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Retention of a model pathogen in a porous media biofilm [electronic resource] /
1 Bauman, Wesley James. THESIS
Mid-and late-gestation lethality in mice lacking the N terminus of TATA-binding protein
2 Hobbs, Nicole Kay. THESIS
Transformation of barley (Hordeum vulgare) using the wheat puroindoline gene [electronic resource] /
3 Odake, Yusuke. THESIS
Ferromagnetism in cobalt-doped titanium dioxide
4 Lussier, Alexandre Francois. THESIS
Effect of trace mineral supplementation and the use of an experimental Escherichia coli O157:H7 vaccine on Escherichia coli O157:H7 fecal shedding in beef calves
5 Skinner, Kim David. THESIS
Palladium (II)-catalyzed stereoselective formation of [alpha]-O-glycosides
6 Schuff, Brandon Patrick. THESIS
The effects of acute muscular fatigue on the functional ability of the knee joint
7 Brown, Tyler Nolan. THESIS
Environments that encourage mathematics graduate teaching assistants the effects of institution type and availability of training /
8 Latulippe, Christine Lynn. THESIS
Molecular and biochemical characterization of wheat (Triticum aestivum. L) polyphenol oxidases (PPOs)
9 Jukanti, Aravind Kumar. THESIS
The role of puroindoline A and B upon grain endosperm texture, end-use quality traits and physicochemical association to starch
10 Wanjugi, Humphrey Wainaina. THESIS
A quantitative description at multiple scales of observation of accumulation and displacement patterns in single and dual-species biofilms
11 Klayman, Benjamin Joseph. THESIS
Characterization of riparian wetland soils and associated metal concentrations at the headwaters of the Stillwater River, Montana
12 Cook, Steven Allen. THESIS
Ectomycorrhizal fungi of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) in the Northern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
13 Mohatt, Katherine Rose. THESIS
Rural Grandparents raising grandchildren : predictors of parental stress
14 Conway, Marcia Anne. THESIS
Experimental assessment of aggregates
15 Trimble, Nicholas Robert. THESIS
Enhancing native forb establishment and persistance using a rich seed mixture
16 Half, Melissa Lindsey. THESIS
Impact of harvest operations on parasitism of the wheat stem sawfly, Cephus cinctus Norton (Hymenoptera: Cephidae)
17 Meers, Scott Byron. THESIS
Interactions between the invasive New Zealand mud snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, baetid mayflies, and fish predators
18 Cada, Chelsea Ann. THESIS
Non-destructive soil testing using x-ray computed tomography
19 Nielsen, Brent Daniel. THESIS
Natural resource rents and institutional change
20 Scarborough, Brandon Christopher. THESIS
Scheduling reentrant flexible job shops with sequence dependent setup times
21 Philip, Deepu. THESIS
Effects of native ectomycorrhizal fungi on aspen seedlings in greenhouse studies inoculation methods, fertilizer regimes, and plant uptake of selected elements in smelter-impacted soils /
22 Mahony, Christopher Paul. THESIS
Food security and family well-being
23 Long, Lauren Christine. THESIS
Geochemical evidence for microbially mediated subglacial mineral weathering
24 Montross, Scott Norman. THESIS
The effect of facilitator training on the development and practice of participants in an online induction program for teachers of science and mathematics
25 Taylor, Peggy Sue. THESIS
Methylmercury risk communication needs among women of childbearing age
26 Willcut, John Lance. THESIS
Competition between the threatened Bliss Rapids snail, Taylorconcha serpenticola (Hershler et al.) and the invasive, aquatic snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum (Gray)
27 Richards, David C. THESIS
Construction of knowledge about teaching practice and educating students from diverse cultures in an online induction program
28 Bice, Lawrence Raymond. THESIS
Generic properties of the infinite population genetic algorithm
29 Hayes, Christina Savannah THESIS
Biomimetic synthesis of catalytic materials
30 Varpness, Zachary Bradley. THESIS
Modeling and power managenent of a hybrid wind-microturbine power generation system
31 Guda, Sreedhar Reddy. THESIS
A paradigm shift for the science documentary
32 Kustusch, Christopher Michael. THESIS
The dual process model of stereotyping using social cognitive research to reduce bias in the workplace with an emphasis in gender stereotyping /
33 Betzen, Nathan John. THESIS
Effects of manufacturing conditions, stresses, temperature and humidity on the performance of an innovative fractional order control device
34 Kulkarni, Nachiket Ashok. THESIS
The romantic genius of Einstein and the science essay film [electronic resource] /
35 Radcliff, Matthew Robert. THESIS
Structural studies of enzymes involved in propylene and acetone metabolism in Xanthobacter autotrophicus
36 Krishnakumar, Arathi Mandyam. THESIS
The topology of magnetic reconnection in solar flares
37 Des Jardins, Angela Colman. THESIS
A profile of the major selection of student athletes at a division I-AA institution and how they compare to students in the general population
38 Schmitt, Sarah Louise. THESIS
Continuous real-time recovery of optical spectral features distorted by fast-chirped readout [electronic resource] /
39 Bekker, Scott Henry. THESIS
The statistical variance of blood glucose levels of medicial intensive care unit patients while on an insulin infusion protocol
40 Ackerman, Kimberly Lynn. THESIS
Analysis and design of mems scan mirrors using periodically stiffened silicon nitride
41 Lutzenberger, Bert Jeffrey. THESIS
Start-up private practice business plan for advance practice nurse practitioner in Northeast Iowa
42 Harris, Sharon Eileen THESIS
Perspective in wildlife films
43 Kasic, Kathryn Elizabeth. THESIS
Microbial ecology of an Antarctic subglacial environment [electronic resource] /
44 Mikucki, Jill Ann. THESIS
Gravitational wave astronomy using spaceborne detectors
45 Rubbo, Louis Joseph. THESIS
Spin-label electron paramagnetic resonance characterization of heterogeneously functionalized dendrimers
46 Walter, Eric Dale. THESIS
Ecstatic truth through fiction re-framing the science film to engage a wider audience /
47 Smith, Elizabeth Ann. THESIS
Bringing medicine to the masses exploring the relationship between the medical documentary and the public /
48 Backus, Alison Lorraine. THESIS
The use of computer algebra systems in a procedural algebra course to facilitate a framework for procedural understanding
49 Harper, Jonathan Lee. THESIS
Principals' levels of emotional intelligence as an influence on school culture [electronic resource] /
50 Barent, Jeanie Marie. THESIS

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