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Comparative nitrogen partitioning and water use by native and introduced grass communities in southern Alberta, Canada
251 Porter, Shane Warren. THESIS
In vitro comparison of satellite cells isolated from normal and callipyge sheep exposed to growth promoting compounds [electronic resource] /
252 Neary, Kathleen Ida. THESIS
Simultaneous two-photon absorption of tetrapyrrolic molecules from femtosecond coherence experiments to photodynamic therapy /
253 Karotki, Aliaksandr. THESIS
Variability in soil CO? production and surface CO? efflux across riparian-hillslope transitions [electronic resource] /
254 Pacific, Vincent Jerald. THESIS
Spatio-temporal dynamics of the central bison herd in Yellowstone National Park
255 Bruggeman, Jason Edward. THESIS
Environmental risk reduction through nursing intervention and education a look at parents' perceptions of risk of children's exposure to environmental toxins /
256 Penniman, Megkian Aliisa. THESIS
Age structure, growth, and factors affecting relative abundance of life history forms of bull trout in the Clark Fork River drainage, Montana and Idaho
257 Zymonas, Nikolas Dainus. THESIS
Fused deposition modeling with localized pre-deposition heating using forced air [electronic resource] /
258 Partain, Seth Collins. THESIS
Using ecological theory to guide the implementation of augmentative restoration
259 Bard, Erin Christina. THESIS
The depiction of indigenous African cultures as other in contemporary, Western natural history film
260 Shier, Sara Ann. THESIS
Project task [electronic resource] : member assignment using design structure matrix and genetic algorithm in concurrent engineering project management /
261 Mazur, Lukasz Maciej. THESIS
Factors associated with the biostimulatory effect of bulls on resumption of ovarian cycling activity and breeding performance of first-calf suckled beef cows
262 Tauck, Shaun Austin. THESIS
U.S. and Canadian cattle markets [electronic resource] : integration, the law of one price, and impacts from increased Canadian slaughter capacity /
263 Grant, Brenna Beth. THESIS
Study of solid oxide fuel cell interconnects, protective coatings and advanced physical vapor deposition techniques
264 Gannon, Paul Edward. THESIS
Men's stereotypes of women in management are women aware of how they are stereotyped? /
265 Crawford, Kevin Charles. THESIS
A taxonomic review of the genus Phyllophaga Harris (Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) from Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
266 Medrano-Cabral, Sardis. THESIS
Dual-polarization cloud lidar design and characterization
267 Seldomridge, Nathan Lewis. THESIS
Effects of volcanic ash on the insect food of the Montserrat Oriole Icterus oberi Lawrence 1880
268 Marske, Katharine Ann. THESIS
Thermal infrared imaging of the atmosphere : the infrared cloud imager
269 Thurairajah, Brentha. THESIS
Effects of music and other stimuli on subsequent verbal task performance.
270 Koster, Michael Richard. THESIS
Wingbeat modulation detection of honey bees using a continuous wave laser system
271 Scheppele, Ryan Hall. THESIS
Hippocampal damage and novelty preference in the ischemic gerbil dissociating object and arrangement memory /
272 McNeill, Damon Lee. THESIS
The effect of divorce risk on the labor force participation of women with and without children
273 Genadek, Katie Rose. THESIS
Population demography of the Yellowstone National Park bison herds
274 Fuller, Julie Ann. THESIS
Recreation impacts on high elevation soils a comparison of disturbed, undisturbed and restored sites /
275 Eckenrod, Brian John. THESIS
Intermountain West native and adapted grass species and their management for turfgrass applications
276 Day, Toby Richard. THESIS
A review of the ironclad beetles of the world (Coleoptera Zopheridae: Phellopsini and Zopherini) /
277 Foley, Ian Andrew. THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of hydrogen separation membranes
278 Lakshminarayanan, Karthikeyan. THESIS
Effects of test expectancy, word frequency, and word concreteness on encoding workload
279 Bosco Jr., Frank Anthony. THESIS
Cognitive complexity and logic puzzle question answering
280 Hobson, Jennifer Michelle. THESIS
Defining grammar : a critical primer
281 Wilcox, Karen Marie. THESIS
In vitro comparison of satellite cells isolated from normal and callipyge sheep exposed to growth promoting compounds
282 Neary, Kathleen Ida. THESIS
Behavioral consequences of calcium/calmodulin kinase II inhibition in rats
283 Schwartz, Elizabeth Ann. THESIS
Duration and warning work independently to reduce false memories in DRM and homograph lists
284 Lambert, Ann Elise. THESIS
Belowground competition and response to defoliation of Centaurea maculosa and two native grasses
285 Sartor, Karla Anne. THESIS
Words, wounds, chiasms [electronic resource] : Native American health care encounters /
286 Lande, Nancy Carol. THESIS
Applying risk allocation theory in a large mammal predator-prey system elk-wolf behavioral interactions /
287 Gude, Justin Albert. THESIS
Breeding ecology, survival rates, and causes of mortality of hunted and nonhunted greater sage-grouse in central Montana
288 Sika, Jenny Lyn. THESIS
Sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) nesting and brood-rearing sagebrush habitat characteristics in Montana and Wyoming [electronic resource] /
289 Lane, Vanessa Rae. THESIS

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