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The Study on Properties of Ferroelectric Materials with Bismuth Content
551 Wei, Yin-Fang 2008-01-09 THESIS
Studies on Bioactive Sesquiterpene Lactones From Eupatorium hualienense, Ou, Chung & Peng
552 Jang, Jiun-yang 2004-07-28 THESIS
Study of the Manipulation and Electronic Spectroscopy for Metal Nanoclusters
553 Lin, Ku-liang 2006-09-13 THESIS
Factors of Successful and Unsuccessful e-Projects -A Case Study of a Non-Profit Education and Training Institute
554 Kao, Yi-Chih 2005-07-21 THESIS
Studies on the Bacteria in Aquaculture 1.Antagonistic Bacteria of Edwardsiella tarda 2.Culturable Bacteria in Penaeus monodon Pond
555 Yeh, Jeng-Chyang 2000-07-19 THESIS
Experiment study for heat transfer of high density electronic multichip array by transient heat transfer method with with thermochromic liquid crystal
556 Lee, Hsu-Fu 2002-07-10 THESIS
On minimally-supported D-optimal designs for polynomial regression with log-concave weight function
557 Lin, Hung-Ming 2005-06-29 THESIS
Chemical Scrubbing of fume gas stream from corn germ pressing machine
558 Huang, Li-Min 2002-07-15 THESIS
Modeling and Evaluating Lead-frame CSPs for Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit Applications
559 Huang, Hui-Hsiang 2001-06-30 THESIS
Functional Analysis of Recombinant Sm22.6 Antigen in Schistosoma mansoni
560 You, Shu-tieng 2006-08-03 THESIS
The Study of LiTaO3 Pyroelectric Thin Film IR Detectors Prepared by a Sol-Gel Method and Rapid Thermal Annealing Technology
561 Li, Yi-Ju 2002-07-16 THESIS
The Research on Flexible Staffing Arrangements in Retail Industry--The Example of Supermarket and Hypermarket
562 Teng, Kuei-chuan 2004-08-12 THESIS
The Impact of Cultural Difference on On-line Negotiation
563 Lin, Chun-yi 2007-08-25 THESIS
The plan of the entering of Loxa education network to mainland China market.
564 Chou, Chi-Nan 2002-07-18 THESIS
Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Integrated Horizontal-Flow Constructed Wetlands
565 Chen, Yi-ling 2006-10-13 THESIS
The genomic approach of glutamine synthetase in tilapia, Oreochromis mossabicus
566 Wu, Tsung-jung 2006-09-06 THESIS
Text Categorization for E-Government Applications: The Case of City Mayor¡¦s Mailbox
567 Kuo, Chiung-Jung 2006-08-29 THESIS
Study on the Czochralski Growth and characterization of (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3 single crystals
568 Huang, Jung-heng 2006-06-20 THESIS
The Impact of Strategic Position on E-Broker's CRM Applications
569 Li, Shin-Chin 2001-02-07 THESIS
Explorations in the Effect of Emoticon on Negotiation Process from the Aspect of Communication
570 Chiu, Kuo-chan 2007-08-27 THESIS
A Design on the Bevel Gear with Circular-Tooth Profiles for Manufacturing
571 Hsieh, Ming-Lung 2003-07-08 THESIS
Application of Health Risk Assessment on a Chlorinated-Solvent Contaminated Site
572 Lin, Shu-Yu 2008-08-20 THESIS
Evaluate the Rat Fatty Liver by CT, MRI and MR Spectroscopy compare with Fat-Water Mixed Phantom Model
573 Sun, Chin-Chih 2006-08-08 THESIS
Characterizations of Distributions by Conditional Expectation
574 Chang, Tao-Wen 2001-06-19 THESIS
Uncoercible Anonymous Electronic Voting System
575 Sun, Wei-zhe 2006-07-25 THESIS
Analyse the operation tactic of Taiwan cosmetics industry¢wthe example of Taiwan Salt¡¦s transformation compare with S-company
576 Po-sheng, Wang 2004-08-06 THESIS
The Influence on De-NOx of Metal-Oxidation Catalysts with acidic modification
577 Huang, Ling-Hsuan 2001-09-12 THESIS
The strain effect on CMR thin films
578 Yuan, Feng-Ping 2007-09-19 THESIS
The effects of message framing, source credibility, and product involvement on intention to forward e-mail
579 Chen, Chia-chung 2004-07-28 THESIS
Effect of Oxygen Concentration and Promoters on the Performance of Copper Catalysts During Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Monoxide
580 Liu, Kai-Chung 2001-09-14 THESIS
A Study of Brahms Cello Sonata in E Minor
581 Liao, Chin-Yi 2008-08-26 THESIS
Design and implementation of a multi-digital broadcasting standard channel decoder
582 Chou, Hsiao-fang 2004-08-18 THESIS
The Study of Catalytic Oxidation of Ammonia in an Air Stream over Cu/Ce Catalyst
583 Yang, Sheng-Fu 2002-07-11 THESIS
The Properties of Sol-Gel Derived Magnesium Modified Lead Titanate Pyroelectric Thin Film Detectors
584 Kao, Ming-Cheng 2000-06-16 THESIS
Study on Impedance Matching for RF Sputtering Optimization
585 Tsou, Chu-Hua 2007-08-02 THESIS
On infinite matrices whose entries satisfying certain dyadic recurrent formula
586 Hsu, Chia-ming 2007-07-25 THESIS
Research on Taiwan's Software Industry and Its adoption of CMM Model
587 Lin, Jen-Chuan 2002-07-29 THESIS
Development and Research of PCR Diagnostic Technique to Detect Salmonella
588 CHIANG, YEOU-HUN 2003-09-01 THESIS
Biseparating linear maps of continuous or smooth functions
589 Yan, Shao-hua 2005-06-23 THESIS
Development of An Online Marketing Research System
590 Chiu, Chun-Cheng 2001-06-27 THESIS
Spin fluctuation and spin tunneling in the magnetic superstructure
591 Liao, Po-Yu 2006-07-11 THESIS
Verification of a Western Pacific Circulation Model Using Global Drifter Data
592 Yu, Sing-ru 2008-08-29 THESIS
Fabrication of InGaAsP/InGaAsP Electro-absorption Modulator by Wet Etching
593 Lee, Dan-Long 2004-07-06 THESIS
Mapping Resistance: History, Space, and Identity in Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient
594 Pan, Yun-chih 2006-07-13 THESIS
Cross-Lingual Text Categorization
595 Lin, Yen-Ting 2004-07-29 THESIS
Design and Analysis of Array Waveguide Grating
596 Liao, Hui-Min 2003-07-01 THESIS
Characteristics of Gas-born Ammonia Removal and Oxidation by a Biotrickling Filter and a Fern-chip Packed Biofilter
597 Wang, Chia-hsi 2007-07-20 THESIS
Biodegradation of PAHs in Diesel Fuel by Candida viswanathii in Salty Environment
598 Yu, Tsung-Lin 2003-06-29 THESIS
A Case Study of Business Strategies for Cyber Café's future
599 Wang, Chung-Hua 2007-08-29 THESIS
Blended Synchronous Learning Models in Web-based Learning Environment
600 Lin, Chun-Cheng 2007-08-27 THESIS

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