of Value Chain in Taiwan Foundry Industry Investment in China
647 Tsou, Li-Jen 2002-06-17 THESIS
Spatial and temporal distribution of pteropods in relation to hydrography in the waters around Taiwan
648 Chen, Yung-Chih 2006-07-16 THESIS
A Study of Low Power Microhotplate and Platinum Thin Film Temperature Sensor
649 Chen, Sheng-wei 2007-09-10 THESIS
Role of IgA1 Protease £]-chain in Bacterial Infection
650 Su, Yu-ni 2006-08-03 THESIS

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