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Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy in complex sample geometry
101 Fig, Matthew Kenneth. THESIS
Diabetes education guide for primary care providers in Montana
102 White, Connie Mae. THESIS
A proposed grounded theory about the sources and effects of teaching anxiety among two-year college faculty [electronic resource] /
103 Pasek, Heidi Lee. THESIS
The role of VPg in translation of calicivirus RNA
104 Daughenbaugh, Katie Finney. THESIS
Analysis of the expression and function of chicken protocadherin 1 in neural crest cell migration and peripheral nervous system formation
105 Bononi, Judy. THESIS
Science and natural history film and the larger media environment
106 Ruggiero, Colin Ross. THESIS
Design rules, metaroutines, and boundary objects- a framework for improving healthcare delivery systems /
107 Ghosh, Manimay. THESIS
Idact transformation manager
108 Hay, Brian. THESIS
The utilization of fairgrounds, past, present, and future in five western states
109 Shockley, Andrea Erin. THESIS
Mannose/tempo functionalized pamam dendrimers [electronic resource] : their relative locations and components of affinity towards Concanavalin A /
110 Samuelson, Lynn Elizabeth. THESIS
The search for Archaeal viruses in high temperature acidic environments and characterization of Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus (STIV)
111 Rice, George Ernest. THESIS
Design and synthesis of dendrimers for studying two-photon absorption characteristics [electronic resource] /
112 Sims, Michael Keith. THESIS
Buffy at play [electronic resource] : tricksters, deconstruction, and chaos at work in the whedonverse /
113 Graham, Brita Marie. THESIS
Conifer cover increase in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem : rates, extent, and consequences for carbon
114 Powell, Scott Lael. THESIS
A survey of postpartum depression in southeastern Montana
115 Kent, Valerie Ann. THESIS
Map labeling with circles
116 Jiang, Minghui. THESIS
Structural investigations of the cancer-associated laminin binding protein and Nos L a novel copper binding protein /
117 Taubner, Lara Marie. THESIS
The relationship between the use of technology for data-driven decision-making and student achievement in high school mathematics
118 Sulser, Dennis Patrick. THESIS
The role of the recruited neutrophil in the innate response to Aspergillus fumigatus
119 Bonnett, Colin Russell. THESIS
X-ray crystallographic studies of sulfolobus turetted icosahedral virus (STIV) a hyperthermophilic virus from Yellowstone National Park /
120 Larson, Eric Thomas. THESIS
The administrative reporting structure of athletics directors in NCAA divisions I, II and III intercollegiate athletics
121 Sanders, Calli Theisen. THESIS
New statistical methods for analyzing proteomics data from affinity isolation lc-ms/ms experiments
122 Sharp, Julia Lynn. THESIS
Remote outreach cinema campaign (R.O.C.C.) /
123 Kellett, Ian Alexander. THESIS
Best practices for building and maintaining university-industry research partnerships a case study of two National Science Foundation engineering research centers /
124 Boschi, Frank Carl. THESIS
The Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) decline and the Gulf of Alaska/Bering Sea commercial fishery
125 Hennen, Daniel Reneau. THESIS
Are Montana University System graduate students satisfied?
126 Gorman, Renee Lynn. THESIS
Faculty job satisfaction retaining faculty in the new millennium /
127 Drysdale, Dulce Scott. THESIS
An assessment of health literacy about complementary and alternative medicine in adult residents of Flathead County, Montana
128 O'Neill, Jennifer Lynn. THESIS
Terrain based routing protocol for sparse ad-hoc intermittent network (TRAIN)
129 Dawra, Gaurav. THESIS
Magnetic protein cages characterized by electron magnetic resonance spectroscopy
130 Usselman Jr., Robert John. THESIS
Biology of acid-sulfate-chloride springs in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States of America
131 Boyd, Eric Stephen. THESIS
Thermal balance model for cattle grazing winter range [electronic resource] /
132 Keren, Ilai Naftaly. THESIS
Animal viewing in postmodern America a case study of the Yellowstone wolf watchers /
133 Young, Jo Anne. THESIS
Planning business improvement using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and Design structure matrix (DSM)
134 Kristof, Gary Michael. THESIS
The synthesis of glycodendrimers and their applications in carbohydrate-protein interactions and catalysis
135 Morgan, Joel Ryan. THESIS
How a one semester study abroad experience affects an undergraduate college student's identity development
136 O'Callaghan, Jamie Allison. THESIS
Microwave planer-probe traveling-wave power dividing-combining
137 Dickman, Edward John. THESIS
Satellite production forecasts valued with simulated futures and options trading /
138 Martin, Lucanus Earl. THESIS
Studies on selectivity in the Pauson-Khand reaction and synthesis of an intermediate of isocarbacyclin
139 Meyer, Todd Roland. THESIS
Vegetation dynamics in Yellowstone's Northern Range 1985 - 1999 /
140 Savage, Shannon Lea. THESIS
Energies of rare-earth ion states relative to host bands in optical materials from electron photoemission spectroscopy
141 Thiel, Charles Warren. THESIS
Microbial diversity and zinc toxicity to Pseudomonas sp. from Coeur d'Alene River sediment
142 Barua, Sutapa. THESIS
Relationships between first-generation college-bound students' stated intentions to attend a 4-year college or university directly after high school and the engagement factors of students, their parents, and their peers
143 Zuck, Barbara Anne. THESIS
Molecular analysis of diversity, gene expression and activity of mineral-associated bacteria
144 Reardon, Catherine Leona. THESIS
An assessment of historic and contemporary models of native representation from ethono-entertainment films to experiential education films
145 Chaikin, Eric Justin. THESIS
The development of an effective facilitator an interim curriculum director's journey /
146 Arnold, Robin Stephanie. THESIS
Drug education for rural middle school students in a resilience format
147 Granger, Jamie Sue. THESIS
Developing a professional learning community among mathematics teachers on two Montana Indian reservations
148 Nelson, Karma Grace. THESIS
Search for point-like sources of cosmic rays with energies above 10ยน???? eV in the hires-I monocular dataset [electronic resource] /
149 Kirn, Malina Aurelia. THESIS
An educational ethnography of teacher developed science curriculum implementation enacting conceptual change based science inquiry with Hispanic students /
150 Brunsell, Eric Steven. THESIS

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