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Seeking sustainability for organic cropping systems in the northern Great Plains legume green manure management strategies /
201 Izard, Erica Jean. THESIS
The relative poverty of American Indian reservations [electronic resource] : why does reservation poverty persist despite rich neighbors? /
202 Cookson Jr., John Anthony. THESIS
Identification of life history variation in salmonids using otolith microchemistry and scale patterns implictions for illegal introductions and for whirling disease in Missouri River rainbow trout /
203 1970- Munro, Andrew Roy THESIS
Health beliefs and practices of 'regulars' at the rural bar /
204 Jorgensen, Kathy Palm. THESIS
Expression profiling and function elucidation of anaplastic lymphoma kinase in the developing nervous system
205 Hurley, Shawn Patrick. THESIS
Employing visitor studies and video media to better communicate science in National Parks [electronic resource] /
206 Koch, Alison Lindsey. THESIS
Land, life, and feme sole [electronic resource] : women homesteaders in the Yellowstone River Valley, 1909-1934 /
207 Walker-Kuntz, Sunday Anne. THESIS
Identification and characterization of novel protein-protein interactions with the basal transcription factor, TATA-binding protein
208 Prigge, Justin Robert. THESIS
Haptic and auditory interfaces as a collision avoidance technique during roadway departures and driver perception of these modalities
209 Stanley, Laura Michelle. THESIS
Borrowing modernity a comparison of educational change in Japan, China, and Thailand from the early seventeenth to the mid-twentieth century /
210 Batchelor, Randal Shon. THESIS
Intergranular water and permeability of the Lake Vostok accretion ice, Eastern Antarctica
211 Jepsen, Steven Michael. THESIS
Biodiversity potential in the Pacific and Inland Northwest the relative importance of forest structure and available energy in driving species diversity /
212 Verschuyl, Jacob Pieter THESIS
Barriers to participation in cardiac rehabilitation a rural perspective /
213 Echeverri, Rebecca Chloe. THESIS
Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for the characterization of calcareous glacial till soils from north central Montana
214 Steward, Genevieve Christine. THESIS
Studies of nucleophile ring opening of oxabicyclic systems in highly polar media application to a total synthesis of antitumor agent, (-)-epothilone B /
215 Diep, Nhut Kiet. THESIS
Protein cage architectures for targeted therapeutic and imaging agent delivery
216 Flenniken, Michelle Lynne. THESIS
A survey of perceived social support among pregnant women in the intermountain region
217 Roth, Carol Ann. THESIS
Nitrogen dynamics of Centaurea maculosa and native species
218 D'Imperio, Elizabeth Anne. THESIS
Providing supplement, with or without peg, to reduce the effects of cnicin and enhance grazing of spotted knapweed by sheep and cattle
219 Cheeseman, Melany. THESIS
General chemistry laboratory for engineers a research-based approach /
220 Sorey, Timothy Lowell. THESIS
Stream-groundwater interactions in a mountain to valley transition impacts on watershed hydrologic response and stream water chemistry /
221 Covina, Timothy Patrick. THESIS
Strange bedfellows science and storytelling for broadcast television /
222 Bell, Andrew Wade. THESIS
The evolution debate onscreen unreliable narrators find a home
223 White, Libbey Katherine. THESIS
An analysis of whirling disease risk in Western Montana [electronic resource] /
224 McGinnis, Stephanie Ann. THESIS
Modulation of the plasma membrane domain structure of human neutrophils
225 Stie, Jamal Talal. THESIS
Understanding the experiences of postsecondary faculty and students with precision teaching a phenomenological approach /
226 Lorbeer, Scott Henry. THESIS
A descriptive analysis of Montana nurse volunteers for the Montana nurse alert system
227 Danielson, Lianna Mary. THESIS
The effects of a framework for procedural understanding on college algebra students' procedural skill and understanding
228 Hasenbank, John Fredrick. THESIS
The impact of wolves on the "market" for elk hunting in Montana hunter adjustment and game agency response /
229 Batastini, John Walter. THESIS
Sulfolobus as a model organism for the study of diverse biological interests forays into thermal virology and oxidative stress /
230 Wiedenheft, Blake Alan. THESIS
Remote sensing of wetlands in Yellowstone National Park
231 Wright, Christopher Kevin. THESIS
Identifying regions of conserved synteny between pea (pisum spp.), lentil (lens spp.), and bean (phaseolus spp.) [electronic resource] /
232 Moffet, Matthew Durwin. THESIS
Comprehensive transcriptional profiling of [Gamma, Delta] T cells
233 Graff, Jill Christin. THESIS
Titanosaur reproductive biology comparison of the Auca Mahuevo Titanosaur nesting locality (Argentina), to the Pinyes Megaloolithus nesting locality (Spain) /
234 Jackson, Frances Drew. THESIS
Medication assistance programs for Montana elders
235 Judice, Martha Arambel. THESIS
Control of acid rock drainage from mine tailings through the addition of dissolved organic carbon
236 Sturman, Paul John. THESIS
Bird response to landscape pattern and disturbance across productivity gradients in forests of the Pacific Northwest
237 McWethy, David Burch. THESIS
Preservice elementary teachers' mathematical content knowledge of prerequisite algebra concepts
238 Welder, Rachael Mae. THESIS
Assessment of tributary potential for wild rainbow trout recruitment in Hebgen Reservoir, Montana [electronic resource] /
239 Watschke, Darin Allen. THESIS
Is there a genetic basis for forage quality of barley for beef cattle?
240 Surber, Lisa Marie THESIS
Soil water flow and irrigated soil water balance in response to Powder River Basin coalbed methane product water [electronic resource] /
241 Buchanan, Margaret MacNeill. THESIS
The influence of landscape characteristics on duck nesting success in the Missouri Coteau Region of North Dakota [electronic resource] /
242 Stephens, Scott Eugene. THESIS
Diversity, spatial patterns, and competition in conventional no-tillage and organically managed spring wheat systems in Montana
243 Pollnac, Fredric Winslow. THESIS
Determinants of seller choice between auction and negotiation [electronic resource] : an empirical application to cattle markets /
244 Swanser, Kole. THESIS
Nursing faculty attitudes knowledge and practice of therapeutic touch /
245 Hughes, Lynn Janine. THESIS
The university experience perspectives of Native American Nurses /
246 Trenfield-Joyner, Marilyn Gail. THESIS
Recruitment probabilities and reproductive costs for Weddell seals in Erebus bay, Antarctica
247 Hadley, Gillian Louise. THESIS
Distribution and population characteristics of lake trout in Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park [electronic resource] : implications for suppression /
248 Dux, Andrew Martin. THESIS
Changes in native and nonnative fish assemblages and habitat following wildfire in the Bitterroot River basin, Montana
249 Sestrich, Clint Michael. THESIS
Effects of a primary influenza infection on susceptibility to a secondary Streptococcus pneumoniae infection
250 McNamee, Lynnelle Ann. THESIS

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