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Advances in yeast and mold monodrug and combination drug antifungal susceptibility testing
151 Wetter, Tracy Jane. THESIS
Viable population monitoring risk-based population monitoring for threatened and endangered species with application to bull trout, Salvelinus confluentus /
152 Staples, David Franklin. THESIS
Modeling and control of hybrid wind/photovoltaic/fuel cell distributed generation systems
153 Wang, Caisheng. THESIS
An autonomic software architecture for distributed applications
154 Fuad, Mohammad Muztaba. THESIS
An ecofeminist model for wildlife film
155 Graziano, Tracy Ann. THESIS
An analysis of tribal college student's backgrounds, motivations, and attitudes the relationship to classroom retention /
156 Thornton, Samuel David. THESIS
Creating space for science and celebrity in the public discussion of climate change
157 DeWitt, Sarah Louise. THESIS
Mythologizing the history of Easter Island through documentary films
158 Boyd, Laura Jean. THESIS
Natural resource rents and institutional change [electronic resource] /
159 Scarborough, Brandon Christopher. THESIS
Perceived social support in young adults with cancer and the camp experience
160 Handley, Stacy Marie. THESIS
Qualifications and readiness of school board trustees and implications for training
161 Schmitz, Stephanie Jean THESIS
Graduates, employers and the academy perceptions of the quality and utility of external degrees over twenty five years /
162 Puffer, Glenn Robert. THESIS
Protein cage architectures as a nano-platform for material synthesis and metal binding
163 Allen, Mark Andrew. THESIS
Genetics and mapping of quantitative trait loci of feed quality-related traits in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
164 Abdel-Haleem, Hussein Ahmed. THESIS
Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm structure, behavior and hydrodynamics
165 Purevdorj-Gage, Boloroo. THESIS
A matter of life and death rethinking evolution and the nature of science on television /
166 Bard, Susanne Clara. THESIS
The power and potential of performative documentary film
167 Little, John Arthur. THESIS
Analytical and experimental study of radiation-recrystallized near-surface facets in snow
168 Morstad, Blake Walden. THESIS
Evaluation of distribution and fish passage in relation to road culverts in two eastern Montana prairie streams
169 Rosenthal, Leo Richard. THESIS
The effect of downhill running on impact shock and asymmetry
170 Killian, Megan Leigh. THESIS
Evaluation of a web-based tool for ungulate harvest management
171 Kenyon, Jr. THESIS
Assessment of culvert passage of Yellowstone cutthroat trout in a Yellowstone River spawning tributary using a passive integrated transponder system
172 Solcz, Andrew Anthony. THESIS
Growth of mycobacterium avium in dual species biofilms with Pseudomonas aeruginosa
173 Karmacharya, Amresh Prasad. THESIS
Nitrous oxide emissions from a Northern Great Plains soil as influenced by nitrogen fertilization and cropping systems
174 Dusenbury, Matthew Paul. THESIS
Performance of wheat germplasm in competitive versus non-competitive conditions
175 Hansen, Kelly Anne. THESIS
Upper extremity kinematics and joint coordination of fly-casting
176 Allen, Joshua Ryan. THESIS
Assessment of tributary potential for wild rainbow trout recruitment in Hebgen Reservoir, Montana
177 Watschke, Darin Allen. THESIS
Transformation of barley (Hordeum vulgare) using the wheat puroindoline gene
178 Odake, Yusuke. THESIS
Loss of the murine TATA-binding protein N terminus leads to placental labyrinth defects but not maternal adaptive immune responses
179 Sealey, Amy Lynn. THESIS
Effectiveness of modifying existing fences to deter deer and elk from crops and high-value pastures
180 Fenster, Randy Lee. THESIS
An empirical analysis of hunting leases by timber firms
181 Cook, Frank Chase. THESIS
Potential semiochemicals of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) induced by oviposition and feeding of the wheat stem sawfly, Cephus cinctus Norton (Hymenoptera: Cephidae)
182 Peck, Gavin Earl. THESIS
Using asynchronous discussions to facilitate collaborative problem solving in college algebra
183 Kosiak, Jennifer Jean. THESIS
Wheat yield prediction modeling for localized optimization of fertilizer and herbicide application
184 Wagner, Nicole Catherine. THESIS
Using multiple regression analysis to associate education levels and financial compensation with livestock producers' tolerance for grizzly bears in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem
185 Vollertsen, John Alvin. THESIS
Identification of novel virulence factors and mechanisms of pathogenesis from the sexually transmitted protozoan Tritrichomonas foetus
186 Higgins, Melanie Rae. THESIS
Use of complementary and alternative medicine among rural Montanans
187 Beebe, Michele Morgen. THESIS
Evaluation of educational needs of persons with heart failure
188 Mutchler, Leslie Renee. THESIS
Modeling soil water content for precision range management
189 Sankey, Joel Brown. THESIS
The effects of music therapy on comfort in the mechanically ventilated patient in the intensive care unit
190 Besel, Jamie Marie. THESIS
Beyond the image
191 Bissell, Owen Edward. THESIS
The lived experience of patients with psoriasis
192 Gittings, Megan McGonigle. THESIS
Alpine and cliff ecosystems in the North-Central Rocky Mountains
193 Aho, Ken Andrew. THESIS
The nursing student experience [electronic resource] : student perceptions concerning factors leading to success in an associate of science in nursing program at Montana State University-Northern /
194 Pappas, Mary Weber. THESIS
Women, spirituality, and chronic illness
195 Hampton, Jenaneta Sue. THESIS
Children with ADHD in a rural community
196 Miller, Debra Joan. THESIS
The preference for the exotic in wildlife broadcast film
197 Fitzgibbons, Ryan Patrick. THESIS
Application of proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry to measure hydrocarbon emissions in engine exhaust
198 Rogers, Todd Michael. THESIS
20th Century forest-grassland ecotone shift and effects of livestock herbivory
199 Sankey, Temuulen Tsagaan. THESIS
Genetic routes to modulate rate of dry-matter disappearance of barley grain in the rumen of cattle
200 Jewell, Jeremy Burke. THESIS

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